Saturday, October 13, 2018

Social Media Stars

Our church is tech much so, I'm usually about one step behind...We have a lot of young people who are excellent in keeping our youth excited and informed about upcoming events. Lately, I've been stumbling on my kids on social media in their promotions. It's kind of sweet and worthy of a screenshot for posterity.

So...not driving

My last post was about the fabulousness of driving Matthew to Nashville for hockey. This post will be about not driving. Last Sunday, while in Nashville, Matthew was owning the game until a 2 on 1 into the boards re-broke his clavicle. Did I mention this was the Championship Game? Monday was a roller coaster day of let it heal on its own or get surgery and plate it. Four doctors recommended letting it heal, four were for plating, the last doctor said "If my kid was in band, I'd let it heal on its own. If my kid played hockey, plate it." I had peace about that statement. I did not have peace about letting it heal on its own. Matthew wants to continue playing and I think if he didn't have bionic reinforcement, he would never be able to not worry about it snapping again.

 Greg was running the camera and was unaware anything happened to Matthew. Most people thought he was doing a line change. One of the parents puts the games on YouTube and he had no idea Matthew was hurt and was actually making jokes when Lauren went to get Greg while I got the car.  I was standing right by where it happened and as soon as he grabbed his arm, I knew what happened. I had no idea how tough Matthew was until he re-broke his arm. He didn't cry, he didn't stop the game, he just skated to the bench. He even held his stick in the hand of the arm he was holding. I have to say, he is so much tougher than me. I almost question whether he came out of me. The kid has grit and must be made of barbed wire and nails.

I have to tell you about our team, well, mostly the parents. They have been so good to Matthew, one of the dads has a sports medicine background, he assessed the situation, got Matthew's jersey off without cutting it, his wife got Matthew's skates off using her teeth to undo the laces  Greg kept saying, "Don't inhale! Don't inhale!" to the mom, she said she would only get that close to a skate for one of her kids or Matthew. High praise indeed (Matthew can tie some tight laces). One parent loaned us his cooling machine (well, actually, his wife did), three moms brought their players by to see Matthew when he had surgery. Most have texted or checked in with our team manager. We are truly blessed.

Matthew is sore and recuperating from the surgery and already planning on getting back to playing. I will enjoy the time home because it doesn't look like it will be long before I am back to driving to Nashville.

Watch the game here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I'll Admit

Driving to Nashville for Matthew to play hockey puts a lot of miles on our car and it's a bit crazy to do but the time spent with him is precious. Lauren drove him last week and this week. A bit of a gift now that I am entering my second season of driving. She said she doesn't get to spend time with him so offered her services last week and this week. I think she has found it's a good way to spend time with him, also.

Labor Day

Yeah, so I'm a little behind and out of order on my posts. What else is new?

Matthew had practice over Labor Day Weekend. He stayed with a teammate so we celebrated Greg's Birthday a day Magiannos, with some friends, after a stop at Centennial Park for Greg to do some homework and for us to goof around.

My sweet friend, Kimber, made us place settings to give a more festive feel to the Birthday Celebration. White chocolate that looks like olives for our Italian meal. She's so clever

Lauren made Greg's favorite, carrot cake cupcakes, she is so talented


Matthew's second travel weekend was with his dad to Denver. I don't have a lot to say about the trip since I wasn't there. I am grateful for the dad who is streaming the games on YouTube. I am a bit jealous of my eldest daughter who can watch on their TVs, I am still old school watching on my computer and phone.

The boys met the internet sensation Olly and Jacob...or is it Jacob and Olly. No idea. Greg had to send me the link to see their videos.

A few pics and links for all things hockey/Matthew:

How Lauren watches

How I watch

How Matthew celebrates, Social Media Post of a teammate

Jacob or Olly got cut out of the Picture...BAD Greg

Another Celebration Post 

And We're off

Fall is here and hockey travel has begun.  I drew the first trip with Matthew to St. Louis for some friendly games. We packed the Prius and found it's kind of like a clown's tiny but you can just keep putting more stuff in there. However, the small size does bring you closer to the hockey stench.

A few pics in order:


Play Hard

Eat at your favorite place with some teammates

Social Media

It's always fun to find a post of your child on social media...however, I question my mothering instincts when I don't recognize my own child in a be fair, Hannah had just cut her hair (to my dismay, I miss her signature locks, what can I say?) She's still adorable but my brain is still processing the change.