Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandparents' Day

My children's school hosted Grandparents' Day last Friday...a great idea, if you have grandparents around to take to school. I decided to just skip school for the kids since they were not doing anything and getting out at lunch. We hit the Botanical Gardens. It was a gorgeous day! The Gardens have treehouses this Spring and the kids loved them...well, almost, M did not like the "We're not in Kansas Anymore" treehouse...note the ruby red shoes...


Last week, it was the end of the day, I was tired, it was time for the kids to get ready for bed...instructions to hit the shower, brush teeth, etc. were given to my two Little People. I was in the office when I heard a BIG bang. I ran upstairs to see H running out of my room...funny, could have sworn she was supposed to be in the shower...I went to see what she was running from when I found my bed...broken. I think I went a little nuts, see notes...

Monday, April 12, 2010

M Takes the Stage

After his sister's graduation, M takes the stage. He cannot resist a stage, never could.

Untitled from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Lisa Tries to Take a Picture

My sweet friend thought she would capture the moment...unfortunately, the camera had been left on the video problem, she caught the jumprope action!

Easter 6 from Susan Bice on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Two Christmases ago, I told M to stay out of a box because there was an alligator in it. He was so disappointed when he didn't get his alligator. Roo made a trip to Ikea after Christmas and brought M his alligator (stuffed) and H a little dog home from her trip. The alligator was soon put under the bed and not thought about too much by M (to my surprise) but Marley and H...inseparable. Marley goes everywhere and H cannot sleep without her. I even sprained my ankle while looking for Marley on one of our weekend trips.

What I love most is that every morning when H gets up, she covers up Marley. That is my H, high strung but with the sweetest, most compassionate little soul.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday, Roo and I decided at breakfast to make a break for the zoo. The weather was gorgeous and the day was full of possibilities.

The drive was spectacular with the redbud trees in bloom and daffodils blooming in the midst of nothing. Tennessee is gorgeous with the layered rock and trees even without the beautiful springtime show of color.

I lied to the kids the entire way...we are going to the store to get some gluten free stuff for Sissy. H, my reader, was thrilled when I made my left turn...into the Zoo.

The gibbons gave us a spectacular show, the cheetah showed us how to take a catnap, and the carousel delighted the Little People. A great day with my favorite people.