Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The first Nutcracker photo session didn't allow H to get a picture taken in all 4 costumes. Monday, there was a makeup session so H wanted a picture taken in her favorite, the party dress. (We never did get her flower picture taken but we had it taken last year and I am sure I will be taking more once we start the performances next weekend)

I will say her costume change from the Toy Shoppe scene to the Party scene is going to be a challenge. 2:30. It's going to be tricky (especially since I have to get M changed as well)

Busy Busy Busy!!!

We've been so busy lately, last weekend we were in Nashville for hockey. We had to take two cars since Greg had to go to Asheville afterwards for work. We ate some really good Italian while we were there (Greg missed the second Italian splurge, sorry, Dear). We came home Sunday night and the kids had two days of school this week. Only ONE hockey practice this week!!! We went to my favorite wench's house for Thanksgiving, so we had a family dinner Wednesday night which included my favorite oldest daughter with her favorite dishes. Yesterday, we were invited down to Smith Lake and visited with our friends that have a house down there. We put it to good use...lots of food and a spin on the lake. I thought the kids would freeze because it was CHILLY, they were not to be deterred so here are a few pictures of yesterday. (Next week, we return to busy busy busy with Nutcracker Rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...School performances on Thursday and Friday morning, a performance on Friday night, matinee and evening performance on Saturday and a matinee on Sunday. M has hockey team pictures over in Decatur in between the two Saturday performances so my new mom mantra will be "Move! Move! Move!!!)

Right after posting this, my friend sent me another picture of the 3 Firestarters this morning, I will add later...however, the 3 forgot to wait for her to supervise...I forgot to mention that H&M hoodwinked a sleepover not only at the Lake House but at my favorite Wench's house, this is going to be their most favorite Thanksgiving ever.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hockey Sisters

One of the consoling aspects of hockey for H is the other sisters who are dragged around for their brother's games. We ran into another member of the Hockey Sisters Group while at the UAH Charger game. H was so happy.

This was a Charger game but for UAH. Our friend, Chrystal, gave us tickets...she is well connected since she is married to one of the coaches. We are blessed with another benefit of M playing hockey, Nice grown up friends!

(And the Charger game outcome? Not so good, they lost. But to be fair, it is their first year in the Conference, they were playing the No. 3 team in the nation with a player who is most likely to be up for some prestigious hockey award...and he used to play hockey in Huntsville. A good night all around)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

His Name is Matthew

For those of you who know me really well, you know how much I hate confrontation about anything...even small I just mustered up all my courage and asked Matthew's skating coach to call him Matthew and not Matt. (They probably think I am a "Helicopter Mom" as Lauren calls the parents who apply for Space Camp jobs on behalf of their children.) However, in my kindergarten class, there were 3 girls named Susan so the teacher gave us Susan, Susie, and Sue. I got Sue. I hated it. For all of school I hated it. Since Mrs. story called me Sue, my classmates called me Sue. My best friends and family called me Susie and I didn't mind that at all...but Sue, was worse than nails on a chalkboard. I had to move out of CA for people to stop calling me Sue. I don't want that for Matthew. (And when I married Greg, my aversion to Sue intensified...Sue Bice has to be the ugliest name in the universe...probably should have kept my maiden name.) Names are important...just ask my brother, Scott. If you want to tick him off, call him Scotty. (Now to be fair, Scotty is really his name, and my dad was so hurt when my brother insisted on being called Scott...but that's another story for another day.

Monday, November 18, 2013

He's Famous!!!

Look what came in the mail today!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nutcracker on Ice Photos

Last week, we had Nutcracker on Ice photos for the show taken. Craziness. Borrowing this and that while costumes are in the final stages of being sewn, having a lesson and hockey practice. H not liking her "Toy Shoppe, Street Kid" costume because it isn't purple like it was supposed to be...etc. etc. I love my H but she has a stubborn streak that makes a donkey resemble a dove. I will say when I saw the color of the outfit, I thought "Ick" but I wasn't going to let her know that. However, when I see the pictures, the colors really work on her.

Back to my stress level...I was, a 3 year old provided me with the biggest belly laugh ever...she was playing with her mom's phone and found a picture she decided to show to the Costume was her mom in lingerie, a picture meant for her husband's eyes only...said Husband is traveling a lot these days. The mom has a tremendous sense of humor but I think she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her. Fortunately, for the Costume Director, it really wasn't any different than a Victoria's Secret ad so her eyes weren't scarred.

My next laugh came when a devout hockey mom, meaning that she actually PLAYS hockey (used to play on Harvard's team) was there for her son who wanted to tryout figure skating. She felt she deserved the mom of the year award for doing this for him...Her son ran off the ice and said "MOM! Can I be in the Nutcracker next year!" Mom's reply? "I guess this is how my mom felt when I told her I wanted to play hockey."

Okay, so here is the link for the pictures. (we ran out of time for Hannah's "Party Scene" and "Flower" outfits. I will take pictures and post when they do their dress rehearsal in a few weeks)!i=2892977509&k=L3j6L2W

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I was shooting pictures of pretty TN along the drive to Knoxville, double rainbows...serene water...and occasionally the back seat. You can see M in full form as H sleeps. Later, I looked back and M was sleeping and H was sleeping with her head in his lap. I thought "How sweet. I need a picture of this." .I grabbed my phone, entered, the pass code, opened the app and in those few seconds, M woke up, saw H with her head on his lap and SHOVED. That is the picture I got.

My Favorite Youngest Daugher

We took a little picture on a Powder Room stop in Pittsburgh, TN. I discovered TN has many PA named could be very confusing if one were to fall asleep and wake up in Philadelphia, thinking you were headed to TN but thinking it was PA due to a wrong turn by the driver.

H is growing up so fast. I predict she will be taller than me by next year...she is already wearing my shoes.

Lunch with My Favorite Son

M is not a big fan of the school lunch (who can blame him with the lack of seasoning, it resembles paste and cardboard.)

He had been begging me to bring him a Firehouse sub because he had grown weary of the brown bag. I was busy busy busy trying to get stuff done that I haven't been getting done with all the kids' extracurricular activities.

Finally, I was free at 12:15. Time to have lunch with my favorite son and provide his favorite ham and provolone. One happy little guy is showing off his Alabama shirt (he switched his allegiance from Auburn to Bama after finding out that Cam Newton should really be in prison for his thefts in Florida) One smart little guy seeing that character trumps fame. H is still a War Eagle fan. We are a house divided.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travel Hockey

Some pictures from Travel Hockey (this past weekend was Knoxville, I still have to load those pictures but here are some from previous trips)

These are from Columbus, Ohio. M and I did a little morning workout which included a plank contest, we had lunch with our wonderful friends, the Dearys, and dinner with the Durants. M&M spent their time playing with their mothers' phones. There is an app called "Aircraft." They love it. I decompressed with a glass of Cab. I had no idea what I ordered but it was by a vineyard called "Newton." It was good but since I know absolutely nothing about might not be up to snuff for my wine friends who have a ton of knowledge hidden in their palette.


Every year, my mother-in-law manages to send the loudest, most obnoxious gifts to the kids. Guaranteed to drive me crazy, fortunately, my kids can make me laugh...M annoying me with the obnoxious thump thump of the balloon, turning the tables on my about to lose my mind scream...into a laugh.

Happy Halloween

Of course, it rained...but that did not deter my trick or treaters...H and Co. went as The Three Musketeers...I'm not sure what M was but, of course, it was soldier/pilot
related...LOTS of leftover candy, want some?