Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ice Ice, Baby!

Another busy day for the family...I spent the day at a Christian Women's Conference and the family headed to Nashville pre-dawn for H's competition. The first event did not go well but after a trip to the Zoo to visit her kindred spirits, the Big Cats, she landed a First. That's my girl! 

Did I mention?

We have a new roommate? She looks like this 

A picture paints a thousand words and if you haven't figured it out, read the comment. 

Miss Roo had a really bad reaction to an unknown source and our favorite nurse practitioner prescribed no living in your apartment. After her Friday morning visit to the NP for a conversation that began with "How much do you love me?" And voila! A new Roomie. M is ecstatic and we are waiting for H to figure it out. She thought Roo was staying all night for the pre-dawn departure to Nashville. Let's see what happens tonight when she is here again. 

Anyway, Roo will move into her new apartment on May 9 and have allergy testing May 14. She has an epipen, steroids, antihistamines, etc. The Girl's a walking drugstore. 

I'm all giggles because this means the Boy courting Miss Roo is going to have to pick her up here and ring the doorbell...with her dad answering. Mwahhhhhhh. 

Of course, we had to hang out with her!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fish Stories

Another weekend has come and gone. I have cleared the dining room of all the boxes that were stacked in there (see picture) and now it is ready for the remaining boxes that are in the garage to fill it back up.

 I am trying to get the garage cleared out so G can park his car in there. We are having so much "weather." It would be nice if John Harvard (the Rav4) did not get pelted with hail. Or, as they say in the South Ha-il...

So, since it was a weekend, it was busy. H had skating, Roo and I went to Saturday morning prayer, I went with G to find a king size mattress to sustain us into our golden years, I watched Sense and Sensibility while trying to catalog the pictures that have bred like rabbits over the years (H refused to watch with me since an older guy loves a younger woman and that was too gross for words, in her opinion) ....etc. etc.

I am sure you would like to know where M was in all of this chaos. M went camping this weekend with the Scouts. He was so proud. It was a solo endeavor since Greg's foot was not up to a 5 mile hike. Wouldn't you know it rained and thundered all weekend? I prayed incessantly he would not get struck by lightning or have a tree fall on him in his sleep. The thunder waited until Saturday night so they did get their 5 mile hike but the more Matthew tells the story, the longer the hike gets. It's like a fish story that just keeps growing... and growing. At dinner last night, the hike had become 10 miles. I will tell you the boy did not smell good when he arrived home and was sent straight to the showers. His oldest sister swore he still smelled even after his shower...

Anyway, I will get my phone out and throw some pictures in this post so you can see my three blessings...the girls matched for Church (I put it on Instagram with lyrics from Irving Berlin's Sisters song and M trying out his camping gear and pre-Camp. I should have taken a picture post-camping...I'm sure you would have been able to smell him. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Some Want to Ride a Zamboni, Some a John Deere

M has been riding on his dad's lap for years when the lawn was being he is big enough to drive it himself...but what he really wants and has wanted for years, is a push mower, remember those? He wants the kind that is self-propelled, no gas required. He has talked about this for years ever since he saw one at Lowe's. I miss those quiet mowers...especially on lazy afternoons when I really need a nap and some neighbor cranks up the riding lawn mower...sigh.



Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lots Going On!

Crazy continues and I'll write all about it but here is what is happening today.


Molly Holder is holding up Hannah's scores! She is the sweetest Lady!

This Picture cracks me up. Chloe and Elyse photobombed the picture. I never saw it coming. 

My two favorite girls! The Hair and Makeup Stylist with her client.