Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I finally sat down and put the videos from Christmas Eve, Christmas (THE BIG SNOW) and M's Hockey Camp this week. Make sure you go to Older Posts because the good stuff like Hannah's letter is in there!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I think I need some Airsick Meds for this One

More video by H!


More of H learning to shoot video...and a really good "OUCH!" Praise God for helmets!

H shoots a Video


Hockey Camp

Of course, I didn't record when he was doing lack of camera skill caught his not so fine moments...oh well, hopefully, one of my later videos or Hannah's or Greg's will show his skills in a more favorable light!

Man on a Mission

A White Christmas

The kids were so excited to have a White Christmas, an unusual sight in the Heart of Dixie :-)

Opening Gifts

Emptying the Stockings

Santa's Letter

I think the letter says it all...

M is Easily Amused

Yep, how to keep a 6 year old boy doesn't take much.

Snowball Fight with Santa

Yep, this is the beginning of the snowball fight with Santa whre H was pelted by Santa with a snowball...I don't think I got it on video but I think the story will remain (her letter to Santa was a keeper!)

I decided the best thing to do was to sit H down and explain Santa is not real...I took her to the Quiet Room and asked her to shut the door...while closing the door, she looked at me and said "You better not be going to tell me that Santa isn't real." Well, there went that plan.

Skating Snowballs

This is where H spent most of her time...little did we know the next day we would have the real stuff in our own backyard!

Skate With Santa

The kids love ice skating so when the local Ice Complex had "Skate with Santa" on Christmas Eve, it seemed like the thing to do...Meet Santa, now there is a little story that goes with Santa...

One of the games during skate time was a snowball fight with Santa (the complex provided a mound of snow and the snow was a hit...literally, it seems Santa hit Hannah in the forehead and left a mark! When we asked what happened to her forehead and she replied Santa hit her in the head with a snowball, we couldn't help but laugh...which made her cry...the only way to get her to stop crying was a stop at the local ice cream stand...and that was "Skate with Santa.")

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Nutcracker

I collected Nutcrackers in college and for a few years after college, Santas in the 90s and now I like Snowmen (light blue and white are my favorite). Last year, while decorating the tree, M found my old Nutcrackers and wooden soldiers and he loved them. This year while at Sam's Club, I found a 6ft plus Nutcracker so I used my mad money and now we have a Nutcracker guarding our door. The Nutcracker needed to be put together and H modeled the mustache for me during Major Chestnut's assemblage.

Ringing of the Bells

Last year the kids and I rang bells for The Salvation Army and we did it again this year. H brought her own bells this time since last year, the bells were well...worthless, broken pitiful excuses of bells to ring for such a worthwhile organization. In addition, to the bells, she brought the box which had the tune for Jingle Bells (two bell were left at home by M) so this little video is H, ringing Jingle bells minus two bells and competing with sirens...Oh well, we tried :-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome to M and H's Christmas

I am uploading videos on the computer and listening to the two elves in the bathtub (in their swimsuits, it was Swim Team day) and they are singing Santa Claus is coming to town. M asks H why you can't cry when you get really really hurt...H is explaining the difference in cries. I am always entertained.

A little video of Sunday's decorating festivities accompanied by our friend's Christmas CD. (Oh, and M is convinced that St. Nick came and left candy in their shoes because he liked the way our house is decorated!)

M's Turn

He's a little slow getting in the water...not bad for his first competition! (We won't mention he was disqualified for not touching the wall with both hands...Dad was kind of upset, his reaction? "He's six!)

H takes on the Water

H and M look a lot alike once those goggles and swim caps go can tell them apart in the water since H has pink goggles and M's are green!

First Swim Meet

How Quickly They Forget

In the excitement of Trick or soon they forget to Stop, Look, and Listen. (Not good video but very it truly shows the draw of good candy, you kinda take your life in your hands when you're a kid...)

Silly Boys


I can't believe 6 weeks has flown by since I last posted anything...I am going to add a few Halloween videos (now that the Christmas Season is upon us!)