Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day ???

I have hit the vacation wall...I have no idea what day of the vacation we are on...we left Friday, arrived at Animal Kingdom Lodge on Sunday and I think this is Wednesday. We did Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Epcot today.

Where to start? First off, M and I are at an impasse...I love the Pirates, he hates the ride. I bribed him to ride it with the promise of a lollipop and I bribed H to do Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain with the promise of a lollipop. H liked Splash Mountain and M still does not like the pirates. Neither of my children like rollercoasters. Do they really descend from their father and me? We are both rollercoaster junkies.

Today was my first experience with something or other called Mission to Mars. First, Greg picked the Orange level...super intense or something and M was terrified it was a real rocket and that it was really going into space. I spent the entire time trying to reassure him that we would not be leaving the building. I got a little nervous over the announcement that people who don't like small enclosed spaces should exit...maybe I should take M and go??? Nope. We hung in there. Then the ride broke while we were in the holding area...we had to go to another holding area, re-do the preview film and then get in the ride...Guess what? It broke again. Now at this point, we are in the small enclosed space and it is starting to get to me. I closed my eyes...note to anyone who is in charge of medical needs...drug me if I need an MRI. I AM CLAUSTROPHOBIC. The ride is still not working. I close my eyes and do deep yoga breathing. I am chanting I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I think of the book I am reading...I imagine the POWs building the Burma railroad in the jungle and think how trivial my discomfort is. The ride FINALLY begins...uh oh, motion sickness begins...I have to be tough, I cannot throw up in front of my children...more yoga breathing. Finally, it is over...I cannot get off fast enough. I have now experienced a cold sweat. Oh, and M? He had a blast being Commander of our voyage. He could not stop talking about the experience.

I skipped the new Soarin' experience. I parked myself in the cafe and let the rest of the family hang glide over California...

Luau tonight. I think I can handle this part of our fun.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days Two and Three

Yes, I know it is cheating to combine two days of Magical Fun into one blog...what can I say...I am a short cut kind of girl.

We survived the long day of driving without throwing anyone overboard. No naps were taken by the Little People...a nap of sorts was enjoyed by yours truly. We found a Sonny's barbecue (a favorite from our days of living in Georgia) and we had a really nice room at the Holiday Inn in Orlando (Chef Mickey reservations on Sunday necessitated us being here a day early...don't want to miss posing with Mickey over not so great food).

Sunday morning we checked out of the Holiday Inn and into the Animal Kingdom and off to Chef Mickey we went...the kids had a blast and ate a lot of "Kid Food" i.e. no vegetables or fruit but ice cream and pizza. We got pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck. Hurray! We won't have to stand in any long lines in the park now for the obligatory pictures. I won't do my food critic review because...well, it just wouldn't be nice.

After lunch, we hit the Magic Kingdom and I just pulled out my camera to take the wonderful shot of the kids with the Castle, Main Street and pumpkins for the background when great big giant raindrops began falling from the very black sky. We hid under the entryway while the deluge passed by. Our first ride...the train. M loves his trains...second ride? Pirates...Mom loves her pirates...and then deluge number 2. Fortunately, we had just purchased some cold drinks and had seated ourselves at a covered patio...rain left and humidity of astronomical levels replaced it. UGH. A nice shower was all I wanted...and air conditioning. I am not a heat loving gal. I overheard a girl behind me in the line for Splash Mountain go on and on about how much she loves the humidity. Not me, I am a born and bred desert rat. I have lived in a humid climate for the last 13 years and I am still not adapted to it. Sultry level just leaves me wilted.

I will say that seeing the firework display and Tinkerbell fly (my first time seeing her fly ever) was well worth standing in the still heavy air feeling the moisture roll down my neck and everywhere else. It really was a fantastic sight...Disney has a way of doing things just got to appreciate the attention to details. Now...if they could just fix the thermostat in our jungle says it is 67 degrees in contraire...I should be not.

That wraps up days two and three of the Disney Adventure...can you tell I am tired? But I am clean...and that says a lot because man, it is sticky icky in the place where dreams come true.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day One

Today we begin our action packed trip to Walt Disney World. The kids did well for day one of vehicular confinement. Lots of giggles and silliness from the backseat. Right now, they are fighting over who gets to sleep by me in this suddenly very small queen size bed...there is a monkey (stuffed) blue bear, four pillows, a stuffed dog and two quarrelling children. Okay, I think I am going to lose my mind. I was doing okay until the fighting began...6 more nights of working out who is sleeping where...oy.