Sunday, September 28, 2008

Penguins and Margaritas

The picture of this little penguin is growing on me. I am slowly adopting a fondness for penguins.
I blame Matt and Roo for this new feeling.

Things are hard to write about right now, I seem to have misplaced my sense of humor. It appears to have run off with my friend, Lori's. I think the two sense of humors have crossed the border into Mexico and are drinking margaritas while wearing a sombrero. My offer of a reward to anyone who finds it still stands.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Almost Country

Leaving my subdivision is such a treat. I approach Burgreen and suddenly I am in the country. there is a cotton gin, a restaurant with a parking lot filled with farmer's trucks (the farmer's are catching up on the latest gossip) and there is a ranch house with horses grazing in the field next to it.

When I drive south, I pass cotton fields, corn fields, and trees filled with wisteria in spring.

I am always filled with awe for the farmers driving the tractors feeding the nation. Early in the morning, late in the evening, they're working, the smell of freshly cut hay lingering in the air. It is such a peaceful feeling driving through this part of the world.

My only complaint is the cows are gone. There used to be cattle right across the subdivision, during the early evening, I could sit outside and listen to their moos for dinner. I keep hoping they'll return but survey sticks have gone up and I fear the worst...more of us suburbanites taking over the quiet country.

My Quiet Spot

I love my house. I can sit in my quiet room and look out at the crane perched by the pond. I can smell my dad in my quiet room, it is where I keep the books he left to me...humid days really bring back the memories I associate with my dad because the scent is even stronger. The bookshelves are filled with Dad's art books. Dad would be astounded to find that my books are military history and historical biographies...he left his military books to my brother. I inherited the more feminine books.

I placed hydrangeas by the living room (aka Mom's quiet room) window.

I like the serene blue of the walls and the window treatments I made to hang in my room. I like my impressionist painting that was a wedding present. For years, I saw the picture as a representation of my Roo and me.

My quiet room isn't usually quiet, my little people always find me here. They inevitably climb on me and chaos ensues...

But today, the little people are playing outside and today, sitting in my room, reading a book, it's almost perfect.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Notebook Paper

I went to write my dear girlfriend from high school a letter the other day. The real old-fashioned pen to paper letter that one puts a stamp on, puts in the mailbox, raises the flag, and then uses the flag as a secret symbol that indicates when the mail has arrived.

The problem with writing the letter was I didn't have any stationary. I didn't have any of the pretty Hallmark paper I used to love to buy with the pretty watermark. I improvised and used notebook paper...I suddenly felt like I was in high school again, writing a note in class, the note needed a cutesy folding method so it could be pushed in the girlfriend's locker in between classes. I could almost smell the "school smell," feel the fear of getting caught, definitely the fear of getting caught, and hear a bell ring. I might have to do this again.

Penguin Day

Meet The Odd Couple...And now you see when what happens when you ask Matt and Lauren for computer help...You acquire a penguin fettish...Just because they have a penguin fettish doesn't mean I have should have one. I will probably have strange people in penguin suits show up on my doorstep now. I will confess my "About Me" had me laughing so hard I almost pee'd my pants. After my really bad week, it felt so good. And oddly enough, I watched MI-5 and there was an anti-Bush demonstrator in a penguin suit. I will take it as a sign that Saturday, September 6, should be declared Penguin Day.

Here is the real 4-1-1 about me, I am a very old middle-aged housewife who is geographically located in the contingent 48 states, the state does begin and end with an A, I can smell wisteria in the Spring, I have a crazy daughter with a crazier boyfriend, a precocious 6 year old, and a high energy, imaginative 4 year old boy. I said "I do" almost 21 years ago, and I am at heart a Southern California girl who can't decide whether to cheer for University of Alabama or Auburn football.

Meet the Blogger.