Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Snow?

The weather has been crazy the past few weeks. Who knew the South has Winter? Tuesday night, I received a text schools were canceled on Wednesday. We waited all day for the big snow...waiting, waiting, waiting....

Right about 2:30 a few flakes began to fall...I still was unimpressed and joked about there was no school and they could have called a 1/2 day with early dismissal. By 3:15 the roads were messy and it would have made it difficult for the buses to get the kids home. Then the snow fell...and fell....and fell...Yep, we got snow....

Hannah making her snow angel

Matthew couldn't wait to grab the snow shovel and start clearing the sidewalk to make his igloo. Have you noticed I never ventured further than the Apartment's balcony? 

Almost Done

This week brought the completion of our closet and pantry, the refrigerator was delivered, the kitchen sink plumbing corrected (hot and cold were backwards) and the outside lamp was installed. The painting is ALMOST done.

My favorite model went with me to the house and posed for my pictures (my other favorite model stayed locked up in her room with her Kindle).

Liberty Legacy

This week Greg was honored by the 5th grade classes at Matthew's school as a Legacy Hero. The 5th Grade classes raised the funds to pay for the mini Statue of Liberty awarded to each recipient and Matthew used $37 of his own money for the fund. (A huge step for M since he usually uses his allowance on Pokemon cards) The classes made a challenge with each other and Dr. McQueen (Matthew's favorite teacher and seen below) will now have to dress as an LSU cheerleader for two days.

Matthew was required to lobby his fellow students for their votes after presenting why his dad should be a Liberty Legacy hero. I was so proud of my little guy, he had to stand up and introduce his dad and explain why he found him to be a Liberty Legacy. (His little voice quivered while he spoke, this Mama felt her heart pulling.)

I'll be honest, I didn't know it was such a big deal. I was going to wear my gym clothes so I could workout as soon as the program was done. I got the Evil Eye from the boys so I dressed normally. Imagine my surprise when I found the Mayor and his lovely wife at the event. I should have worn a dress...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dixie Snow Globe

Weather has been crazy all week...below zero wind chills has delayed school all week. Friday, school was canceled. Finally, some snow...not much before turning to ice. The kids and I stayed home and Greg was stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours trying to get home after an early release from work. He tried a short cut and watched as stopped cars slid sideways off the road.  He finally made it home. We stayed in and had some one made soup for dinner. A quiet day for all of us. Sometimes, God just gives you time to rest. I loved it. I had some tea and a really good book with a nice view of my Southern Snow Globe. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's All in the Details

Oh the joy of finding a mailbox at the curb...and a rail on the porch...and some backsplash in the kitchen...Although after finding ice inside the windows of our apartment today, my greatest joy about our new house may be my Anderson Windows...

Ahhh terrific....I uploaded the pictures yesterday and the file is empty...I think our computer is on its last legs. It has been slower than molasses in January...and that is offline...I'll take new pics today and add from my phone...or maybe I'll do it next week since the wind chill right now is -11. Brrrr. (If I close my eyes it feels like I'm still living in Boston.)

Okay, here they are, new pictures!!! And a few new ones, I found the painters at the house today!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Closer and Closer

30 more days and we will be moving in to the house. Yay. Yay1 Yay!!!!!!!

Landscaping has arrived, sod put down, screened porch is in progress, carpet installed, the HVAC (heat is such a wonderful concept! That house was freezing!) The light fixture over the island is going to be replaced. It arrived with pieces of chrome, brushed nickel, and an amber glass in the middle of two white glasses. Greg calls it the Frankenstein Fixture because they put whatever they had left and made a light. I was appalled, the fixture was way too expensive to be assembled so...can't even think of a word to describe it. I am just that speechless...

I am a bit thrilled to be getting closer to moving. Apartment living isn't bad if you don't mind mold around your windows because of condensation, worrying if your kids are disturbing your neighbors, wondering the police have been sitting on the neighbor's car for four hours...really, it isn't too bad. I have a wonderful neighbor downstairs that I adore. They lost their house in a tornado that whipped through Athens last April. I would not have met her if we did not live here so I am thankful.

I am going to load this up with this week's pictures.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Assorted Sundry Items

Whoops, ran out of memory on my phone while recording Matthew's Belated Birthday it's time to upload and delete, delete, delete. I have no idea what I'm about to post...



Oh yeah! I was sent Greg a video of the slow closing kitchen drawers...Oddly enough, the toilet seats/lids have the same feature...our worker bees were playing and watching the slow close of the lid and seat.

Belated Birthday

Loud. That is all I can say about these videos. Matthew's teacher, Dr. McQueen loves to celebrate a birthday. He was banned from the cafeteria for being too loud so all festivities must take place in his classroom now. Here is my birthday boy, getting a loud, Loud, LOUD celebration of his birthday today...a little late but better late than never.



Monday, February 9, 2015

Color and Scent

Color. Scent. It's starting to look like home.  The landscapers have arrived. The gardens are shaped. Plants have arrived, most are in the ground. I have forbidden cypress, hollies, and/or anything with needles. I have azaleas and hydrangeas, color me...happy. 

Beware: Wild at Heart

Isn't she cute? Her shirt is so appropriate, the beware sign should include a picture of H. 

A Saturday afternoon stroll with my favorite oldest daughter feeling camera shy. 

I tried out my new Townie bicycle while 3/4 other Bices walked. M went to the Lake with his friend, Michael. It was just a beautiful day. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dream Team Party

The Girls and I....More Later!

A Rose is a Rose

Ahhh, the sight and scent of roses transport me to a mental vacation. Cup of tea in hand, David Austen Roses Catalog in hand, my mind escapes the unmade beds and shoes scattered across the long awaited yoga class vanishes as I peruse the pages of beauty.

Sigh...I have nowhere to put the roses this year. The house won't be ready and the apartment complex might frown if I discard one of their ugly shrubs to put my rose in the dirt temporarily. I will have to wait until next year to put some of these beauties in my garden. In the meantime, I will remember fondly the roses I had my house on Wickerberry Lane.

My Munstead Wood rose from David Austen. 

I planted these when my Shakespeare roses were not able to tolerate the sultry South. I even named my Shakespeare roses Lady MacBeth, King Richard, and Romeo...the attempt to make them feel loved with a name was unsuccessful. I did not name my Munstead Wood for fear of becoming too attached and sad if they failed. They were spectacular in Spring and Fall and hung in there during the dog days of Summer. A rose is a rose...even without an affectionate name.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Star Rating

Trolling trolling trolling...just for giggles, I put my name in a Google search to see if there was anything embarrassing that shouldn't be out there...Thank goodness, I did not find any posts about what an awful person I am or pictures with my eyes wonky or worse...the backside. The backside...that is a whole other post...

I found my Twitter posts and a Facebook note. So much for privacy settings. I thought I had myself invisible. I am going to have to re-visit those settings...

BUT I did find this, my one claim to fame and I got FIVE, count that 5 stars for my cookie recipe that was published in Taste of Home magazine at the turn of the Century. Okay, only two people rated me but I got two "Fives!" Yiippee Yay Ay, Cowboy!

The cookie link...don't be giving me no zero ratings! (I like my five stars.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Third World Problem

Off center. The world just can't be off center for me...or light fixtures. I just came from the house and sigh...realized the light for the breakfast area is too close to the kitchen. There is no way to center the table under that thing...well I could if I don't put any chairs at the breakfast bar and obstruct the walkway between kitchen and breakfast area. I called the builder, he wasn't happy. His response "Well, I could...I'd have to get the sheet rock guys, the painters, the electrician..." Miss Nice Person doesn't want to cause trouble, the realist in me KNOWS I will never be happy with an off center light no matter how pretty the fixture it is.  I'm feeling a bit deflated from the high of seeing the landscapers working, the heating/cooling system going in, the painters, the plumber, and the electrician...

It seems silly to stress about a lighting fixture being poorly placed between two eating areas when so many in the world are starving...

Monday, February 2, 2015

HIGHLIGHT REEL: Duluth Phoenix v 04 Huntsville Chargers, Feb 1, 2015 - G...

The Assist

Hockey Hockey Hockey. One of the Dad's uses his Go Pro (see earlier post) and one Dad has YouTube channel...put the two dads together and we have some game clips. About 4 min 13 sec in, you will see M's assist.

HIGHLIGHT REEL: Phoenix v 04 Huntsville Chargers, Jan 31, 2015 - Game 1

I like to call this one "BAM!"

It's hard  to see (down at the other end) but Matthew (White Jersey #6) takes on the big Guy.


Ever noticed how families have their birthdays in clusters? Growing up in my family, it was it is February...sort of...H was due on Valentine's Day but like she does everything, it was her H and M are 2 years and 11 days apart. Both kiddos chose Italian for eating out (different cities, both yummy dinners) and both got their birthday candle at home...H got Nothing Bundt Cakes, M wanted Blue Velvet, Roo made cupcakes. Love my kids, they are growing so fast, and I am so abundantly blessed by both of them.

Groundhog Day

Cuppa tea in hand, 10 minutes until I need to leave and pick up my favorite little Groundhog from school...I think that is time to update the house. It's a big week at the house...cement has been poured for the drive and sidewalk, sinks, bathtub, etc. are being installed. I met with the landscaper on Friday and gave him the no holly, cypress, or any other needle type plant command. Maples in the front, Yoshino Cherry trees in the back and I want all the good Southern stuff like hydrangeas, azaleas, and gardenias. I like color and I love scent and I want to feed the birds and the bees. I want to look out my windows and see beauty. We shall see the result in a few weeks. Today, I met with the guy who is in charge of towel bars, shower door, shelving for the kids, the front door handle and inside door handles, and maybe the blinds.

We spent the Weekend with some hockey, surprise!!!

Today is also Mr. M's 11th birthday. It is a long affair. We started with dinner at Pane e Vino on Saturday, a little Super Bowl celebrating (and  the Patriot's won so M is planning where to hang a 3rd Super Bowl banner in his room)...I digress...Roo made the requested blue velvet cupcakes that looked like little smurfs, all they needed was a face. Tonight will be low key, I will light a candle and get a picture of M with an eatable Smurf.

I will add some more pictures from my phone while I wait in the carpool line!!!