Sunday, October 31, 2010

M on Drugs

The other morning, a news show was doing a story on a lady in FL who hires her drug sniffing dog to parents to search for drugs in the children's rooms and/or car. The slant of the story was the morality of searching for the drug on your children/their room/the car they drive. I murmured to myself that if I think my kids are involved in drugs you better believe I am going to do everything possible to stop it. M's response, "Just offer me an ice cream sundae. I won't do drugs. I love ice cream sundaes."


I had the funniest conversation with my favorite Little Guy in the world and I thought I would blog about it...I had no idea I was in for two hours of trying to figure out how to make Firefox an exception to the Firewall on my netbook and another significant amount of time trying to figure out how to clear my cache...just to access my stupid blog which I never had any problems accessing on my netbook before...I am not sure which is more frustrating, the updates to make your computer more friendly or my computer illiteracy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hockey no. 1

What a difference a couple practice sessions make in skating, this is last week's Hockey Camp.

Ice Skating No. 3

Ice Skating no. 2


The kids wanted to go skating today. It is Fall Break and the Ice Complex is running a $5 special which includes rental, how could I say "No?"

I found my camera in my purse, decided to take a little video and well, you get to see my children, true to color.

Wrong Answer

The other day, M came in and announced he was spying on the girls and proceeded to tell me all the things he had stuffed in his backpack (camouflage, of course) he had binoculars, canteen, Storm Trooper mask...never mind, I'll add a picture.

M then asked me if I knew what he was..."A spy." I answered in a confidant tone. "No!!! An Army Guy." M turned around and left the room...over his shoulder he said "Mom, I just rolled my eyes at you."

At least he is honest. (Kinda missing that Army respect though...)