Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Pretty Daughter

Just in case you were wondering what is happening with the oldest daughter...she provides continuous audience support for all H&M, ice skating, Church Programs. We try to reward her with a free dinner or something for her loyalty. I just had a Big Bang Theory episode flash through my brain when I wrote that...let's hope the oldest daughter doesn't check in on my blog for awhile or she may begin to think I am comparing her to Pavlov's dog...

Christmas Program

Last month, my camera died... Last month was my wedding anniversary...I got a camera for my anniversary. Yay... however, as I age and technology becomes more innovative, I face having to learn how to operate one more thing that any 6 year old can master but I cannot. I have decided that technology is like languages...easy for the young to master...not so much for the older set...Especially the older set that doesn't work outside the home and deal with a computer on a regular basis...It's positively nerve wracking or possibly tear producing (Yes, I cry when at the pinnacle of my frustration level. And yes, I know "pinnacle" is usually used to define a high point of success but in my case, it is a high point of lack of success that induces gut wrenching sobs.)

The first outing with my new camera was the Children's Christmas Program at Church. Not the best time to use a new piece of equipment. I aimed and shot a picture...nada...or I would aim and shoot and hear click click mind wondered if I just took 3 pictures of the same I have no idea what pictures I took or what if any video was recorded that night. We will both find this out together. I am going to click on the add picture icon and we will find out if there is actually anything worth putting on my blog...perhaps I should put the not so blog worthy photos and we can roll on the floor laughing together. If I were really savvy, I would have just make that keyed "ROFL."

Ready? Here goes nothing.

More Elf

Roo says I had too much fun with the Elf. I think she is right. It hurt my brain to think of different things to do with the Little Guy but the kids got so much fun out of it. It was hysterical to watch them look for the elf, find it, and proudly show it off to the other Searcher. Alas, it is time to put Mr. Elf away or as we call him "Buddy." I may have to put him next to the phone first with a little post it saying "Buddy, the Elf. What's your favorite color?"

Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Yeah, The Elf

This year, Roo and myself wandered around a place called Design World and came home with elves for our tree...they were so cute...This prompted M to beg for The Elf on the Shelf (he is so scary looking! The Elf, not M) So, me being me, caved to The Little Guy with the big eyes...And me, being me, couldn't just put him on a shelf...I had to embellish...must come from my love of embellishing things...stories, cards, life...

(And do you see how much cuter our tree elves are than Mr. Elf on the Shelf???)

Boy, I'm Tired

New Boots for H. (I had to let her try them on just in case they didn't fit (which they didn't) which they didn't and had to be exchanged.

I want to write a post with more than 30 words but I am running to catch up and trying not to drop from fatigue. I'll post some pictures since I am still trying to get Christmas cards made and sent...Christmas Carols are playing and I just got the fudge made I promised H would be made when she had her half Christmas Break will be the New Year before we know it...Where does the time go?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo Book

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Roo on Twitter

....regarding her brother...

Our Weird Cat

I don't know why but our cat has this thing about attacking hair...Poor M fell asleep on the floor and was attacked...

IMG 0870[1] from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Behind the Scenes

- Cast Call (last minute instructions)

- H who didn't go anywhere without her Webkins kitty "Winter"

- Flowers for the Friday Night performance (Practicing her royal wave)

- Futile attempt at a Cast Photo...Never try to take a picture with kids at 9 p.m. when their first performance had them at the rink at 8 a.m.

Nutcracker on Ice Pictures

Nutcracker Warm Up

Warming up for the second School Performance

Two of the Nutcracker on Ice performances were for local schools (this got H out of school last Thursday and Friday morning). H is warming up for her flower performance. 

The last week is a big blur for me. She had a parade, 6 performances, lots of rehearsals, M had hockey, G was gone and frankly, my mind doesn't work as well as it used to. BUT we did it...we hung out in stinky locker rooms on cold cement, we didn't get sick (the flu bug is rampant here, one of the schools had to close due to all the absences) and H had a blast. (I came armed with Lysol wipes and hand sanitizing gel and I am NOT a germophobe. Yes, I made that word up.

Lego Boy Strikes Again

This year, I decided to skip making the gingerbread house and give Lego Boy a Christmas Bakery to build. He was supposed to wait for his dad to get home from his trip (it's a 12+ kit) but we all knew that he wouldn't be able to wait...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

And the Season Begins

Big Sigh...Friday night kicked off a busy week for us...H had Nutcracker on Ice Rehearsal and Saturday Morning M began a hockey 8 a.m. H was in the Christmas Parade, M had a second hockey game, We were all asleep by 8 p.m.  Two more games today, H has rehearsal tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, School performances Thursday and Friday morning ( have to be there at 8 a.m.) Friday night performance, two performances Saturday, matinee on Sunday to be followed by a cast Christmas party...The husband leaves on a trip tomorrow and I am not sure when M's hockey and Cub Scouts will fit into this week...I need a clone. I am a hermit by nature. I move like a sloth.

I'll write more later when I get the pictures from the camera uploaded but here are a few pictures from my phone. Start area for H and the beautiful antebellum homes on Adams where Me and me goofed around while waiting for the parade to commence!

Okay, gotta work on Christmas cards right now...oh, and there are some pajamas I promised to sew. I have one hour until I have to drive across town for today's hockey, let's see what I can accomplish.