Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smooth Moves

There really is a video under the stripes...just click to play!

Cheap Entertainment

the simple life

Ant Stomping

You'll have to just click play, there really is a video under the stripes.

Pool Time

Nothing exciting here, just playing in the pool. They didn't know I was recording so there is no hamming for the camera :-)

Wipe Out

Power Skate Lesson

Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Love

Years ago I watched the concert on TV with my brother and I fell in love...I still LOVE this song...

With or Without You

I have LOVED U2 since I was in college and I am FINALLY going to see them in concert in 12 days...I think I am going to have to have a U2 countdown...T minus 12

Thinking of Cousin Mike

I was working out today and Jackson Browne played on my iPod. I thought of my cousin, Mike. Mike gave me my first Jackson Browne (and Eagles) album. It made me feel so grown up and "Cool." I love Cousin Mike...he's funny, sweet, and has great taste in music.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Dad's Eulogy

I found this in my journal entry May 14, 2008. I am not sure I will ever be able to locate again if I tried so I am copying, pasting and hoping this will be around for eternity. I just have to go copy the pictures that I entered with it...this might take awhile. Cross your fingers I don't blow this computer up with my elementary skills.

I read online that you, Roo, would like to have Known my dad...this is for you. The font is in blue for his eyes and the best part is towards the end. Enjoy.

Good Morning, My name is Bino Barainca, I consider myself not only a friend of Scoty but a fellow father and grandfather to his children.

With this and various other reasons you certainly can realize what a very difficult but honorable task this is for me.

Scotty Lee Hampton was born near Jamesport, MO. on December 15th, 1926, the oldest son of Benjamin and Helen King Hampton.

He departed this life on January 12, 1990 at the Wright Memorial Hospital in Trenton, Mo. at the age of 63.

He became a member of the Church of Christ at Jamesport, MO on October 7, 1944.

Scotty attended Prairie Center Country School North of Jamesport, and graduated from Jamesport High School in 1945.

He then served his country with the United States Navy for the remainder of WWII.

Upon his discharge from the military he returned to his beloved Missouri where he was employed for a number of years with the Montgomery Ward Company.

Scotty then moved to California in 1960 where he went to work for the Wrd Company.

Scotty then moved to California in 1960 where he went to work for the Waste Management, Co. in Lancaster, CA. He worked his way up through the ladder of success and became a General Manager of the company, he held the capacity until his retirement in December of 1988.

He was a member of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Lancaster Moose Lodge.

Scotty married Annette Virginia Ramey on August 27, 1988 and upon his retirement he and Annette moved to Route 5, Trenton, MO to enjoy life and retirement together.

Scotty is survived by his wife, Annette, two sons, Ricki L. Hampton of Nehlem, OR and Scotty D. Hampton of Lancaster, CA. One daughter, Susan K. Bice of Albuquerque, NM; three brothers, Charles Hampton of Camdenton, MO, Robert Hampton of Lancaster, CA, and Gregory Hampton of Palmdale, CA, two sisters, Beth Vencill of Galt, MO and Betty Smith of Lancaster, CA; six grandchildren, Sarah, Carrie, and Kimberly Hampton; Lauren Bice often referred to as Roo Magoo, and Jasmine and Jason Hampton, one aunt, Myrtle McAllister of Jamesport, MO. One Glenn Hampton of Kearney, MO and a host of cousins, nieces, nephews and friends.

Scotty enjoyed life, he loved his family he believed in heaven and earth. He enjoyed nature, he owes me a half dozen drinks, and he enjoyed sports, and was a lousy golfer. but a perfectionist in his work.

Just a short month ago, Scotty called me to wish me a Merry Christmas but mostly to ensure that I was, and would, continue spoiling the grandkids.

Like most parents the love for his children was always evident. He had the same admiration for his grandchildren, and as each one was born, he would quickly and proudly make phone calls to announce the fact he was a Grandpa again.

Scotty was an early riser, getting his daily tasks done before the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world, and thought nothing of dialing the phone to talk to a relative or friend, not for any particular reason, just a friendly visit to start the day.

He appreciated the small things in life - the beauty of a woman - the taste of VO and delegation of authority (mostly upward).

Scotty enjoyed the four seasons of the midwest so much that returning to Missouri, his home state, seemed the logical place for he and Annette to retire.

Scotty and Annette bought a home situated on four beautiful acres with a pond and ducks and a tractor and a workshop. Just everything he wanted in retirement.

He enjoyed woodwork and building things, and took special pride in his projects, that he has done this past year since moving back to Missouri.

Scotty had many friends and was usually the life of the party, and enjoyed reminiscing about days gone by.

One thing that should be well noted, he kept his keen sense of humor throughout his illness of five years, and often said he wasn't afraid of cancer but couldn't tolerate the pain.

He openly joked about the disease and down deep knew that his life would be shortened because of it.

Always being considerate of his family, he made many of his own funeral plans, and we have tried to carry out his wishes.

And so Scotty Lee Hampton, we say farewell - and may you rest in peace!

Thank you.

It is true dad knew he was dying. He took me to every special place in MO, while I visited in September. Dad took you and me out one day and showed us every important place to him. We went to the "Hampton Homestead" and he told me that my Grandma (the Kings) used to live across the field and how his parents would walk across the field to visit in their "Courting Days." Dad showed me the window in the door, it was beautiful, their were deer shadowed in the frosty glass. He wanted to get the window out and frame it. I told this to Aunt Betty and she now has the window. Dad took me down an old gravel road and told me how all his great-uncle Cox lived on it and he and Uncle Charley would spend their night at each uncle's house, working their way down and it took a week. He also told me how their old Model T would get stuck on the hill in rainy weather and they would have to push it up. He showed me Pilot Grove cemetery and said his grandma's house was next to it and this is where my Grandma gave birth or where he stayed when Grandma gave birth. The house is gone but the cemetery is still there. (I wish I had taken notes, I didn't realize we would never pass this way again) And, of course, we went to Scotland Cemetery. (When I was a little girl, Dad said we were going to Scotland Cemetery and I couldn't figure out how we were going to cross the ocean and back in time for lunch at Aunt Myrt's.) I now know it is Scotland Cemetery because this is where all of our Scott relatives are buried. The Scotts also started the Church which is there.

In December, we drove through MO while moving to Albuquerque after your dad received his master's from the Air Force Institute of Technology and Dad sat me down and we watched every single slide he owned before he gave them to me.

Dad also kicked everyone's butt in Monopoly. Big time. Dad and Annette also loved John Wayne. They owned every video and each pet was named after a character from one his westerns.

Dad was an avid reader, especially history...history of England, the Civil War and WWII. I think this is where our love of history came from.

He was an exceptional gardener and his favorite flower was the petunia...I think this is where my love for flowers came from...Dad and his mother. I am not a great gardener but I have spectacular results, they must be in heaven whispering "Grow, grow!"

He really loved you. I wish you could have known him.

My Dad and me

Sunday, June 5, 2011

M Busts a Move

This is is what happens when I try to watch My Masterpiece Recordings...M gets bored and decides he needs the camera, tripod, and iPad...I have to know what he is up to so I played tripod and held the camera. (We really need to get a normal recording device since the camera will only record for a minute or it won't upload to the computer)

Oh, this is one of Matthew's two favorite songs. The other is get Get a Haircut by George Thorogood.