Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mr. M

One night last week, I was putting the Short People to bed and M starts confessing that his sister, the little girl across the street and himself rode their bikes outside the neighborhood...needless to say, his sister was not happy with him. Now one would think the next day Mr. M would be on the defense from the wrath of H...but, no....he was on the offense. She wasn't up five minutes before he was on top of her tackling. When I pulled him off, he told me he did it because he hadn't had his morning tickle (from me) Oh, so it is my fault he is wrestling his sister in the early morning hours??? Geesh, I hadn't even had a cup of tea yet.

Last night, right before drifting off to sleep, he announced he wasn't sticking his finger up any alligator's butt. Huh??? He informed me that is how you tell the sex of the alligator and he wasn't going to do it.

A few nights ago, he jumped on the couch (against house rules) and hurt his knee...he build himself a cane out of markers and I had to lift the cripple into bed. I received the sweetest "Thank you, Mama, for lifting me up." It was worth indulging his cripple status for that small remark.

Then there is the story, I really wanted to blog about so I wouldn't forget because it cracked me up...and I have already forgotten it. I just told it to his big sister, Roo, two nights ago and it is gone. These kids just chew up my brain cells and spit them out like watermelon seeds.

I will add a picture of his cane tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dick and Rick Hoyt

This is the background story for Dick and Ricky Hoyt. Our pastor used this story as part of his sermon yesterday...more on that later but this is just something to watch with a cup of tea...and a kleenex.

My Redeemer Lives

After having a horrible morning getting ready for church (I am absolutely certain Satan has a weekly appointment for my house on Sunday at 9 a.m.) the kids and me made it to church. Our pastor's sermon was on service, following Christ and being able to do all things through Christ...he showed a video on Dick and Rick Hoyt (I am posting two...I really like this one because I love the song all by itself and I how this song goes with the video...the other video provides the story of this father and son.

Yesterday, the video used was set to My Redeemer Lives (another favorite song of mine but I couldn't find it on youtube but I think yo will like this one) I digress like usual...while watching the father carry the son to the finish line, it reminded me of God, our father, carrying us and all of our the finish line.

Wild Strength-Mens Strength Camp 7/9

Greg's new training program...He likes it, it isn't quite my cup of tea :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Part 2 of THE FROG

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I know I don't call you as often as I should so I thought I would fill you in on The Little Darlin's...

This past week:

M has hit H, H has bit M

H and M fed the neighbor's cat, Bubba, their dad's steak...Their dad thought he would take a shower before eating dinner...I decided to let them tell their dad what happened to his dinner.

M has a cold, I woke up last night dreaming that Donald Duck was in bed with me, it was M talking in his sleep.

H has decided she needs a cell phone because her 8 year old girlfriend has one...I said no and the combative teenager in an 8 year old body emerged.

I vacuumed behind the chair in my quiet room and discovered Hershey's kisses wrappers stuffed behind the bookcase and chocolate on the off white carpet.

I vacuumed behind the window treatments in the dining room and found an empty bag of Hershey's kisses and LOTS of wrappers...they got to explain to their older sister what happened to her stash of chocolate.

Have I mentioned my oldest turned 21? I took her out for her first LEGAL margarita and SHE had to drive me home...I had one and a few sips of a second WITH dinner and I was toast.

This morning, I considered selling your grandchildren on eBay but I decided to try the nap thing first, see above picture...however, they woke up and got into the new Windex cleaning kit I bought to do the outside windows...the kit is rendered useless now and my windows aren't clean.

Mom, your grandchildren are going to drive me to drink and I can't hold my liquor...

There is more but I am tired and well, I think I am going to wash my teacup and fill it with wine.


Your daughter.

My Little Froggy

M explains his Lego creations to his big sister (he has a cold so he sounds a little frog'ish)

Girl Talk Part 2

Just a little girl Talk

Sunday morning, a little lazy, fighting colds...just a little girl talk...

Friday, July 2, 2010

First Video

Short videos with my camera at the end of swim class for the Short People...I am not going to be able to call them short people for much longer considering how fast they are growing so I have to take advantage of it while I can!

No. 2 of our Busy Day

No. 3 of our Busy Day

Busy Day

The BIG 21 for Roo and swim class for Short People. I had to pick up a cake, get some balloons, scream at the children for soaking each other when they were supposed to wind up the hose they weren't supposed to be playing with...did I mention it was time to go get the cake and they were fully clothed??? They held a tea party using all the pool paraphanelia on the side of the garage where Husband parks and he was due home from his trip that night...Did I mention I yelled? A lot.

Happy Birthday!

And she is 21!