Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26

Huh, it has been over a month since my last post...I have lots of pics and videos to post...lots of news to catch up on...lots to vent about...First, I use this blog to keep Aunt Shirley and Mom up to date with pictures and videos and Cindi (when she has time) So, Mom and Aunt Shirley, I have spent the day uploading videos and pictures from my camera so hopefully, I will have some new stuff soon.

Second, Cindi, I have been trying to email but Yahoo doesn't like me at the present moment...not sure why since it's not like I have to pay them money.

I forgot to ask about Cathi the last time we spoke so if you could dish about her in your next email, I would appreciate it :-)

The best video I didn't make was last Friday. I took the kids for a walk around the pond (trying to lose those nasty pounds) and I saw a little turtle (about the size of a silver dollar) on the path. I was afraid to let the kids pick it up (given our last encounter with a turtle that I was too stupid to know was a SNAPPING turtle and given my extremely limited knowledge of turtles, I didn't know if this snapped or if babies snap so I am going with the idea that all water turtles snap and they're like baby rattlesnakes and are more dangerous that adults...baby rattlesnakes can't control their venom so they release it all and I am going with my blonde theory the baby turtles can't control their snaps) Do you think my dad intentionally scared me with his stories about the only way to get a snapping turtle off a person was to cut the turtle's head off? What do I know? I know Grandma liked tortoises and they don't hurt you...I digress, as usual...back to my story. H just happened to be wearing a John Deere cap so we used that to scoop up the turtle and return it to the water. We watched the little guy swim away. All was well. Now why I didn't bother using my phone's video feature to capture the moment, I will never know.

Third, I don't have a third...I will close...I KNOW you are eagerly awaiting the Easter Egg Hunt video and Matthew throwing pizza dough. Oh, and just so you know, my Easter Egg Hunt was a bust...I was informed by a very knowledgeable Easter Egg Hunter that the Bouvier's Hunt was much better...Watch out, Bouviers! Next year, my hunt will be bigger and better...I hate losing.