Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gilmore Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving prep was underway early on Wednesday morning. Greg took the kids to a hockey clinic and Lauren put her time in at work and I started chopping...I prepped the pan and found Mr. Tom did not defrost in the garage refrigerator like he was supposed to...bad Tom. Very bad Tom. Later that day, I headed off to get my haircut and Lauren picked up where I left off. It is good to have elves.

We watched our annual Gilmore Thanksgiving episode...but never got around to Charlie Brown's of the elves insisted it must be watched ON Thanksgiving. I am still and always will be a night before Thanksgiving advocate.

Thanksgiving prep went into overdrive during the Macy's Parade. I hate to say it, the parade was just background noise and I completely missed Santa Claus. Lauren is missing her Anthropologie Apron even more than I miss watching Peanuts and seeing Santa Claus. (I will have to watch Miracle on 34th Street to make up for this catastrophe but only if I can find it in Black and White. I detest colorized versions of anything.)

Our guests from Canada arrived and we commenced eating. One guest defected from Socialist Hungary to Canada and has her PhD in evolutionary genetics. I am not sure what she made of saying grace and my verse on the wall of Psalm 100:3. However, she and her son met up with us at the hockey game last night, so I guess she wasn't too offended.

The girls went to a 2:01 a.m. Gilmore Girl Party, complete with junk food for the launch of new episodes that were released on 2:01 a.m. Crazy girls...but I LOVE them.

The elves returned yesterday and decorated the house for Christmas...even without sleep. But, I don't think elves sleep until after Christmas anyway. My house looks fabulous. The elves even stored the Thanksgiving and unused Christmas decorations. And the elves even cleaned up the glitter. Amazing elves.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Saturday Serve

Yesterday, the family loaded up to begin the Season of being grateful. We are so blessed. It is only right to share the blessings. Our church delivered meals to families who need a little help this holiday so we were able to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I forgot to snap a picture but someone at Church posted one on Instagram and tagged me. Look closely, and you will see my little blondies.

The family we delivered lived by Matthew's hockey coach so we were able to visit a bit with his family after delivering a meal to their neighbor. A good morning all around for us.

Snap Steals

It's that time to show the crazy things my kids do with some stolen screenshots.

Lauren had 21 Youth Leaders over while we were at the hockey rink to celebrate "Friendsgiving." They ate and watched Elf. Let the holiday celebration begin. (I expected chaos when I returned home. I found my house cleaner than when I left it. Great Young People)

Lauren in Nashville celebrating a friend's birthday

Only Hannah

Only Hannah would send me SnapChats while getting her teeth cleaned. Love my Girl.

Ice Scrapers

Matthew and a few teammates were the Ice Crew for the UAH game on Friday night. They were a bit nervous they might mess up but they did a great job. No one fell and there was a bit of a snowball fight at the end of the night with the pile of ice collected. The Security Guard frowned on this. Whoops.

Test Run


The Real Deal


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Knoxville Hockey Pics

Look at me! Two posts in one day! Hockey Dad has posted the pictures from Knoxville...and I am putting them here...just for you...