Monday, September 28, 2015

Good Morning!

Just a quick note to catch y'all up on our comings and goings....

I'm still battling bronchitis...I think I told you on my fifth day of steroids I turned into a Steroid tornado and accomplished a month worth of tasks in a single day....the burst of energy is long gone but my getting things done around the house has lingered. I heard Matthew say to Greg the other day "She's organizing again."

Roo has not heard back from Boeing yet. Fingers crossed...Prayers lifted high. 

Football seems to be a tad disappointing for my Southern was funny. In Montgomery, my co-workers were rabid Auburn fans (diplomas on every wall). Here, it's a Bama place...except at's Auburn heavy (many people from Opelika moved here to help to start our Church, Our church has 12 campuses in the state and services in 13 Correctional facilities.) I digress, I am not expecting great things from the SEC this year. I will stick with my favorite...Harvard. "Go, Crimson!" And yes, when I wear my one Harvard sweatshirt, people assume I am a Bama fan. I put my allegiance up for sell on Facebook about 8 years ago...the best offer I got was an offer of Lipton tea bags to cheer for Bama. If it had been Mighty Leaf Breakfast tea, we would have had a deal...obviously, my new friend was completely unaware that I am a tea snob. She knew I liked tea but was unaware that Lipton is nothing but tea dust. You have to have the real leaves...that way when people see the bowl I save the used tea leaves...they can think I like smoking pot...especially the Jasmine really is funny to see the bowl of used tea leaves. Oh, and I put the used tea leaves into my soil stinks...nothing but clay...I bury banana peels, bury egg shells, I have a lot of work to do...Have you noticed I can't stay on one topic for an entire paragraph? I am a rabbit trail writer...or I can bring everything back to tea....not sure which...

So, Church...our church has 12 campuses and services in 13 correctional facilities. Our first visit was a hoot...Greg said "Is that smoke from dry ice???" Quite the departure from our 300 year old hymn singing services...however, upon learning more about the Church...there is a very good reason for its style of worship...the Pastor had studied how many people professed to be Christians over the last 10 decades and saw how many young people no longer believe in the Church strives to reach the youth and turn them into future leaders. If you ever have a free hour, you can suffer the culture shock experience (but I think you will see why we love our church) you can watch What About Heaven? | Media | Church of the Highlands

The best news of our crazy church is the kids love it, Roo is back in Church after our horrible experience with Westminster Presbyterian (not only does she attend but she serves AND goes to Prayer services), I have seen huge growth in Greg, and in myself also. I attend the Saturday prayer which has a lot of prayer request cards from the Limestone Correctional Facility...the prisoner cards just touch my heart in ways you cannot imagine...98% of the requests are for other people...inmates, families, friends, judges, parole boards for other inmates, etc. Anyway, this past Saturday, I fell off of my knees laughing...the card was so sweet, requests for his family, etc. and then...he asked for the Lake of Fire to be extended so all of the State Employees could fit into took me 3 attempts to pray without laughing...oh, and I changed the request from extending the Lake of Fire to him having a heart of forgiveness. 

Time to end this ADD mess and drive Miss Hannah to school. Have a lovely day!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Miss Hannah is busy practicing for her preliminary freeskate. I have to record this in spurts, anything over a minute long will not load on the computer.



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to survive the Debates

First, let me say I can't believe I was ever a Political Science Major...I understand my minor in History (I still love reading history books) but WHAT was I thinking getting a degree in Poli Sci? Listening to debates these days is worse than nails scraping a chalk board. I cannot stand politics. I can only think my 180 change of  thinking is today I am a new creation because I love Christ, then...I was a very liberal agnostic. One of my funniest memories of 1984 is my dad telling me I couldn't go to England with him if I did not change my voting registration from Democrat to Republican. I didn't, I went to England anyway (Dad was once described as a rough tough cream puff, apt description). Tonight G us watching the Debates, I have on Bose headphones, Chopin, and am perusing my favorite magazines. I call this Debate Survival 101. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And then...Monday Came...

Cough. Cough. Cough...pretty much sums my life up for the past 6 weeks or so...I've had antibiotics, steroid shots, still cough... cough... cough...obviously, this bronchitis has decided to be unshakable. Thursday, I went back to the doctor and she prescribed more a tapering pack...6 pills the first day, five the next, and so on...I was told to take them in the morning since they might give a kick of energy. I followed her directions but I napped instead of cleaned (just like when I received the steroid shot). I napped on Friday, I napped on Saturday, I napped on Sunday, and then...Monday came. I cleaned the garage, did all the laundry (including all the hidden stashes in the kids' rooms and clothes of Roo's that I found in a box in the garage), I put out 600 lbs of manure in the gardens and 200 lbs of mulch, I sprayed all the gardens for weeds, planted a pot, vacuumed, made cookies, ran errands, made dinner, watched MI-5 and Doc Martin...and fell asleep around midnight. My cough is almost gone, it's Tuesday, 8:21 am...and I need a nap.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Miss Hannah hit a rough patch with her electronics...she broke the screen on her phone and the next week she broke the screen on her kindle when it fell out of her locker and hit the floor...luckily, she has an engineer for a dad...Greg found new screens online and replaced them himself...

I have pictures...really, I do...the question is "Where are they?" We have a new computer and a new operating system...hmmmm...stay tuned for the big reveal!

All fixed...Just like new again!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday, we spent a little time at Smith Lake. We were invited to visit our friend's Lake home and how could I say "No?" Matthew is a regular here, it was our third visit to enjoy fun in the sun. I actually pondered doing some tubing myself...until I watched all 3 kids propelled through the air at once into the water...I decided I could hurt something...I stayed on the boat. I'm too old for a smack landing, it would require years of chiropractor visits...I decided to be a sun bunny and not scratch tubing off my bucket list.