Saturday, March 29, 2014

More Be Ready

Hannah graduated from Be Ready this morning and we are now lounging around the house doing fantastic imitations of a couch potato. I got a little twitchy lounging so I popped her disc of pictures in from Camp. I'll just give a little spiel on stuff she did and you can probably figure out what is going on in the pictures. Before I load the pictures, let me just say, on the first day of Camp, I really did try to persuade her to wear pants and a warmer jacket (there was a lot of wind and snow flurries) but nope, shorts and a light jacket. That's my girl.

Hannah's team started off with a "Trust Building" exercise, how to build a fire, make a shelter from a parachute (the girls won, the boys' shelter collapsed) water survival (included plugging the holes on a helmet with your fingers and placing your chin on it), learning CPR, first aid, what to say to say to a victim and what not to say, triage, logistics, search and rescue and more stuff that I can't remember.

Also, the amputated mannequin...apparently makes the appropriate noises while you "treat" him. I wonder if he screams...I'd be screaming if the leg below my knee was missing.

Miss Hannah also had the experience of someone asking her to be his girlfriend...and she turned him down...I'm hoping she was never know with her. 

And before I forget, Roo volunteered at Be Ready for the mock disaster (an airplane crash) that kicked off with 4 big bangs that scared Miss Hannah a bit...and then boom, the kids were off saving lives. 

Be Ready

I need to run and get ready for Hannah's graduation on this VERY rainy morning but at least the rain held off for the mock disaster last night. Hannah called late last night and I could hear how much fun she had in her voice. She was thrilled to get moved from logistics to working with victims and had 3 "dead" bodies.

Here is a link and a few pictures:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

H at Space Camp

I'm going to let Hannah write this post to tell you all about her week at Space Camp. (She has started writing and has lots to say so check back for more on "Hannah at Space Camp.")

Hi it's me Hannah,  I just graduated from Space Camp! It was AWESOME!! We did all sorts of simulators such as the MAT, (Multi-axis-trainer) MMU, (Man-Maneuvering-Unit) the 1/6 gravity chair, G-Force, Space Shot, 5DF ( 5 Degrees of Freedom) and last but never the least the Mars simulator. All the girls on my team were in my bunk room, they were Alyse & Beth, (twins) Joy, Brooklyn, Caroline, Kameryn (Kameryn and Caroline left on Wednesday night, also called "de-camping") and of course...ME! 

Old Pictures

I received these in an email from my aunt awhile back...Aren't they wonderful?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Conversation with M

M: Mr. Glenn says I'm getting taller. I wonder why he is so excited I'm getting taller. 

Me:  Because he wants you to do pairs with Rebecca. 

M:  Uhhhhh, no. I'm a one man show. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Matthew's New Invention

"You know what they need to invent? A combination pillow, blanket, that's in the shape of your body so you can walk around, answer the phone, get a drink of water without leaving your cozy spot."

True story. He just said it. I can't make this stuff up. He loves soft and cozy.

Reptile Dysfunction

Yes, you read that right "Reptile Dysfunction."  While on our hockey trip to Knoxville (this trip involved the entire family) Matthew saw a commercial for Cialis or Viagra. During our drive home I heard his little voice pipe up "Roo, what's 'reptile dysfunction?'" My favorite daughter responded "Ask Mom, she tells you like it is." Yep, I got to explain "Reptile Dysfunction" right front of the entire family. Greg never said a word. Isn't this supposed to be his territory?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rocket City Competition 2014

I'm down with a bad cold (thank you, M, for sharing your germs) so I am infecting the keyboard loading pictures from the Competition H competed in over Valentine's Day while listening to Celtic music...thank you, Pandora, for the St. Patty's day station...There were quite a few pictures of H and it was hard to pick just a few so I am afraid I am going to overload this site with my top picks of pics. (Just imagine if I shared the entire CD)

I didn't really like the pink compulsory outfit but we got it of the "Recycle Closet" for a little bit of nothing so I shouldn't criticize. It actually photographs better than her "pretty" one, as you will see.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Gold Medalists

Her Own Stylist

H brought her own stylist to last Saturday's Skating Competition. Both of my little skaters earned 2 gold medals. Here are some pictures from the "getting ready" portion of the day. I will post a video later but there is only one. My darling husband thought he was recording Matthew...but wasn't. He realized this when he went to hit stop and it started recording. Ooops. I'm glad someone besides me has blonde moments.