Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hannah has a friend who sends me the cutest snapchat selfies. I cannot compete. I send back snaps of my tea, books, letters I am writing, my garden...anything but a selfie. Yesterday, just for kicks...I snapped a selfie with a filter. Eureka!!! I have found the perfect solution to any selfie...use a Snapchat Filter...it  makes you laugh AND takes away the rough edges of time. 


Hannah is playing High School Hockey with the boys. This year she is playing defense instead of left wing and is on Team Red. I think she should embrace the fact she is the only girl and wear some matching red lipstick. Thoughts?

Operation Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday. Don't mess it up for me by putting Christmas ahead of Thanksgiving. No Christmas Decorations. NO Christmas music. No tree. No lights.

Thanksgiving. A time to appreciate all that God has blessed us with. No worrying about shopping just a quiet holiday appreciating the smell of a roasting turkey, the taste of cinnamon in a pumpkin pie, and maybe a little whipped cream by hand to adorn the pie. Simple. The smell of fall, leafs twirling by my window, colors bursting forth in the trees, and a fire in the fireplace.

Serving. I love to participate in delivering meals for Thanksgiving to families who might not be having a turkey dinner this year. Sign me up. I am blessed with a car. I can do this...

This year, the whole family was able to help deliver and I am over the moon. The whole family serving others. Could life get any better? 

Crash...my kids ditched me after delivering meals for three families...to decorate Lauren's Christmas tree. I have put all three up for adoption after this traitorous behavior. Next year....no gifts to anyone who puts out any Christmas stuff pre-Thanksgiving. The Queen has spoken.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Taco Tuesday

This is what happens when you let your kids in the kitchen to help cook...food is plated and a Snapchat is sent to another sibling to let her know what she is missing. Matthew and Mexican food go hand in hand....and macaroni and cheese...and pizza...and Chick Fil A...

Sweet Home Alabama

California Girl. That was always me...through and through...part of my identity. It's like being blonde. I am a blonde. I couldn't imagine having hair any other color (although if I could pick my hair color before being born, it would have been red).

Driving home from Nashville I pass the sign all the time. The last time I passed it, I thought, "Home, I'm almost there." I realized I am no longer a California Girl. I thought the earth would shake but nothing, just a calm realization, that girl is gone and I have a new identity. It came on so slowly, I never noticed it...I have a new song to sing....join me.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Profile Picture

Profile Pictures. Ugh. How to pick the perfect picture that defines you without looking like you're fishing for compliments. How to post a recent picture when you have no recent pictures. The simple answer is to take a selfie. Except...I feel ridiculous taking a selfie. It's the stuff of anxiety attacks.

I decided to leap off the cliff into the abyss, take a selfie, and make it my FB profile.

That selfie lasted about an hour. People would comment, "Pretty, beautiful, etc." and let's face it, I felt ridiculous. I know that ship has sailed, old age has set in, and the picture had to go. I needed a different profile picture. I gave it some thought and googled "tea, book, image." Voila', the perfect profile picture that epitomizes me, and it looks like this...

This is perfect. This is me. A picture tells a thousand words.

Lookin' Good

Once upon a time there was a California Girl who wanted a denim jacket. She saved and searched and finally found the jacket of her dreams at The Gap...in the men's department. Sold. The girl loved her jacket and didn't care that it was a bit big...after all her sweaters and blouses had shoulder pads in them, really big shoulder pads and that made the jacket work.

The California Girl graduated from college and entered life...work, marriage, a child...a long span of time (a really long span of time) and two more children. The Girl became a Mom, The beloved jacket moved to the back of the closet and reminded the Girl of her days in college. A carefree time, one of her favorite times.

One day, the youngest child, asked his mom for a denim jacket. The mother looked at her beloved son and said, "I have one, it's in the closet upstairs." The son had the jacket  out of the closet and on his person in the blink of an eye. I have to say, "Lookin' good." The jacket, I mean, the son is not too bad either.

The son and the 35 year old jacket lived happily ever after.