Monday, September 29, 2014

See You at the Pole

In this crazy world, I am so glad that my children have faith in the One True God. I pray they never stray. Last week, I was able to join Matthew at the Pole...I dropped off Hannah in time for her school's gathering...I didn't join her since she is getting a bit cool...and Mom joining her probably wouldn't have been cool...

(You can see Matthew's little head if you click on the picture!)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

House Update

The house is finally rolling after the trusses were delivered...I think we are waiting on brick now. I have to go back to the granite one told me I had an allowance (I thought all the granite was priced the same since the girl took me to the warehouse and said "Pick one.") and I busted it by $15 sq ft. The laundry room is supposed to have granite but we are going to use a pretty Formica...why pay $50 sq ft and then cut a big hole in it? It will also save us some for the plumbing overage. We went over that because we upgraded the toilets. I thought the toilets were a joke...they were sized for a nursery school. Seriously? We went with a a bit higher to avoid that "I'm falling!" feeling in the middle of the night...also it has a bit bigger seat...I'm not sure who would fit on the standard seat aside from toddler. We know we are going to bust the lighting and flooring budget. The carpet budget is .99 sq ft which includes the pad and installation...the carpet that fits that budget would be worn out in a year with my ruffians. So...Formica it is and back to the granite place I go.

My little home builder continues his photo documentary each day after school.

Note the Little Home Builder in the side view mirror.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

M on Skates

I got a new CD from the Company that took the pictures for the Birmingham Competition.  Here they are!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saturday in Birmingham

The kids and I made a day of it in Birmingham. Hannah had her freeskate in the morning so we went to the Rink first. After she was done, we had breakfast/lunch at The Original Pancake House, then to The Vulcan, back to the Rink for Hannah and Matthew's other events, dinner at The Summit, and then a quick drive by the main campus of the Church we attend at home. The Vulcan was fun and reaffirmed my fear of heights...I stepped off the elevator onto this see through metal grid...I walked about halfway around and hightailed it back to the elevator...Matthew moved around The Vulcan with his back against the wall...the girls? Brave...they were all over the place.

Hannah ordered me to stop taking pictures...she was busy reading her way through Birmingham...M photo bombed the Girls' selfie, a wedding that took place at The Vulcan cracked me the wood signs...instead of Bride and Groom sides...there was "Hook 'em" and "Roll Tide."

M Skates


M competed against 7 girls and finished 3rd. He is very proud (and so am I!)

I will add more photos after I get a new CD from the company that provided them to skaters. Matthew's pictures were corrupt with the exception of this one.

First Place

Miss Hannah placed first in her event...I had to record this in bits since if the file gets to big, it won't upload. Hopefully, I will get them in order, but I wouldn't count on it!


Isn't she pretty?

No Sound

I am finally getting around to watch the video from H&M's competitions...this proved to be a frustrating experience. The video from Matthew's event has no audio. The video of Hannah is the wrong skater...not Hannah.

On the bright side, the pictures of Hannah came out quite nicely!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Excursion

My darling daughter took the little Darlings to a WWII ship that is temporarily visiting Decatur. The ship participated in landing troops on Normandy during the D-Day Invasion. M was delighted!

I am so blessed that Roo took this trip with the kids for me. The ship is only here until the 9th and I am in a boot for 2 more weeks. There was some complaints about the heat but I think they all left with a deep respect for the men that serve our country...especially those that serve on a ship.