Sunday, December 29, 2013


Yesterday was my belated birthday celebration so Roo could join us (she had to work on my birthday). We went to Nashville for lunch at Magianno's and then to Opryland for their "Ice" exhibit. This year's theme was Frosty the Snowman. Color me happy. They colored the ice also, 2 million pounds of it. Parkas are provided since the temperature was 8 degrees. Brr. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Posts

I spent an hour or so updating (between making cups of tea) so be sure to scroll all the way down and probably go to the previous page for my new posts.

I also recommend this book A Higher Call if you are looking for something to read.

My Photo Book

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My Christmas Dishes

I have always wanted blue and white dishes. I don't know why, I think they remind me of my Grandma...something distant from my childhood...maybe Aunt Myrt. Whatever the reason, I have always loved blue and white dishes. This year, I got them for Christmas. My elf, M, was very happy to unpack every box (and there were a lot).

The funniest thing about the dish delivery? I was taking a nap and thought  I heard someone in the garage coming up the stairs, could have sworn someone was in the house...I quietly got up to investigate (boy, am I glad I looked instead of panicking and calling the police)...I wondered is Roo here? A stranger? Made my way downstairs...nothing...opened garage...nothing...opened garage door...A bunch of boxes and a UPS truck...the kind driver moved all of the boxes into the garage and I played it cool, never letting him know I had just emerged from a panicked state of mind.

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve tradition is going Christmas Eve Service at our Church. Dinner at Outback (this started when Greg's mom visited us in VA) and then home to open presents. I still have to hook up the camera to pull the pictures off, but here is one from my phone. M being a nut and pretending he is asleep, H with her sly smile, and Big Sister...looking pretty as a picture. They are growing up too fast. Fortunately, H still likes her Barbies and hasn't become "too cool for Barbies" like I did at her age. M was a traitor and gave his big sister the painting he made in school (for the parents, hrmmph), M and his penguin face (he loves penguins) and a family portrait (minus the photographer).

The Christmas Shoes

My Cuddles (H) has a style all her own...leggings with just about everything she wears, mismatched socks, lots of sparkles and animal prints, and yes, these can be all worn at once. I have decided to keep my outdated mode of style thinking to myself after trying to share my wisdom for about...a decade. Even her fashionista older sister has caved and gave her these made to order Converse sneakers for Hannah's Christmas present. They are all Hannah. In fact, if you look Hannah up in the dictionary, these shoes would be right there in the definition.

Havoc Hockey

Last night, we went to the Havoc Hockey Game and it was "Pirate Night." The kids got eye patches at the door and I saw a group of men dressed like monks...I kept trying to think "How do monks relate to pirates?" Anyway, we did our usual routine and stopped to buy the "Chuck-a-Pucks" for the kids, and headed towards our seats...while walking to our seats, I realized these were real monks...not some frat gag. Who knew monks like hockey? Now my curiosity is piqued. There are things I have to know like if there is a fight do they cheer or pray? Will they do the chicken dance? Which team are they cheering for and will that team win? 

So here are the answers: During fights, they sit quietly, very dignified. They do not do the chicken dance but one kept time with his hand on his thigh to Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline and Journey. He also did a fist pump to the da da HEY da da da HEY! music. They applauded (with much class) when the Havoc scored...and who won? The Havoc...of course. 

These were a very classy group of men. I think the world could do well with more men like them...and less with the drunks behind me that held the belching contest...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After

It's the "day after Christmas" which means it's my birthday. Whenever I am asked when my birthday is, that is my reply, "It's the day after Christmas." Let's be honest, it is not the greatest day for having a birthday. (Especially, in my family when all the birthdays were bunched into the month of December, by the time my birthday rolled around, everyone was tired of celebrating this and that). Perhaps that is why when asked what I want to do for my birthday...I draw a blank.

I have absolutely no plans aside from shredding the mound of papers my husband dumped by the shredder. M is off to 1/2 day hockey camp. H is parked on the couch watching some sort of animated thing and I just caught up on email. Being me, I probably should make a cuppa tea so I can live up to my "Tea Snob" moniker. I should probably do this in the next few minutes, maybe have a slice of peanut butter toast, and meander off the gym to combat the tightening waistband of my jeans. I "should" but will I? I guess I should appreciate the fact that my only dilemma in life is getting myself to the gym.

Okay, I took a break from writing, shredded the papers, made me tea and toast...I think I'll add a picture to this post, and actually go to the gym...rather than ponder the idea of going to the gym...then I will figure out what to do for my birthday...

(This picture was taken after one of Hannah's skating lessons last week, Santa just popped up out of the blue. You just never know where the Jolly Old Man will be in the Christmas Season)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Studio Pictures Party

We ran out of time at the first session done by the photographer. Fortunately, he held a second session. H really wanted her picture taken in her party dress...done. We never did get the picture in the Flower dress. It's a pity because in the photographer's pictures, she is only in the background in all of the pictures. Sigh. M had no interest in getting his picture in the party clothes, just the soldier outfit. That's my boy.

A Few More

I am working with pictures...when I should be at the gym...too much holiday baking by my favorite oldest daughter is making my loose pants very uncomfortable...anyway, I found these on the desk of my favorite male soldier so here you go:

Copyrights, Ugh.

The Directors of The Nutcracker added a Toy Shoppe Scene at the beginning set in the present. Clair falls asleep on the park bench and dreams the rest of The Nutcracker. She awakes on the park bench at the end...Hannah was one of the "Cool Kids" visiting the Toy Shoppe after playing in the park.

I had this great idea of making a vintage photo book for the Grandmas...however, the DVD of pictures I bought for $50 seems to have a copyright overwrite...I am able to load only 1/4 of the pictures to the photo site...the rest have a red slash through the. I will see if the brilliant computer savvy husband has any ideas to override my inabilities to make a fabulous book showing the program. I thought since I paid $50, I got to use the pictures...what do I know?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Soldier

I think he was right, he was born to skate "The Soldier."

Does this Picture Not Crack You Up?

I will load lots of photos but I need to get them on Shutterfly before I forget and never get around to ordering them...but this picture made my morning.  (Keep in mind, it is the scene where the mischievous boys are getting scolded)

6th Grade Project

Hannah is in the photo...look below the blue sleeve raised to the sky and you will find 1/2 of her pretty face. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 18, 2013

This Christmas Season (yes, it's Christmas, not holiday, what is with all this "Holiday" garbage? If you aren't, celebrating Christmas, what are you celebrating?) Sorry, it's a pet peeve. I digress. The Christmas Season is flying past me, today is the 18th...I still have cards to make and mail. I just finished making the "Grandma Photo books."

I had to ask "Where is all of my time going?" Then I remembered...4 hockey games last weekend, Hannah and Matthew's skating classes in addition, to the hockey...Trying to get Matthew to reach his AR goal for reading. (Matthew loves reading but when you tell him he has to, he has a million reasons why he can't.) I spent most of the free time since last Friday, reading with Matthew. He is now 1/2 point short of his goal...we have til Friday to finish...I just hung my head since you can't see what I am doing.

My house is a disaster...laundry is piling up. Last week, we had two showings of the house and my house looked awesome...then the kids would come home, track in the Bermuda Class, drop books, socks, shoes, snacks, etc. in random places. I would tell them to put it up and then I would find it hidden behind window treatments when vacuuming. I am tired of picking up so I made my own mess by dragging out all my scrapping stuff to get the cards made and sent...not my best work, but I can let everyone know I am thinking of them this Christmas Season. I am a snail mail fan...ecards are just not for me. So, y'all are getting a "Holy Night" stamp and a Merry Christmas from yours truly in the mail brought by a cheery...or not so cheery letter carrier...see? I'm half politically correct, I didn't say "mailman."

So from me to you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...just in case, that homemade card doesn't arrive until Valentine's Day.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Toy Shoppe Video and Battle

Out of all the video I shot, I was only able to get two from The Nutcracker. (I will not be defeated, I will keep trying) I was able to get these two by emailing them to myself and downloading to the computer. The other videos went over a minute so I am getting an annoying message they are too long...

Here you go:

IMG 1878 from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

IMG 1895 from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Nutcracker Photo Link

I am slacking off this morning. I should be at the gym getting ready for a yoga class but I am here at the computer, cleaning out email, finding a link to the photos from the professional photographer...getting distracted by copying the link coming to my blog to paste the link. Stopping to make a cuppa tea. I think I am a bit ADD...or just very unfocused. Yesterday, I resolved to do one thing at a far, it's not working...I have 3 videos I found in the dungeons of the computer uploading over on Vimeo, Christmas presents to wrap sitting on the table, Christmas cards to make, some Bermuda grass to sweep, books to get for Matthew's AR tests...these are all things clamoring for my attention...anyway, here is the link, I am including the first act since Hannah is only in background photos for Flowers in the second act:

You will have to copy and paste the link, I am not sure why it isn't letting you navigate from the link...but if you copy and paste, it works. I checked.

Harmony Club

IMG 1850 from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Hannah loves to sing...but she didn't want to join Harmony Club at school. I have never heard Matthew sing in my life. He wanted to join Harmony Club. Hannah came home from school, Matthew stayed after school and when we went to pick him up, all of Hannah's friends were there. She joined Harmony Club. Matthew realized that Harmony Club as mostly girls!!! Ack! He wanted to quit. I told him that he made a commitment and had to follow it through. Harmony Club then became a struggle with Matthew. The Little Guy would "forget" he had Harmony Club (an attempt to get tossed out of the club.) I made him stick it out. I'm mean that way. (I wanted to teach him to follow through with commitments and I know that my husband and his father have awesome singing voices. I would have hated it if Matthew missed out on the opportunity to discover his voice.)

While picking up the kids from practice, I shot this video I shot because it is one of my favorite Christmas Carols, Stille Nacht (thank you, John Denver.) Although listening to the video, you can't tell they are singing in German. While I was getting my phone out, Matthew saw me and scurried off, grabbed his backpack and was ready to go to hockey. My little singer stayed put and finished out the song.

Harmony Club is now over. I don't know if Matthew ever found his singing voice.

Once Again

I am sitting at my computer frustrated at how to blog my videos from the past week and the only thing I can attach is this silly one of Matthew from MONTHS ago.  So, here you go, "Matthew and his Dream Car."