Friday, June 24, 2016

It is Done

It's over. Hannah is sleeping. Sleeping Beauty may never get up today...but I am going to make her. Her muscles are very sore so I am taking her to yoga today so she can stretch them out and we can have some mommy/daughter time...which is what I missed with her this week. We had big plans to watch Forrest Gump and eat junk food last night but she fell asleep in the car and slept her way through the night. Raincheck for the next time everyone else is out of town or otherwise occupied.

Here is a picture from Camp...H is looking very rough. She exited the ice for the last session to get a shower before her figure skating lesson...she missed being on the local news segment. The newscaster filmed the last ice session. Darn. I did record it...I am going to watch it now...just in case she is in the background...or something.

Nope, not in the news clip but you can see all the little girls she loved on and helped get dressed.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Keeping up with Hannah

Quiet bonding time with Hannah was the plan for the week...until Friday night around 10:00 when her hockey coach, Martin sent a text. He wanted to know if Hannah was going to hockey camp (Girls only). I told him it was out of our budget. He pulled some strings, Hannah is now at Hockey Camp and is being coached by Lindsay Fry, Olympic Silver Medalist for Women's Hockey.

Martin sent the sweetest text about Hannah being a like a sister to his 7 year old daughter. He texts like he speaks. Hannah loved it so much, she did a screenshot and saved the text message.

I had to do some juggling with appointments, including my haircut...if that doesn't tell you how much I love that girl, nothing will. Appointments were successfully rearranged and I even made it to the gym on Monday. Yay!

I am so proud of my Hannah. I received the best compliments about her from the younger girls' mothers. Last night, after being at Camp all day, she did her Teacher's Assistant duties, and then took a lesson and had her first try at jumping using a harness for the axle. Today, she will help with Learn to Play Hockey before going on to play in her 3 on tournament with the boys. We will wind up Camp tomorrow and have some figure skating lessons afterwards. Friday will be her slow day...just a lesson with her favorite hockey coach, Martin.

I didn't get my quiet time with Hannah but we did make it to the pool one evening and got rid of that nasty hockey smell with swimming.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Camp Time

It's that time again...Matthew is off to Camp Sequoya and he is so excited. I think Hannah is happy to be Matthew free and have my undivided attention but I think that will get old really fast and she will begin to miss him. She will deny it, of course.

I can't wait to hear about his great adventures. He kayaking, environmental science, and rifle badges for his goal this year. It goes without saying, I will miss him. A lot.

Hannah and Coach Melinda


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PeeWee Tryouts 2016

Saturday was the big day. Go Big or Go Home...Matthew wasn't just big, he was HUGE. His hockey skills have come together and he was on fire. Apparently, too big a fire for the other players trying out...the parents were not happy. I had a friend make a comment that wasn't nice...and I was stunned. My legs felt like they were going to go out from under me. I have never dealt well with conflict. I also have a very sarcastic tongue (it's genetic) so there was a battle going on in my brain. Say something that will kill all possible relationships between Matthew and his friend's parents or say nothing. I went with nothing. Now, I have stewed for days. I let it go...I think I can plow through this and pretend it never happened or try to nicely say "This is how AA hockey is played. If you can't handle Matthew's aggressive play, what are you going to do when there is an entire team of aggressive players.?" Yeah, that won't go over well, will it? I don't think my idea of a tee shirt that reads "If your princess doesn't like getting touched, try Golf." Or...or...or... I was so stinking proud of how fast he is, talking to the players to get to the net so he could pass...except no one was fast enough to get to the net before he couldn't pass...the other parents were not happy about a defenseman scoring a goal. I understand that but...get your kid some skating lessons and get him solid on his feet so he won't fall down.

In a nutshell...I am praying for a miracle to happen this Summer and Matthew's new teammates to suddenly be able to skate and shoot a puck...because we played AA hockey this past season and this new team will never win a game...or get out of the defensive zone. It's going to be ugly.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Beast is Unleashed

This past weekend was spent in Nashville for the TPH AA Prospects Hockey Tournament. Matthew's inner beast was unleashed. My not so little any more defenseman scored 6 goals, 2 assists, and 3 very strange penalty came when he scored a goal and was pumping up his team saying "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" and the ref told his coaches he said "Suck it!" Lucky for Matthew his coaches knew he would never say anything like that. The boys went undefeated all weekend and won the championship...I won't say there weren't a few gray hair inducing moments...because there were.