Monday, March 28, 2016


It's been a quiet Easter week, the kids decorated Eggs, we went to Church, served at Church, had Easter dinner. Nothing spectacular...

I'll write more later. I'm meeting an old friend from my days of living in Georgia. She lives in Birmingham now so we are going to meet half way for lunch and dis all things Downton Abbey.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Mellow Mushroom after a hockey lesson

If you don't let me take your picture...I'll take it anyway

Greg looking skinny...he has lost 90 pounds so far

M was busy playing with Snapchat while we waited for our table on Saturday

Roo spoiled the kids with Easter Baskets

Lauren gave M a Wiener Dog Book, this would only make sense if you knew how crazy he is about Wiener Dogs and his alternate personality

Thank you, Publix Cake Decorator for such a pretty cake

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Rock Star

Saturdays are spent at the Rink. (Although I hope to change that this Summer, we really need one free day where we aren't busy) Today, H was a Teacher's Assistant for the Skating class and Outreach Class. M was a Rock Star and taught the Learn to Skate Hockey Class. (The figure skating coaches were at a Figure Skating Competition in Decatur) The kids had a blast and he was so proud to be asked to do this...I'm kinda proud too.

M and his pupils

H tying skates for one of the students

Concert Time

Hannah's First Concert, Fall Out Boy. She expressed her desire to see them last Fall. Her friend texted her to let her know they were playing in Birmingham and so it was one of her Christmas presents. March 17 rolled around and it was time for H to experience her first concert. The BJCC has a rule anyone under 18 has to be with an I got to see the Concert also.

I was a bit of a fish out of water...I did not get the black goth attire memo...H dressed in black and white but was anything but goth or as they call it now, "Emo." I switched the photo to black and white and now no one will know I was wearing the green, rocking the Shamrock...I can honestly admit to being the only one in the Arena wearing floral. Yep, that's me, always out of sync.

The No Smoking Rules that have been implemented enhanced my concert experience. I braced myself for the smell of pot and packed my asthma inhaler and happily, I did not need it. My first concert experience was The Beach Boys and the only thing I remember was the smell of pot and being shocked Beach Boy fans were smoking the illegal substance in public. Yep, I was a goodie two shoes. I guess I still am because as I looked around at all the torn black stockings with super short shorts and facial hardware, I thought "Yep, I will fit in much better at Hillsong next month."

I discovered the style of drummers is shirtless...I'm sure it was cool when the first drummer did this but after the first band did it, the next drummer just looked like he was jumping on the band wagon. (Which is unfortunate for the headlining drummer to look like he is copying the warm up band's drummer. Lesson different...wear a shirt or at least a tie to go with all the tattoos that replace your shirt. I'd recommend a nice zebra tie.)

And to all the "Emo Teens,  something is lost in your rebel garb and attitude when your parent is at your side...Just sayin'

Hannah looked so cute in her white shorts, converses, and swishy ponytail. Love this Girl!

I really liked this Group from Lowell, MA. I have no idea how to pronounce the looks like Paris with an inverted "A" to me. Funny how the mind just fills in the missing information!

And this, my friends, is Hannah's first concert experience.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hockey Bonus

One of the bonuses of Matthew and Hannah spending so much time at the Rink is the friends you make. Matthew's best buddy is Michael Durant. Matthew played hockey with Michael for a year and a half before we realized who his father is...Michael's father is very humble and we would never have known if Greg had not seen an article about him in the newspaper. Lauren saw an article on CNN about him today and sent me the link. Here is the story:

Spring Break

Today is the first day of Spring Break. I am exhausted and I have a massive headache. I think the timing of Break is perfect. It is time to be lazy and just breathe. The kids are thrilled there is not too much on our schedule this week. (Hannah is helping with Learn to Skate Camp and both are helping with Learn to Play Hockey) The biggest chore I have planned is getting some work done on the gardens. The soil needs massive improvement, weeds are everywhere, and mulch needs to be put out since so much has washed away over the Winter.

I want to go on the record that I hate these time changes. Pick a time and stick with it. I will vote for whichever candidate who pledges to stop the madness.

I woke up to a dark room today because it was raining so hard. It lightened up but the sky is getting dark again. I was hoping to take the kids on a bike ride when Hannah was done with Camp this morning. I don't think that is going to happen. It looks like a quiet day of reading is in store for Hannah and me and Matthew will be busy trying out his PlayStation 4 today.  (He successfully saved to purchase this all on his own using his allowance and birthday gift cards.)

Hannah finished her hockey season on Thursday. She played in the Championship game. They lost 3-2 but it was a great game. She has come so far in her playing in such a short time. Her games make me more anxious than Matthew's. I have no idea why that is...there are times when I just can't watch. It isn't because she is playing with all boys since she can give better than she's weird, I cannot explain it.

Hannah has her first official job. She is getting paid for helping with the Learn to Play hockey camp. She even had to fill out a W-9 tax form. She is eagerly awaiting her first paycheck. She is saving for a lap top. She is so excited to get her $150 paycheck at the end of the month.

Hannah is clicking along finishing up her last few months of eighth grade. She turned her Science project in last week...I found pictures on my phone of her using Matthew to test her theory. It is so sweet when they get along. It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. He even chased her down for a hug this morning when she left for Skate Camp. It was a moment I want to remember so when they start bickering again, I can remember "It isn't always like this."

I am sad that Matthew is almost done with elementary school. Next year, he will be a middle schooler and Hannah will be starting high school. Sob. I even realized the other day that H will begin driving in 9 months...Sob!!!

I think my age is getting to me...I cannot stand the election madness going on...I am not a Trump supporter (I find him belligerent and I hate his belittling of other candidates) but I find the organized protest of his rallies unnerving. People died for our right to free speech and people are organizing to shut his right down. I hate it. I hate how our country is becoming "It is all about me and if you disagree, I will shut you down in any way possible." I blame Social Media but I know I am is our culture and Social Media just reflects the culture. It's madness. I am glad I won't be around to see the completion of the "It's all about me Society." I listen to the candidates speak of free health care, free college education, and I wonder has anyone looked at our debt lately? How are they going to pay for this?

Okay, I am done with my random Monday morning thoughts. I must get ready to pick up Miss Hannah, feed the children, finish, laundry, and read my book, The Fountainhead.

I'll insert a few pictures here...The kids had a JV Dream Party (It is for 6-8 graders who serve at Church) and there were some games...H & M both rocked at the games...except the cookie game where you had to put a cookie on your forehead and use your face muscles and gravity to get it into your mouth...neither could pull that one off...

The Science Project



Matthew and his friend, Matthew

Saturday, March 5, 2016

End of Season Party

Travel Hockey is over for now and this PeeWee AA had a rocking end of season party. Our team manager was able to get ice for the team to play parents and siblings. There was a skills contest (Matthew won fastest backwards skater and most accurate shots or something like that) pizza, cookie cakes, lots of soda and after all of that fun...we headed over to watch the UAH Charger Hockey Team play Bowling Green. I have to admit I had a blast and the kids had way more fun than I did. Here are some pictures and video...My video of the hockey fights between parents did not come out well so I deleted it...but the good news is I found a picture on Facebook...yep, stole another screenshot! Also, I did not realize my videos were not I have tried to fix that problem. I'm crossing my fingers!

Matthew skating with the puck...unfortunately, he didn't score...then I lost him and followed the wrong kid with my phone...

Friday, March 4, 2016

Just Hannah

Yesterday I was driving Miss Hannah to school and she said something so wonderful, I thought "I need to do a blog post all about her...put some pictures of her doing all the things that make her so special." Okay, so I forgot what she said but! I do have pictures. I'll be honest, I'm not a morning person and I can barely form a sentence aloud right now. Greg thinks I am ignoring him. I am not really...the wheels are just not turning in my brain yet.

Here are a few pictures from hockey, the Advanced Placement meeting for high school (I can't believe she is going to be in high school in a few months!) The picture of her and her brother didn't load so I am going to have to go back and steal it off her Instagram!

Oh! I remember what Hannah said! She was playing with my phone for music and she announced she was going to make a playlist for driving to school. Thankfully, she is using Hillsong Young and Free. I can do that. If she used Matthew's music for hockey, there could be trouble...Thunderstruck by AC/DC might put this non-morning person over the edge...

These two were supposed to be putting sheets on the bed...not doing goofy selfies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


They're just words....

Words and their effects have really been on my mind lately...from the words of politicians to the sermon from my pastor to the effect they have had on my life. Words are powerful.

"But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment." Matthew 12:36

This verse gives me pause. I have spoken careless words more times than I would like to admit. I am thankful I am forgiven. I would be in a heap of trouble if that were not the case. However, my words may be forgiven but the affect on those spoken to in a careless manner may remain in the recesses of their mind forever. I know words spoken to me when I was a child, a teen, a young adult, still haunt me. It is as if they were spoken five minutes ago and not years or decades ago. 

I teach my children belittling someone is a way to tear someone down in order to build yourself up. This election is driving me crazy. I am not sure if the politicians are actually worse than usual or if I am more sensitive to what is being said. I will be voting today knowing that I have to give an account for my vote to God...just like my words. I will not be voting for the popular candidate but I will be voting for someone I think will use intelligence and wisdom to lead our country. seems to be a theme in our culture. It is more prevalent now with Social Media, in my opinion. People no longer care about the affect their words have on others, it is all about them. Pushing people down to build themselves up. It is frightening. We are told sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never us. Nothing could be more untrue. Words will break someone in ways unimaginable. Bones and cuts heal, the affect of words can last a lifetime.