Sunday, June 29, 2014

She Hasn't Changed...Much

May 2008

I have to pick a font that is really girly.  Now I need a background that looks like coffee or Coca Cola.  BY Jove, I think I found it.  NOPE, too hard to read.  New font color is needed here.  Let's see, Okay, now it is readable.  My Roo needs her coffee, preferably a Starbucks blend, she needs her sleep cuz she gets really cranky, she loves her shoes, purses, and other fashion accouterments...Otherwise, inside she's a lot like me (some say she looks like me but I am not sure if that thrills her or not..., back to her spiritual makeup  she tends to make a lot of mistakes like I did at her age.  Poor girl, it's hard to watch.  You want so much less heartache for your daughter.  You want her life to be easy, full of love, no disappointments, no sorrow.  I guess that just isn't realistic.  Life is nothing but falling in love, getting your heartbroken, misunderstandings with those you love the most, I digress.  Back to Roo, she has her father's sense of humor but at least she has the good sense to appreciate mine. She is like me in the love department, she falls hard, and like me at her age, she doesn't hold her tongue regarding her dislike for people.  I found it hard to bite my tongue around people that I didn't hold in high regard.  I prayed she would have more maturity than me (I often wince at the things I have said to people).  I guess that will come with age.  She likes my music (some Def Leopard, some Michael Buble, some One Republic), likes to dance (I had the privilege of teaching her to shimmy her shoulders.) And she isn't much of an athlete, but enjoys spectator sports...although she likes hockey fights, I sit through those and she gets on her feet and yells "FIGHT!" 
We had lots of time together before it was interrupted with the late appearance of a brother and sister.  I wonder if she regrets praying for them on days when she feels like the third wheel.  I bet she is glad God didn't answer her prayer for twins the year Matthew came into being!
Roo has a heart of gold and she wears it on her sleeve.  She loves her babies.

I will have to quit this ode to Roo, her little brother (that she prayed for) is bugging me and refusing to go up stairs for his nap.  But I think it gives a glimpse of my little darlin'. I love you, Roo.

Hannah's Dream School

From 2013

The theme of my school is swimming and figure skating. I choose these because swimming and skating help build stamina and strength. They also keep you fit and healthy. I also choose this because in order to do these sports you must exercise and properly stretched.
  This is a good theme because swimming and figure skating are very similar. Two ways are, they both use all your muscle and create muscle memory. Another is the both take place in or on water.
  In each classroom you would still do academic learning such as math, reading, science, history, etc. Each classroom would have either a small pool or ice rink. In classrooms both academic and ice or water equipment will be provided. As well as proper attire.
  The logo would be a tiger to show we are fierce and pretty. {Handsome for the boys} This relates to us because we are fierce in competition, but pretty outside of competitions. The name of my school is “The Bice Swim, Ice, and Academics School”. This would be printed on a large sign with stones.
  This is why I picked my theme. Because I love ice skating {not hockey} and swimming and of course you have to have academics too!      

Calico's Journal

When H was in Kindergarten (I think) the kids got to bring home Calico the Bear. He had clothes, a toothbrush, etc. The kids were to write their adventures in his journal. (this really meant parents had to write up the adventures using Calico's voice)

H eagerly (and impatiently) awaited her turn to take Calico home. It was worth the wait. She got him for all of Fall Break and not just the weekend like most of the kids.

Calico's Journal

October 14, 2007
This week I went home with Hannah.  It was Fall Break so I had a nice long visit.  We had a quiet weekend at Hannah’s house and on Monday we went to Chattanooga, TN.  What an adventure!  Our hotel was a converted train station called the Chattanooga Choo Choo.  It was so neat!  There were restored train cars, fountains, rose gardens, and a trolley!
On Tuesday, I saw butterflies, sharks, stingrays, snakes, alligators, and crocodiles at the Chattanooga Aquarium.  We went to the IMAX Theater and a shark swam right at us.  I thought I was a goner.  The jellyfish floated in front of my face and Hannah tried catching one on her finger.  (She caught a butterfly on her finger earlier and I guess she thought it would be just as easy to catch a floating jellyfish.)  We had pizza for dinner. 
Wednesday was another exciting day!  We rode a restored train from Grand Junction to East Chattanooga.  Hannah’s brother swears he saw two bears in the woods.  I didn’t see them and I think I would recognize my relatives.  We did go through a long horseshoe tunnel.  It was built in 1852.
After the train, we had some lunch and went for a walk.  We walked across the Tennessee River on the Walnut Street Bridge and stopped at a park.  Hannah and Matthew played in the fountains and then we rode a carousel.  We had ice cream on the North Shore before going back to the Hotel.
Thursday, we went to the Children’s Discovery Museum.  This was so much fun! There was a lot of water to play in, a huge playground, art, a dinosaur, an excavation station, science projects, I can’t remember it all. We took a walk downtown for lunch and drove home to Madison.
Friday, I spent a quiet morning with Hannah.  We were all tired from the trip and then we went for a walk by Indian Creek. I saw a bunny, cows, some guinea fowl, blue jays, cardinals, horses, and a dog.
Saturday was another play day for Hannah and me.

Sunday was a day to worship and praise the Lord.  We gave thanks for all He has given us and the wonderful friends he has blessed us with.

Diverted Again

I am digging around the inner caves of the computer while H is texting me emojis of cats...She just asked me if her new skating dress is sparkly...Shocking.

I guess I'll email Cindi in a little while...

Here is the little jewel I found written by Roo.

My little sister turned 7 today... it's hard to believe that 7 years ago, I was hearing a screaming 10 hour old baby thinking, "I'm stuck with this until I die..." Such a pessimistic thought, but considering I was the only child for 12+ years, you could probably, just maybe, understand why. But looking back, I would not have it any other way :)

I wish I had a picture on my computer to put up of the munchkin. I think we should've known her personality the minute my mom had the 6 week ultrasound. The most determined human being I know, besides my father, was in that picture. She's stubborn, oh so very stubborn. She gets jealous easily; is high maintenance; yet...

Loves her friends; loves her family; loves animals; loves to read her sister's texts, emails, facebook comments (she's a tad nosy and feels accomplished doing so), you name it; doesn't want to be a mommy when she grows up; loves to sing when no one's around; is a future artist; and most of all, isn't a "little" girl anymore. She's 7. I remember when I was 7.

Like H, I loved my friends, animals, baby dolls, everything. Not only that, I was becoming aware of lots of things, like fashion, the hippest nail polish colors, how to apply makeup, TV shows that weren't on Disney anymore... a slew of things. There's quite the difference between 6 and 7. Before I know it, my H will be talking about boys, buying bras (don't laugh), telling of the newest fashion trends that don't exist at Gymboree, will be helping me plan my wedding, babies, etc... it's all a tad bit hard to swallow, because the first thing this morning, last night actually, I thought about the day she was born.

At 12:38 AM EST, Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at Wright Patterson AFB, OH, Hannah Elizabeth was born. And a day in the B family hasn't EVER been the same since. No siree; she didn't crawl, she walked at 9 months. The little imp stood on the coffee table and stripped when she was 1 and 2; she adored yet despised our brother (still does to this very day!); had the best laugh as a baby (sounded like the Pillsbury Dough Boy); she called me "Ssss" for the longest time until she could TALK; the list goes on and on. My favorite memory though is when we shared a room in Boston. To wake me up, she'd yell "sss!" and jump and jump in her crib causing all sorts of racket until I got her out of the crib (at 6:30 am no less.) Or maybe it was finding her with my makeup on her face when she was 2? Not sure... either way, life's never been the same since the Little Palindrome was born :)

Posted by Lauren at 10:25 PM

Tigger Ears and Veggie Tales

Matthew was sick in the middle of the night so the two of us stayed home from Church. We watched the live stream on the computer and after it was over, I  sat down to catch up on email. Being me, I got diverted, I went to save a recipe, decided I needed a folder, and thought "Hey, why I am at it, let's move all my recipes into a folder...oh look, I really need to clean up my downloads (Hannah has downloaded every Cheetah picture on the internet, I believe...) and voila, found old things I wrote to scrapbook...Here is what I found from 2003.

Our Little Pooh Bear loves to put on her Tigger ears.   You never know when she will pop up with her ears.  One morning she woke her sister up by peeking over her crib while wearing her ears.  It got the day started on the right note…

Hannah loves her Veggie Tales.  You can hear her say “I want Bob.”  You will hear this in the car until you pop in the CD.  You will hear this at home until you put in the DVD.  You will hear this phrase when you put her to bed, you have to play her music.  You will also hear this while doing school with Lauren until you pop in the video.  Who cares if it is a Christmas video and it is March…

When Dad or Grandma calls on the phone, she will tell them, “I want Bob.”

Lauren proclaims to hate “Bob, “ However, Lauren can sing all the Vegie Tunes, just ask her Youth Group. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lessons Learned

Things with the house have been crazy or as Roo says "Cray-Cray." We pray, we think something is a sign from God to follow and then it all just goes "South." Like selling our house...we both decided to take our house off the market and that night we got an offer from a family in MD. They had never even seen the house, then another offer from someone who kept driving by the house and made an offer. Our Realtor found not one but two houses of people who had a single level house, not listed, but wanted to sell. One house kept haggling on the price, so G decided to walk, the other house we loved even more and verbally agreed on a price, closing costs, and closing date....then that family decided to not sell. Apartment living is where we ended up...on the second floor...bearing in mind the reason we decided to sell was to not have stairs.

Now for hiring the movers...Two Men and A Truck wanted over $7600 to move us...Motivated Movers $1300, and then what I thought to be a sign from God was Motivated MUSCLED Movers (a company that uses Body Builders...the estimate was $100 an hour, 4 hours to load, 3 hours to unload. Hired.

We decided to move a lot of stuff ourselves to save even more...we had the kitchen, books, pictures, clothes...well, just about everything that was not furniture settled at the apartment before moving day. I even donated our dining room furniture. (It suffered a lot of banging with all the military moves) So, now the items to move is minimal...Monday arrives, the movers show up at 9 am and 7:45 pm only about 1/3 of my stuff is moved. The assistant manager promises a discount. The movers show up the following morning and at 1 pm, Greg sends them packing. We were charged $1200 and given a $25 discount.

Now we are in panic mode...stuff needs to be moved, house needs to be clean, and the closing is on Thursday...Not good.

Did I mention it was unbearably hot and humid? I am perplexed how things that seem to be so perfectly aligned turn into total mess ups.

On Wednesday, we hired some cleaners who pitched in and helped us move the remaining items (they took pity on us and saved the day.) They then cleaned the house, Thursday morning, Greg applied the touch up paint, and we walked out at 9:50 am leaving a perfect house...the walk through happened at 10:30 am. Closing was delayed until Friday since their loan papers had not arrived.

And now it is done. Apartment living has commenced. The air conditioner was broken for the first few days...all I could imagine was a $1000 electric bill and a Summer of sleeping on the couch where it was cooler. But now that is fixed. I feel kind of guilty grumbling since there are people in much worse circumstances. I drove home from skating on Monday and saw the tent under the Interstate where some of the Homeless live...they are being evicted by the Department of Transportation. So really, what do I have to grumble about? Now if I can just get the kids to understand how blessed we are even though they have no yard to play in.....


Here it is, our new home. Needs a little work, no?

We signed the contract to build last Friday, closed on the house, and drove to Nashville for Matthew's hockey tournament. Spent the weekend in Nashville, came home, and G left for Colorado Springs on Monday. Everything is kind of a blur. The only clear recollection I have is standing at the top of the staircase at our home on Wickerberry and thinking, it looks brand new, like we never lived here. (Except if you open the pantry will see all the measurements of the kids...unfortunately, we only wrote the day and child's name, not the height.)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Memories of the Mind

August 25, 2008

Yep. I copied and pasted from my journal. 

Music and scents are so intertwined with my memories...the smell of an iris suddenly brings my grandmother's garden to the forefront of my thoughts...My Cousin, Mike gave me my very first vinyl album, The Eagles...He also introduced me to James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, and JD Souther...My Sharona will suddenly bring memories of cruising Lancaster Boulevard to mind...Events of my life put in the attic of my mind come tumbling down and bring a smile to my face or a tear to my eye. With this in mind, I had so much fun making a playlist for MySpace.

I had fun putting songs I like now and songs that remind me of people I love and thoughts from my past...Jet reminds me of Lauren and Virginia...and now, Hannah who dances to the beat. Miley Cyrus because every young teenage girl, especially me, has encountered the tied tongue in the presence of the boy who has captured her heart...and again, Hannah since she adores Hannah Montana. De-lovely since Matthew asks for the song all the time. Cheap Trick reminds me of my younger brother who played "I Want You to Want Me" over and over again. I have no idea what girl he was thinking of while he wore out the round spinning vinyl. ZZ Top brings his wedding to mind...We had so much fun in a converted WWII Prison bunker at Upper Heyford. My brother doing his best ZZ Top Air Guitar dance across the floor with his new sister-in-law. The memories go on and on...I guess in honor of my time as maid of honor, for Rita,  I should go find "Tainted Love" and remember what a great time we all had under the stars on the dance floor...

April in the South

Okay...why I wrote a blog in August about April in the South, I do not remember. It's from 2008. Give me grace for I have absolutely no recollection of it. I just know I did. (Another copy and paste from my journal. I'm trying to makeup for not posting anything during our moving/selling of house). 

Our drive to Florida was visually serene with the beauty of the hanging wisteria, our sense of smell satisfied with the aroma of honeysuckle and our ears were assaulted by the non-stop chatter of a 4 and 6 year old.  The beach was beautiful with its sugary sand and the view from our balcony breathtaking.

Our friend's ceremony was a proud moment in friendship.  Dave's hard work and altruistic lifestyle was blessed by our Savior.  His parents and aunt were proud as they pinned on his new rank. Our hearts tugging at heaviness with his impending assignment to Iraq.  He feels the need to do his part now that the War has begun its fifth year.  We were told to be prepared for a long fight, it seems the media has forgotten this in this age of instant gratification.

We returned home and stopped in Montgomery where we lived in 2000.  Everything had changed our favorite places boarded up as progress moved the town east.

Sunday, we went to the much anticipated Talledega race.  I finally realized why Southerners are often called "rednecks" as I sat there watching all the necks around me turning deep shades of maroon as the afternoon progressed.  Everyone in the section was quite chatty with their race stories and how they came to be NASCAR fans.  We met interesting people one who has been in New Orleans working construction since 4 days after Hurricane Katrina.  An enlisted Army soldier whose wife just returned from Iraq.  His father, a lifelong NASCAR fan came just to visit the wife who just returned.  The couple behind us from Kansas and the couple from Ft Lauderdale who came all the way for the race, just to leave half way through so they could catch their plane home.  The majority of the fans were for Jr. and even wore the proper 88 attire.  However, this beer cans were thrown.

Life in the South, it doesn't get much better than this.

Let me add to this blog, 6 years later that Matthew squirmed during the pinning on ceremony and my blouse completely opened up and gave my friend's boss a huge view of me in a bra unbeknownst to me...not funny retrospect, it's a completely "Matthew Moment." 

Cavemen, Per Chees, and Blogs

I must have been on a roll on June 22, 2008. I also found this old journal entry.

Blogs confused me. I am a middle aged housewife and mother. I was pondering...(I live in the South now, this is such a fun word "pondering") back to the subject at hand, I was pondering about how our younger generation has an intense desire to blog. There is a wave of inane thoughts and actions being posted on the internet every minute. A while back, I began wondering why this generation feels the need to express their every thought to anyone who has too much free time to view it. Then it occurred to me, man has always had a desire to express their thoughts since the beginning of time. This would be such a great Sociology thesis...Cavemen wrote on the walls, my generation covered their Pee Chee folders with their thoughts (mine was covered with hearts and initials for whomever my heart was yearning on at that moment in time and with quotes...see other blog) and this generation has its blogs.

Man has always kept journals and diaries. This is nothing new. I think the only thing new is sharing personal information while you are still alive and breathing rather than your beneficiaries reading it after you are dead and gone.

I thought this computer diary a great idea. I started one here on MySpace. I am not one to rant and rave about anyone, I wouldn't want to write what I wouldn't want anyone to read but still, imagine my horror when I discovered what I posted as diary was being read publicly. I saw the numbers on my blogs and was confused, how was anyone reading something posted as diary. I checked and my blog read "Public." AAGH! Strangers in my diary? What could be worse?  I have to wonder who in the world is bored enough to read the inane musings of a very old housewife that they do not know. Perhaps these readers are a new type of archaeologist? Reading the writings of man now rather than in the future...I would rather think this than think our future holds nothing more than a bunch of voyeurs.

I am not sure why I am so puzzled about putting your thoughts out there for everyone to read, after all, the cave men did it, I did it on my Pee Chee...any curious student next to me could see my crush du jour, so I guess today's bloggers are just expressing their innate primal desire by writing...for anyone to see.

Also June 22, 2008 Or Groundhog Day Southern Style

Typical Mommy Day.  Greg left for the week.  This week Utah.  Next Week, Arizona.  And the next week, Washington DC.  It will be nice when this program takes flight (literally) and the travel slows down.

Back to my day.  Heavy heart.  Still worried about Missy.  Will she get out of Beirut on Thursday?  How is her family?  Are things better with Peter?  How are her kids handling this?  Are they safe?  I pray for protection and the peace that passes our understanding.

Time to shower, feed kids, chauffeur kids, go to Commissary, put groceries away, pick up Hannah, take her to dentist, (mind is now worrying about is her day Harrison being nice?  How are things with Matt?  Are co-workers still divided?  Can she keep her head held high?  Will she sleep or worry tonight:?)  Hannah is finished at the dentist, time for some lunch, a very late lunch...Drive across town, get Matthew, take kids home, change Matthew for swim lessons.  I might as well work out while there, so I get changed too.  Wait, plants need watering before I have time to go to and check on Hezbollah?  Greg calls, he's in Salt Lake City and shocking, there's a temple there...On to the gym, Matthew keeps saying he wants a "Hopscotch."  What is he talking about???  I put my brain into the place of a 4 year old.  We are headed to gym, he is carrying Dum Dums for Miss Earline, aha, he wants a butterscotch sucker...At gym, need child care card for Hannah...They're out.  Miss Earline saves the day and takes her without the card.  Deliver Matthew to pool for lesson, go workout...time to pick up Matthew, he forgot his backpack and I was too distracted with Hezbollah and McAllister's homosexual/racial divide to notice.  Matthew now distraught he doesn't have dry clothes.  Miss Earline provides shorts, okay, he's going commando.  Leave gym, arrive home to find The Boyfriend is there, that's a good sign.  Time for a little dinner and putting kids to bed...this goes well.  We do a movie ;No Country for Old Men...;this reminds me to stick with non-violent movies.  I get a good laugh at Roo doing her turtle impression under the blanket...I go eat a banana.  Movie ends, boyfriend leaves, time for bed so we can do at all over tomorrow. Today.

June 22, 2008

Talkative. Sweet. Compassionate. Energetic. Sociable. LOVES God. Affectionate.  Competitive. That is my Hannah.  

What adjective to tackle first? Let's go with "competitive." Last week, Hannah went to school and Ellie lost a tooth.  That night, we went to her dance class and Olivia lost a tooth.  At this stage in the game, Hannah's tooth was barely loose. I thought MAYBE by the end of the month, the tooth fairy will schedule a visit.  We no sooner got in the door from dance class when Hannah announces her tooth is out.  I am astonished because the only way I thought the tooth would come out is if she were hit in the mouth somehow.  The next morning, Hannah picks up her Croc and shows and says "This is how I got my tooth out" and proceeds to shove the shoe in her mouth.  AAAHG!  I give her a lecture on germs and where shoes have been.  I think I am effective.  Nope, two days ago, I look in the rear view mirror and see the Croc in her mouth working on that other tooth.  I give her a warning, she does it again and the tooth fairy will not be making any return visits.  Let's see if she heeds the warning.  I somehow doubt it.  Her competition is most fierce with her brother...He made me a present for Mother's Day at preschool.  Hannah saw it and immediately got her paper and crayons and made me a book.  (Matthew not to be outdone got a piece of paper and scribbled all over it and proudly presented it to me. And so it goes.)

Hannah looks and acts just like her older sister did at this age, except for the talking, Lauren didn't talk nearly as much as Hannah.  It is kind of like comparing a pond and the Pacific Ocean in the loquacious department.  Hannah is also much more affectionate than Roo.  Roo is pretty stingy with hugs and kisses (except with The Boyfriend) and Hannah lavishes hugs and kisses.

Hannah is also extremely compassionate.  I was very sick a few months ago and she would quietly sneak in my room and give a sweet kiss and quietly leave.  A few nights ago her sister was upset so she had to make her a card and quietly entered the room to leave it on her bed and give her a kiss.  She also would like to go talk to the person who has hurt her sister to make it better.

;Hannah is quick, she started walking no running at 9 months and talking? She was practically born talking.  She knew her ABCs by two and was writing by 3.  I hope she has her dad's engineer brain rather than my liberal arts brain, she'll have a much better income. She's pretty controlling and an extremely good manipulator (she can get any toy Matthew has and he is convinced he actually WANTS to give it to her), she'll probably be president.

And this is my Sweet Hannah Bear.

The Protective Little Brother

I found this post on a blog I started back in 2008. I had completely forgotten about this incident. It still makes me laugh. Here it is: 

So tonight, Emily comes to the door...Emily is the little girl across the street who is big enough to take me down...she has decided to tell on H for telling her she can't play at our house.  Miss E would like to play on our playset but H isn't going for it. Now H has a very legitimate reason to not want to play with E, E hit H with a hula hoop and cut her lip, cheek and chin, it is quite swollen and no apology was given, no sign of contrition.  I am now the referee...I stand there with many thoughts racing through my much can I say to this little girl without causing conflict with the neighbors because we are to love our neighbors? How can I keep peace and yet protect my daughter?

My mouth told E to go home and told H and M to come inside. This did not please H because H started crying and saying I didn't care about her.  (It took me a minute but I finally figured out she wanted me to let E have it and have it good) So, while I am trying to persuade my crying daughter that I love her and I am upset that she was hurt by E, my little guy took matters into his own hands.

The little brother chased Emily down and let her know she wasn't welcome at our house and to NOT come back. I am not sure what the oversize E said (she is at least twice his size and yet only a year older) BUT I did get to see him turn to her and blow a big rasberry. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. I composed myself and let E know that maybe she shouldn't come over for awhile.

I am still trying to figure out how to handle the bully, Miss Emily, but maybe I don't have to...I think Little Brother has it covered.


Well, we did it. We moved. Closed the house. Signed the contract on the house and contracted to build. We made it to Nashville for M's hockey tournament. We got home (to the apartment) did laundry, hung pictures. The apartment seems a little more cozy now. The past week is a great big blur. 

So this morning, I plopped on the couch to sip my tea and catch up on the news. 
The morning news anchor was lamenting how difficult it is to get a good babysitter. M turned and looked at me very seriously and said "You have to get one that is really lightweight so they don't crush the baby while sitting on it." I nearly spit out my tea. 

Okay one more cuppa tea. Then it's time to take the kids for a  meningitis vaccination, drop by HOA, take kids to Skating lesson, and fulfill my promise to take them to the pool. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We are running short of time to move and there is so much stuff...I long for the days of a covered wagon and a frying pan, boom. You're moved.

M has been busy with hockey. H has continued her lessons. Both keep bugging me to take them to the pool...I keep looking at how much more needs to be purged and packed. I keep looking at my pretty view of the pond and ponder "What have we done." The irony is the apartment we have while building has steeper steps than our house. Please pray I don't take a tumble while vacuuming...I guess I better close...I'm still trying to figure out where to put the towels with no linen closet and a cat box with no floor space.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Really dark thunderstorm rolling's like Nature turned our morning into a nightclub...all dark with a strobe light and really loud bass playing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Flip Side of Personlities

After you read the post below, this post will make sense...this photo might be the place to start the second page of my scrapping of the 3 Blessings' Personalities. What do you think?

Angelic Blessings

I was busy packing and came across these pictures from Christmas 2012. I stopped packing and grabbed a scrapbook page that I had made at a friend's scrapbook party last week...and I wonder why it is taking so long to pack. However, these were precious angelic pictures that show the real personalities of my 3 they needed to be preserved, now I just need to do a devil page to show the other side of their personalities. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Travel Tryouts

Saturday was travel tryout for M. We spent the entire day at the Rink (needless to say, I did not get any packing done). H had a 9 am lesson. M had a 10 am freestyle lesson (except his Coach was out of he just spent some time on the ice) We saw no point in going home when we had to be at the Rink for a 12:30 check in for tryouts. Tryouts ended at 5.

M got the call yesterday that he made the team. He is THRILLED. Now we are waiting to hear if his buddy, Michael made it. I know Michael will make it so I am really not worried. I am worried that I haven't heard from his mom yet. We text almost every day...however, since she was down at the Lake yesterday...I'm thinking her phone is at the bottom of the lake so I am not worried. Okay, maybe I'm a tad concerned about the phone...

My New Gym Buddy

Hannah is so excited. She has been eagerly awaiting to turn 12 so she could come to the Gym with me. We got her a Student Pass last week and she has taken her first class, completed orientation, done some cardio machines, and today we are going to yoga. This is really good for me because I have to be with her when she works I have to work out!!!