Monday, July 31, 2017

Motion 17

It's a wrap! Motion 17 has come and gone and that means it is time to go back to school. Our Church packed 16,000 kids into the BJCC in Birmingham and turned them loose with some great music and speakers. Motion is designed to get kids into the right mindset to go back to school and deal with all the things the world will throw at them, raise up future leaders, keep the students standing firm in their faith, moving towards God and not the temporary things of this world.. The world has some good, some bad, but it's temporary compared to the riches of God.

True to form, I stole screenshots from Social Media

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Catching Up

I realized I was remiss with my blog/letter to family/somewhat diary whatever you prefer to see Kanga's Corner is a few days away from the end of July and there just wasn't much happening in my cyber corner. I uploaded some pictures so I have something to work with here...No idea where this post will end up once I click to add a picture. It's like reaching into the Halloween bowl, you just never realize which treat will emerge...

Ohhhh...this is a good treat...
See previous post for clarification on this...

Screenshots...the next best thing to actually taking the picture yourself...or how to be a really creepy stalker...but I'm a mom so we will go with the former

HOW did I forget to post Roo's Birthday??? Oh dear...

My friend asked me to check her house while she was in Canada for a month....M decided her mailbox need painting...and I may have pointed him in the direction of the lawn mower...and he may have pointed H in the direction of the edger

Saying Goodbye. Time for the cat to go live with Roo, my allergist, eye doctor, and CRNP are finally happy

And that's a wrap, you're pretty much caught up....Motion is tomorrow and August is just around the corner, a short visit to IA for a hockey camp...and then it is back to school!

Soooo...This happened...

Now you see it....

Now you don't\

Bye Bye, Hair! Matthew has proclaimed he will never go back to long hair again...unless he discovers his hockey skills have diminished...then he will grow it back. Who knew he was the Samson of Hockey?

Workout Wednesday...I mean Tuesday

I love my Tuesday/Thursday Workout Group...our FB page is Watch Your is supposed to be about us watching what we eat but I think it refers more to the mumbling and grumbling we do under our breath about our trainer. (Not really, Dave is a sweetheart but you can see the kind of grief he might get from some cheeky women)

It is definitely easier to exercise when you have really nice, funny, caring women to meet and do 100 butt to tire squats with...and once a month we go out to much for watching our mouth.

Class was over and I laughed that these three were strutting like Charley's I made them hold it for a Kodak moment. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Summer has come, Summer is almost terms of school terms of heat? Yikes! I'm not a heat and humidity lover, I think it comes from growing up in the desert...nice and dry, cool nights, no flesh eating blood sucking bugs.

Next week, the kids are off to Motion. I am envious. There is nothing like watching 16,000 teenagers with a passion for God. It is beautiful.

The following week, Matthew has a hockey camp in Iowa. We will get to see some family, he will get to play some hockey. The one glitch to the plan is the kids will miss the first day of school. I never dreamed school would start on the 7th of August when I signed him up for Camp. Both kids hate the idea of missing the first day of school. We may end up leaving Camp a day early to be back by the 7th. It's a long drive and we went to squeeze as much family/hockey into the few days left of Summer

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I had big plans for an uneventful week...things were switched up and the kids ended up in hockey camp. So, my week at home is at my second home the rink...

I got my head wrapped around not being home and then Hannah was not up to going today soooo...I got to stay home. How wonderful...How marvelous...How absolutely magnificent.

H has a friend over. He helped her finish painting her furniture, they kicked a soccer ball, and now he is being subjected to her favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast. What a trooper!

M is on his way home with a friend from hockey camp, dinner is ready and waiting. It's the simple things in eating at home that can just make a day seem really special, when absolutely nothing newsworthy or social media posting has taken place.