Sunday, March 31, 2019

College Visit #1

It's here! Time for college visits, time for mommy to weep...Wasn't it just yesterday I was driving Miss Hannah to PreK?

Visit number 1 was a huge success and a great fit for my stellar science student. UAB was the recipient of this future medical student's first visit. I don't think she has taken off the sweatshirt she purchased from their gift shop yet...

Lauren was a natural to accompany her sister for college visitation since she used to do recruiting at colleges for the US Space and Rocket Center. UAB passed the big sister's scrutiny for a good college for her baby sister with the big science brain.

There are two more college visits coming up this week. Auburn and University of Alabama. I am anxious to hear how these two compare. In the meantime, I am going to have to stock up on more Puff's Plus because I am not anywhere near ready to have an empty nest.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Hockey Update

A few years ago, Matthew's Coach suggested we send him to Culver Academy to play hockey. I was not inclined to send him away from home at 12. This year, the hockey situation was one where we had to sit down and really think about the pros and cons of prep school. Prep School for Matthew is the best fit so we did the paperwork, he wrote the essays, did an interview, and to our joy, he was accepted. The boys took a trip to the school, the Coach watched his run through some drills, and ye, he could be on the hockey team. It never dawned on us he would not qualify for financial aid.

Now, we are looking at other options. Matthew was invited to be evaluated at the Premier of hockey prep schools, Shattuck's of St Mary's. However, they are even more expensive than Culver...The hockey program is a perfect fit for Matthew but...if we didn't qualify for aid with Culver, I doubt we we will with SSM. We are considering a few Canadian Prep Schools that are interested in him but those are billet schools...I am not sure about billeting. I know it is the most common system for boys 15 and up much to consider.

I am praying, a lot these days. I am praying God will open doors that no man can open and to close doors that no man can open.

Here are a few pictures of my trip with Matthew to SSM. And yeah, we can't afford this one either...

I love love love this library

What's a trip without Maggiano's?

Matthew left me in the dust for most of this trip. We will be working on manners and staying with the person you're traveling with...especially your old mother. 

Prom Night

Pretty Girls, Handsome Boys, and Bad Weather was the unofficial theme for this year's prom. I am not sure why the Prom was in March...usually it is late April or May. The Group of Friends that Hannah went to Prom with were about as organized as the weather. There will be no official prom pictures this year. Wicked Weather delayed the start of prom by an hour which was a blessing since the unorganized group had 7:30 dinner reservations with the Prom starting at 8:00, not even time for appetizers. The boyfriend's mom is a photographer who had the misfortune of getting stuck in the mud and not able to get back in time to take pictures or see her son doing his Jameson Bond. Matthew took over the hair for the boyfriend when Hannah couldn't control a bit of flop that was taking place...Lauren has the video which was quite hysterical, I have a few pictures of Prom Prep and two group pics...but that's it. A "Do Over" for pictures was suggested by the boyfriend's mom but Hannah said, "Too much work." Hannah was not inclined to do the hair and makeup thing all over. I guess the girl was not meant to be a princess.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Neglected Blog. Military Ball Pictures

I know I keep saying "Time Flies" every time I sit down to make a post really does. My last post was in November!!! Holidays have happened, games have been played, emails have gone neglected...not the "make my life busier" emails but the ones that actually say "Hello" to people I care about. And now, my biggest blog fan, Aunt Shirley, has passed away. That is just too busy.

I'm not sure if anyone besides Aunt Shirley looks at my blog. The thought occurred maybe I shouldn't even bother now...but I will continue to post with the thought someday, my children or grandchildren might want to peruse this blog like a scrapbook.

Last night, Hannah, had her first big event. She attended the Military Ball and smiled through the cold for some pretty pictures. Of course, as she said when offered a blanket to stay warm between pictures, "I'm fine. I spend most of my time in an ice rink." True.

Pictures galore here!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hannah has a friend who sends me the cutest snapchat selfies. I cannot compete. I send back snaps of my tea, books, letters I am writing, my garden...anything but a selfie. Yesterday, just for kicks...I snapped a selfie with a filter. Eureka!!! I have found the perfect solution to any selfie...use a Snapchat  makes you laugh AND takes away the rough edges of time. 


Hannah is playing High School Hockey with the boys. This year she is playing defense instead of left wing and is on Team Red. I think she should embrace the fact she is the only girl and wear some matching red lipstick. Thoughts?

Operation Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday. Don't mess it up for me by putting Christmas ahead of Thanksgiving. No Christmas Decorations. NO Christmas music. No tree. No lights.

Thanksgiving. A time to appreciate all that God has blessed us with. No worrying about shopping just a quiet holiday appreciating the smell of a roasting turkey, the taste of cinnamon in a pumpkin pie, and maybe a little whipped cream by hand to adorn the pie. Simple. The smell of fall, leafs twirling by my window, colors bursting forth in the trees, and a fire in the fireplace.

Serving. I love to participate in delivering meals for Thanksgiving to families who might not be having a turkey dinner this year. Sign me up. I am blessed with a car. I can do this...

This year, the whole family was able to help deliver and I am over the moon. The whole family serving others. Could life get any better? kids ditched me after delivering meals for three decorate Lauren's Christmas tree. I have put all three up for adoption after this traitorous behavior. Next gifts to anyone who puts out any Christmas stuff pre-Thanksgiving. The Queen has spoken.