Friday, July 24, 2015

T minus 12 Days

School starts in 12 days...the Lazy Days of Summer sped by at an accelerated pace leaving me with a Resolution to not cave into the pressure of keeping the kids busy. Next year, I am getting a hammock and hope the trees grow really fast to provide some shade...we will go to the Library and check out some books...the kind you hold in your hand and return to the idea of Slow Summer Days sipping iced tea and fanning one's self to stay cool. I have spent this Summer putting an unbelievable amount of miles on my car (which is thankfully, air conditioned).

M finishes his last day of Chess Camp today. He is very proud he was the last man standing with the Chess Master who is here visiting from AZ. He has a tournament tomorrow and I am praying it finishes before he needs to leave for his hockey scrimmages against Pelham tomorrow at 2:30. He has hockey tonight after you see the odometer on my mini van just spinning out of control here? Yeah, me, too. M has put in a request to his dad to not sign him up for anymore hockey things that are beyond his normal travel schedule. He wants to focus on Boy Scouts and his merit badges. I believe this translates into "I really want to go on all these camping trips!"

H helped out at Bible School this week when she did a sleep over at her friend's house. She came home wiped out and has a stomach bug. I won't be seeing much of her today. I think she and her cat have taken to her bed and will remain unseen for most of the day.

I have school supplies to get today. I have to confess I have a weakness for school supplies. I don't know why but I find pencils, paper, and notebooks positively magical. It must be a carry over from childhood...I do miss the Pee Chee folders...if those returned, I do believe life would be perfect.

But first, I must go to the OAMM website (Once a Month Meals) to get my recipes and shopping lists for getting meals made ahead for the crazy days of school and travel hockey. Bon Apetit.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

She's home!!!

I wrote this blog from my phone and according to my phone, it never published...I can't remember so this post is completely out of order and newer posts are below apologies, sometimes it is hard to be blonde...

She had a great week at Aviation Challenge with her friend, Amy. It's been phone hearing her stories and she loves her call sign..."Whiskers."



Until Next Year

Hockey School is over and the boys are already talking about next year. M is getting his jersey signed by Seth Jones of the Nashville Predators. This is second jersey to be signed by Seth Jones. He doesn't look thrilled but don't let this face fool you, he had a blast. He was worn out and very very hungry. Feeding the boys was a priority each day. They were famished at the end of each day!


I love mornings with an empty calendar. That is today...after driving to Nashville on Thursday and Friday for Hockey School, getting H to her dentist and skating lessons, it is wonderful to have a day to watch Le Tour, do the laundry, sip some tea, and hide from the sweltering heat outside.

Yesterday, I did the get the opportunity to watch Scott Hamilton give a lesson and talk to him afterwards, he is every bit the nice guy you see on television. Meeting the Skating Icon made up for the speeding ticket I got while in Nashville...

M had a wonderful time at Hockey School with his friend, Michael, and they are already excited about doing this again next year!

H had a few days of staying home and relaxing (read that as an NCIS binge) and is happy happy. I did have to put her into a timeout for not knowing who Scott Hamilton is...she has now been educated by the fabulous education tool, YouTube. She was amazed. I let her out of her time out.

And then there is is our text exchange. 

Okay, my commercial break is over so it is time to return to the couch for my trip to France, courtesy of Le Tour.

Friday, July 17, 2015

So, Now I Did

I'll add more to this post but you will figure this out really quick!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Did but I Didn't

M is doing Hockey School this week in Nashville. The driving duties were divided up and today was my day. We arrived safely, on time, etc. The boys went off to the Locker Room and I went up to grab a good spot. I reached the top of the stairs and glanced at the Rink to my right, saw a man giving figure skating lessons so I knew the Hockey would be on the Rink to my left. Grabbed a seat over the blue line and settled in. Boy, am I dumb. I learned later that the man giving figure skating lessons was Scott Hamilton. THE Scott Hamilton. And I missed it. Why? Because I am the person you do not as a witness for a crime. Oblivious. I have my routine down of walking into a skating complex, look right, look left and assess where my kid is skating, never seeing who is really there. So, ask me if I have ever seen Scott Hamilton is "I did. But I didn't." 

Rumor has it he is giving another lesson tomorrow. Forget Matthew's Hockey School, I'm stalking the other rink and hopefully, I'll have a picture or video to post tomorrow and it won't be a picture of Matthew moonwalking on Hockey Skates. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Serve

It's Saturday Serve Day...and Matthew is still sleeping...Normally, I would wake him up but the last two weeks we have been fighting his asthma. The night before last was especially hard so I have been letting him sleep...and Serve Day starts in 25 minutes. I'm stuck between doing my duty and being a good here I sit. I've decided to let him sleep and arrive late to serve.

The other children are serving, Roo drove down to B'ham to honor her commitment (she has a bad cold) to help serve children in a lower income area...they're playing games and scooping ice cream and various other treats. H is serving at a yard sale to raise money for the Children's Advocacy Group. And when M wakes up, we are meeting Greg at the Church Office to pack hygiene gifts for those in Correctional Facilities.

Roo retrieved H from her lake trip with a friend so she could honor her serving commitment and then H is headed back to the Lake. This day has required some serious logistics for Miss H. I fear it is only going to get worse as she progresses through the teen years. (I am already missing the quiet days of Summer when we spent most of our time at the pool...we've only been to the pool once this Summer and the Summer is almost gone...School resumes August 5.)

After Matthew is done serving, he has a Pool Party with his new Travel Team. This year is going to be very different from the last three years of travel...more than half of the team has moved, playing a different level, or didn't try out...Matthew was selected to play up with older boys so he will need to get to know his new teammates. I know he will like them just as much as his previous teammates but I fear he takes after me and doesn't like change. So, today is going to be another busy day...but it will be fun! I like the lazy days of Summer but Fun days are good too!

Here is the link to give an idea of how our church serves the community:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

So Fast...

 Miss Hannah is growing up so fast...Yesterday, she was a toddler playing in the snow and now she is an Aviation Challenge Alum.  She has now flown a flight simulator, crawled through the woods in the dark evading capture, learned how to swim out of a sunken plane, making for some wonderful memories. She is getting ready to enter eighth grade...she is growing up at mach speed.

And then there is Roo, she turned 26 last week. 26? Is that even possible? Hannah had fun helping me make Roo's birthday dinner and took over the cake part on her own. Isn't it pretty?

Raggedy Ann was Lauren's Birthday present on her first birthday so it seemed only appropriate she should hold the Birthday Bag filled with Gilmore Girl shirts.

A last minute Birthday Lunch for Roo was attended by our favorite walrus.

They are growing up TOO fast!!!