Friday, October 30, 2015

First Day

Our favorite eldest daughter had her first big day at Boeing today. Her mind has short circuited from all the information. On the bright side, they gave her a nice soft blanket with the Boeing emblem on it to keep her warm when the building is cold. #proudparents

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello, Fall!

It's here! It's here! Fall! Colors! Drizzly mornings! Chilly breezes! Leaves floating down from Heaven and crunching under my feet! Oh, I love Fall!

Such a wonderful day under the gray sky...uploading a few pictures from last weekend....But before I do anything else, I need to say hello to my aunt. Hello, dear Aunt Shirley, I am so glad you are doing better! I am speechless about what to say to you, take care of yourself, please!

The bugs have started making their rounds and as a result, Greg and yours truly were able to go to Nashville and watch the Penguins play the Predators. (Our friends were sick and we got the tickets. I would use an exclamation mark for the previous sentence but that would seem rude...I hate for anyone to be ill but I got to see the famous Sydney Crosby or as Matthew calls him "Sydney CryBaby." And we got to watch Seth Jones who always helps with the Preds Hockey School which Matthew loves...and Mike Fisher and Shea Weber, so fun for us, bad for our sick friends)

Let's see, what else, oh yes, M had his semi-annual visit with the asthma specialist, and I was able to snap one of my crazy pictures of M.

What else? Oh yes! Roo got her job with Boeing!!! Angels are singing, lips are praising! It was a nail biter but God never fails, He swooped her up and blessed her with $11,000 more per year, more vacation days, a 401K, AND vision insurance. God is good. The countdown to her graduation continues...she has some app on her phone which has it down to the second.

I don't have a picture of Roo in front of the Boeing Building, I'll have to ask her for one.

Last picture for today...

I took this picture last week and since then, everything has turned rust, gold, red, etc. Beautiful

I still go to my old neighborhood for my daily walk. No Canada Goose...those things run rampant in my neighborhood...the trails are filled with their droppings and it is quite disgusting...the old 'hood has a path that is quite lovely with minimal that is where you will find me. I am trying to get my courage up for a walking path behind the M's school...however, the sign at the beginning warns of snakes and wild animals...I think I am going to need to find a walking buddy before venturing down that trail.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Finally Fall!

Little glimpses of Fall are beginning and I am so excited. It is truly my favorite season of the year...I love the cool crisp mornings, they way the sunshine warms you in the afternoon, the brilliant blue of the sky, the display of Collegiate loyalty on Fridays and Saturday...I could spend the afternoon listing my favorite things about Fall...however, M will be walking in the door in 30 minutes wanting to go sell Boy Scout Popcorn, my dryer just beeped, and I need to get dinner I will upload some video from this past weekend...First travel games, pictures from will get a kick out of the screenshot of the texting between Hannah and me...when you see it, keep in mind I was across town at the Eye Specialist and then think like a mom...and later, for fun, I took a walk around my old neighborhood I will throw in a picture of my old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

I forgot I had this sweet picture of H on my phone

My camellia is beginning to bloom

McDonald's stop on way to Atlanta


Can you believe she did this to her poor mother? Mean. 

My old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard

Sweet Home Alabama...view on drive home

Monday, October 12, 2015

It is Done

H had her oral surgery last Wednesday and is still on the mend. She is parked in the leather recliner facing the TV with all electronics within reach...stocked with jello, pudding, gelato, and mashed potatoes...I'm praying she won't be diabetic when she is recovered. She is drugged, has a supply of salt water to rinse with and it is safe to say she probably has not even walked a mile in the last week. Her lower jaw is giving her the most pain and that was predicted. And they did say Days 3, 4, and 5 would be the most painful...also true. I am hoping by tomorrow she will be ready for school. The surgery took longer than expected...2 1/2 hours was was 4 1/2 hours. Her canine was buried deep in her palette. Bless her heart, she was a trooper.

Roo was the chief mashed potato maker, she even changed Hannah's gauze packing and slept on the couch near her. M also slept on the couch. However, I think it was more for the party atmosphere and novelty of sleeping on the couch rather than his sister's well it an indoor camp out, if you will.

There were no funny videos to make of H on drugs. She was one drowsy girl but that was about it. Actually, I was relieved...I remember crying all the way home after my oral surgery and Lauren did the same. Lauren's nurse told me that most girls cry from the anesthesia because of their hormones...boys are the funny ones.

The cat has been Hannah's guard and even stayed inside for most of Thursday and Friday. The cat's favorite place to hang out is the screened porch. She loves the outdoors and would be out hunting...had we not had to sign a contract when we rescued her that she would remain an indoor cat.

H has watched all the episodes of Pride and Prejudice and I think she is about to finish off all 12 Seasons of NCIS. Let's hope she is up for school tomorrow...because between

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Left Eye is Leaking...Again

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!! Roo got an offer from Boeing. Praise be to God! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Once Again

M and I just watched the news story on the police officer in West Hartford, CN, and my left eye started dropping tears again...

M turned to me and said "Are you crying?" And I said no my left eye is leaking." He replied "That's crying" in a very authoritative tone. Little Stinker. 

My New Profession

Last Saturday, I went to General Anzalone's funeral. Greg worked for him in DC and here. (He also performed Greg's Retirement Ceremony with General Shackelford.  I have no memoir of meeting him, I was distracted with keeping my 2 and 4 year old children from acting like a 2 and 4 year old).  

I learned on Saturday that my leaky left eye (whenever I get emotional, tears escape from my left eye only...unless it's full on crying then both eyes participate in water works). I shared with Matthew that it was too bad I didn't live in the days when they paid people to attend funerals to beef up the number of mourners. I could have made a fortune. His response? "Yeah, you're hyper-sensitive. I'm hypo-sensitive." I cracked up...and it is quite possible a tear dropped from my left eye. 

I was told to stay Put

I got my revenge. The Mayor's Secretary invited me to join them. I was told to stay put by my favorite son...I told her he ordered me to stay. He now has a red face. I'm so glad I passed on my blushing gene. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Bama Fan

H likes Auburn. M likes Bama. Showing his allegiance. Southern Style.

Things You Find on Instagram

The kids decorated for Halloween today...apparently the furry one got in on the act too. 

Videos for You

H&M shared a lesson with Coach Melinda last night...H did figure skating...M did power skating...a few short videos so you can pretend you were here with us last night...make sure you watch these while you are hungry so you can share the growling sounds of hunger that my tummy was emitting...



To be fair...Hannah has two toepicks on each skate so she has to be careful or she will do one ugly face plant into the ice....she would probably outskate M if she had hockey skates...