Friday, February 1, 2013

My Head is Spinning

Big Sigh...I'm taking a break from pictures. I realized the other day that I had never uploaded the pictures from Christmas to Snapfish for prints. I've been working on that all day...and yesterday. My head hurts from the uploading. I found some videos that also need to be uploaded...another sigh...I'm so behind...And I am not sure if I took any pictures of H on her birthday. She was sick on her birthday so it was a rather quiet day. Tomorrow is M's birthday so I need to get my good mom act together and make sure I take pictures and UPLOAD them and ORDER prints...I really think I like the old way of pulling the film out of the camera, dropping it in the photo box at the grocery store and picking them up a few days later. My camera holds hundreds of pictures, so I am lazy and if I manage to get them onto the computer, I still need to upload them to the photo site to order the prints since it is so much cheaper doing that than buying my printer is weird and won't print photos...we still haven't figured the problem on that yet...drives me crazy...if I need to print out a shipping label, I have to copy the image put it in a word document and then print from there...the kids' class newsletter is filled with blanks where all the fun images get the idea.

I think I will take a break from laundry for the moment and go fold the clothes, check the pot roast and then make a cup of tea...I'm done with the computer stuff.

OH! Maybe I will read The Paradise by Emile is my new love...Amazon.UK suggested it with the DVD series. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DVD set and it is based on the book but they sure changed a lot of stuff...but that is okay because now it is like two different stories with the only thing being in common is a store in the 1860s and the main character being named Denise. I was going to insert a picture but I guess I can't download the image..I hate when computers are smarter than isn't like I am pirating, I just want to share the book/DVD...oh well, it's the BBC's promotion.