Friday, May 29, 2009

Forever Friends

I think the only thing I didn't like about being a military wife was whenever there was a family get together, I felt really left out. I really can't complain since I made some life long friends in my 19 years of dependent life...especially when Greg went to Test Pilot School. I remember the Commander's Wife giving the wive's a pep talk about the life long friends we would make while we were there. (I thought she was trying to soothe the women that had their first glimpse of Edwards and were trying to leave ASAP.) It really was true, life long friends who would walk through fire for you, no questions asked. All the Test Pilot students lived on one street, this had its good points and bad points...great impromptu get togethers but you could also hear everything in your neighbor's night one of my pregnant friends jumped out of bed with a leg cramp accompanied with a scream of pain and the neighbor's husband woke up his wife and sent her over because he thought she was in labor. Very close quarters. You knew who was fighting and who was making up...But I did get my life long friends who are matter what.

Un-neighborly Neighbors

Today, I got to watch a neighbor I have never seen before pitch a fit when his key card didn't work at the pool...he tried tearing the gate apart...definitely has some anger issues. I was going to let him in with my card but when I told him he wouldn't be able to get out, he replied he would simply break the lock, I took a sit and passed. The key cards document the time and user everytime it is used, I didn't want to be responsible for the broken lock...then my very slow brain engaged and I figured out that his card probably didn't work because he probably had not paid his HOA fees. I am really quick minded pistol packing girlfriend was dialing the police when he decided he would leave (while squealing his tires out of the parking lot, oh, and did I mention he had his pre-teen daughter with him?) It never dawned on me to call the police...I did figure out the guy was nuts enough to vandalize and trespass but that was as far as my mind processed the unturning of events.

Shortly before this wild experience, a teenage girl pulled up trying to get in the pool...claiming she had been at school and didn't know you need a key to get into the pool. My 5 year old knows this...You also have to pay for the key card ($25) and pay homeowner association fees, her parents should know this...I passed on letting her in also.

Then, we had the Domino's Pizza driver who was tasked to put coupons in the neighborhood mailboxes...he handed me the stack and drove off into the sunset. I knew those coupons would blow directly into the pool...being ever resourceful, I filled my empty water bottle using the pool and used it for a paper weight. (I sure hope no one gets thirsty and takes a drink from that bottle...)

And this is only May...

My Little Mermaid

Yesterday, the Stay at Home Wenches took their little Biblically named children to the pool for an afternoon of fun in frigid water...hey, they asked for it. The rain was kind enough to stay away and boy, did we have an interesting afternoon filled with not so delightful characters (more on that later).

After a few hours at the pool, it was time to take my little people to swim class. I was sure H and M would fall asleep. Imagine my surprise when H swam lap after lap after lap for 45 minutes. The Advanced Beginner Class had to be tested to swim one lap of the pool. My little mermaid would accompany each swimmer for their lap. She would swim next to them and shortly before getting to the end of the lap, leave the swimmer in the dust...and when the other swimmer would pop out of the pool, she would turn around and swim back. Where does she get all that energy?

Today, we will be going back to the neighborhood pool...a place where the Little Mermaid is happiest.

Did I mention that when my little mermaid started swim class, she had to be soothed and consoled because she would cry and cry and scream "Mommy" in a way that would break any mother's heart within hearing range? (This mommy had to have an internal it cruel to continue with the swim class or wise since our neighborhood has a swimming pool and this is a safety issue? I went with safety and now I have my own little Darryl Hannah, how appropriate)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tonight H screamed at the top of her voice...I thought something was wrong, but no, she saw a rainbow outside her window. Ah, to have such joy again. M insisted there was treasure at the end of the rainbow. Ah, to have such faith. It is too bad life robs us of this...I am blessed to see life through their eyes.

(The good picture of the kids doesn't show the rainbow really well and the one of the rainbow isn't good of the kids BUT it does show my treasure at the end of the rainbow!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dance Recital - "LIFE"

Just a few pictures to show you what an amazing little star H is! Hair and makeup provided by Big Sister. And, of course, a few pictures of her biggest fans.

This year's theme for the recital, LIFE magazine covers. The nurses costume for the famous sailor/nurse kiss on Victory Day, music "In the Mood." The tap dance was "Pennies from Heaven" for the stock market cover on June 8, 1962. Finale was a latin theme. H was able to participate in finale this year because she had perfect attendance. She got to dance with the big girls...very exciting.

I would like to add, H struck all these poses on her own...I am not sure where she gets this talent from...if she took after her mom, she would be standing with her arms hanging limply by her sides in a very uninspired pose.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

End of the School Year

Inflatables and a little crafting created the fun for H's party. One of the grandparents hosted the get was the perfect location....near the school, out in the country, plenty of space and it even had a pool house for those who didn't feel like standing in the sun for 6 hours.

Little M had some fun at Jump Zone (Indoor Building full of Inflatables). There games and pizza to round out the PreK extravaganza.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Minutes

I have 3 minutes to add something new to my blog...2 minutes 30 seconds if you subtract tea sipping time.

It is a crazy week. My house looks like a toy factory/sandbox exploded in it. It is the last week of school, a party for H, a party for M, dance lessons, swim lessons, dentist appointments (I scheduled this 6 months ago thinking the last week of school was next week, silly me.) Recital on Saturday, dress rehearsal on Friday, the weekend had class to teach the finale dance...blah blah blah.

I need to remember there is a grad Open House before the recital, I need to remember to get a gift, the old standard Starbucks Card is out since the girl works at Starbucks. Barnes and Noble moved so it is out of my normal radius...what to do?

Oops! Time's up. Happy Crazy May to you.

PS The sand in my house is from the neighbor's new sandbox that my kids just sticks to my floor like glue...I was told by a different neighbor they used the wrong sand...explaining why I have cement looking footprints in addition to the grains of sand.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just Cuz

I have to add this picture to my blog...just cracks me up. M took the pictures in the previous post and not to be denied picture time, he insisted H take one of the two of us. I had no idea he was making a face. I was expecting a sweet mother/son picture. Should I be surprised? No. After all, his oldest sister calls him "Trouble." (He really isn't he is just one laugh after another and sweet, this boy is everything a mother could ask for.)

Recital Time

The big dance recital is this coming weekend. This is very exciting stuff. H will be in two dances and gets to dance in the finale with the big girls. One girl is an official NY Rockette (her mommy owns the studio). H has no idea how prestigious it is to be a Rockette, some day, she will get to look back and say "Wow!" This will probably be her last year of dance. She is not too excited about tap (her mommy hated tap, also...loved jazz and ballet, tap, eh.) This studio places a lot of tap in the state dance competitions. H is a little mermaid and loves music. It is time to start piano and find a swim team.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the Recital shirts and a little video (I tried to put the entire dance on but after 5 hours, I give up.)

The Recital's theme is covers from Life Magazine. H will get to dance to In the Mood using the famous sailor and nurse kiss from VE Day and Pennies from Heaven from a cover in June 1962...can't find that cover.

2009 Recital from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Untitled from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Before I Forget

M speaking to his sister:

"I got to talk to a real policeman at Jason's and he didn't shoot me."

Yep, this is what I heard on this morning's drive to school. Odd, since this actually happened months in January. It cracks me up how things just pop out of my children's mouths. M has been fascinated with police, firemen, and farmers for a long time. Speaking to a police officer obviously made quite the impression on him.

My children's mouths remind me of the old popcorn poppers, things just come flying out when you least expect it. I will hear stories about when we lived in Virginia or when they were born. The story is told from a first hand account. Never mind the fact they were too little to remember or had just exited the womb. H is very proud of how she bit the doctor, not once but twice. M is never tired of telling me how he pee'd on the doctor. Yes, darlin', I kind of remembered that...watching that finally clued me in to why there are all those cherub baby water looked just like that. Obviously, someone watched their child's stream and decided to re-enact it for the whole world to enjoy in the beauty of someone's garden or patio.

What I really need is a videocamera on at all times. Last night, M was telling me about his trip to the Botanical Garden. His face was completely animated and one eye would close giving him a Popeye countenance and his upper lip had this little curl to it. I was enthralled watching him tell me about his day...yet, the very back of my brain was thinking "Why don't I have something to record this because this is never going to happen again!" I will have to get him to tell me the story again just like I had to when he built his guitar...I hope I get the curling lip and the one-eyed squint...before I forget.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Writer's Block

Dear Readers (all 4 or 5 of you),

I thought it was time to sit down and write you an entertaining blog...problem is...I have writer's block. I guess it is true, it takes a 1000 compliments to get rid of one unkind remark...I have 998 compliments to go. I am cheating, I am copying and pasting from an email I sent to my friend, Steve.

So, I thought I would tell you about my worst day in high school. Then you can tell me about yours.

Once upon a time, during my sophmore year in high school, I arrived at school, did my thing at my locker in the 800 row and schlepped across the field to the annex for geometry. I was in geometry with my mind going other places (as usual) and realized...I didn't see my tennis racquet in my locker...Odd...Mr. Ley (an odd duck, I'll have to remember to tell you about him someday) gave me a pass and back I schlepped through the mud to check my locker. No racquet. Someone had stolen my racquet. Off to P.E., changed and did whatever it was I did for P.E. and went back to purse was missing out of my locker. I thought my friend had stolen it as a joke...couldn't figure out how since no one knew my locker combo. It finally dawned on me, it wasn't a joke. I am forever a problem solver, I decided to go to my car and get the change I keep in the ashtray for lunch money. Off I go, with my BFF, Linda Pilcic to my car (which I always parked across the street and not in the lot). Imagine my surprise when there is no car. Now I need to recruit an adult and give my dad a call. (Sound familiar?) Police are called and the police officer obviously spying my blonde hair makes me sit in his car while I search the parking lot for my car...just in case I forgot where I parked. Tony Morrow hops in the back of the police car to help me gallant...or he wants in on the action...I will go with the latter on that one. No car.

By now, my dad has arrived. He decides to call it a day for me and take me home. I have to talk to the principal first...Actually, I think it was the principal's idea for me to go home...while I am talking to the principal...the zipper on my pants breaks...right there, in front of him, my audience, and anyone happening along at that moment.

Home I am, about 3:30, my older brother, Rick, pulls up in my '63 Fairlane. My car. No one elses. He had stolen the extra key and helped himself to the car while I was at school. Now the police have to be called and told the car has been located...and it is in my driveway.

A police officer arrived to take the mom, not one to let our dirty laundry be known to anyone never spoke up and never said my brother did not have access/permission to my car...The police officer's parting words to me were "Next time, pull your head out of your ass before calling the police."

If that weren't bad enough, the next day when I got to school and everyone was giving sympathy...the question was asked "Who stole your car?" And I had to answer, "My brother." UGH!

I never did find out what happened to my purse or tennis racquet. Weird.

High School picture provided to help you picture me wandering around looking for tennis racquet, purse, name it, I was looking for it.

Best Buddies

This blogger has been suffering from a bad case of writer's block. Thank goodness for videos...This little video was made yesterday during a visit to the park...The Stay At Home Wenches put all household chores on hold and embraced the sunshine...while it lasted.

Best Buddies from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kissy Huggy

The "Kissy! Huggy!" is another M invention. The "Kissy! Huggy!" is a kiss and a hug...which can last forever. This is used to delay parents from leaving, delay a sister from leaving and to stall bedtime. It is rather sweet and I love the "Kissy! Huggy!" but I do have to admit, he has us bamboozled.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I Don't Mind Driving a Taxi

Conversations with my children are odd, humorous, and today...sweet. Our best conversations happen while driving in the car and I tell myself "Don't forget this, don't forget this!" I forget. (I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that is pre-8 a.m. and I am not a morning person) Today, I remember our conversation! (And I think it has to do with the fact that this is in the afternoon...3 p.m.)

First up, Miss H.
H: Mom, they're selling flowers for $4 and I have $4. Can I take it to school so I can get you a flower for Mother's Day?
Me: (Bear in mind my response has a lot to do with the fact that I have no idea what to do with an 18" tissue paper flower) That is very sweet but why don't you use your money to get an ice cream from the popsicle man when he comes by this weekend. I would rather you get an ice cream.
H: I want to get the flower, Mother's Day is more important than ice cream. (I love being a mom)

Now for Mr. M.
(This conversation took place after M heard me make an appointment for a pedicure)

M: Was that the makeup lady?
Me: Yes. (I am too lazy to try and explain haircut/spa/pedicure kind of place)
M: Is that why you look so beautiful all the time. (This is a keeper...I am 47, I am pretty sure as he grows, he will not be describing me as beautiful, but as wrinkled)

Yep, conversations in the car are pretty special.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How To Make A Guitar

by MJB

This past Thursday and Friday, school was cancelled in our area for a few probable (now confirmed)cases of Swine Flu. M has never lacked imagination, he took a discarded broom stick and a brown paper bag...and voila...M now has a guitar and boy, can he ROCK!

I was not prepared with a video recorder when he came in and explained his guitar to me. I was also given an impromptu concert. I realized this was a priceless moment in my life and asked for an encore. A Rock Star was born, May 1, 2009.


M Makes a Guitar from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Story

This was on one of my friend's Facebook Page. Those of you who know me, know how close this is to my I am sharing it. For those of you who don't know me...many miscarriages and infertility treatments and peace at just one child occurred in the 12 1/2 year space between the birth of my first daughter and my second daughter. I think you'll like this video.