Wednesday, December 31, 2014

House Update

Today' s Progress:  Brick and Stonework is almost done. I really hope the Stone Guy is right and my stones lighten up with weathering. Perhaps, once the landscaping is done I will be a bit happier. I no longer have to walk the plank to get into the house, there are steps.  Kitchen cabinets are delivered, tile is being put down, Hannah's sky lights are in, coffered ceiling is complete, mantel installed, and a big yippee from me!

Catching Up

I wrote a quick note to a friend this morning...and being the slacker I am, I am copying it and pasting for those of you catching up on my crazy family!

The kids are great. Matthew is part penguin and plays hockey and figure skates. Hannah loves figure skating is a bit taller than Lauren. Lauren is in denial. Roo stil works at the Rocket Center. She is working Human Resources. (Human Resources sounds so kind of sounds like people are on the same level as trees and oil. I prefer "Personnel" but what do I know. Both H & M are in Honor Society. M prefers electronics to reading so that is a constant struggle getting him to do his daily reading required for school. H is a voracious reader. Lauren is on track to graduate for UAH next December with a Business Degree. She was made full time so The Center is paying for 1/2 the cost of classes. I think she is on track to be a cat lady. She has our cat since my allergies went crazy with apartment living. I'm having to do shots since Greg, Hannah, and Lauren refused to give away the cat. So, Lauren is keeping it (her allergy so far is contained with Allegra) and I am hoping she will keep the cat so I can stop the shots. The plan is she keeps it until we get into the house. Speaking of house, I promised Greg to go check on it this morning. We found a leak with the all the rain that just passed through and they were fixing it yesterday. They are also laying the tile so I want to see it! I'm excited!!!!

Happy New Year

I'm ending the Year with a few Christmas Pictures, the kids had a nice Christmas even if the tree was wee size and the amount of gifts small. They both received some electronic devices and a new bicycle since they are growing like weeds and watching their large bodies on tiny bicycles reminded me of the circus pictures where the bear is riding the bicycle. (We rented a garage along with the apartment so the kids can ride them and we don't have to worry about theft.) Now you would think I would have a picture of them on their new bikes but nope, I don't. I will put that on my list of things to do. I don't think I will get that done today since it is 32 degrees. I'm pretty sure they will be sipping hot cocoa and playing with their Kindle Fire or 3DSXL. I am stopping by the house today. So update on that later today!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Why so Angry?

Kaboom. Kapow. And the rage spills everywhere. I've always wondered why people expend so much energy getting angry. I don't get it and I'm so thankful I'm not the Angry Person spilling ugly over everyone I come in contact with. Take a breath. Count your blessings. Be grateful. Life is good. 

My Second Annual Birthday Tradition

We journeyed north to Nashville for my birthday again this year. We had so much fun going to Maggianos for dinner and The Grand Ole Opryland for Ice last year, we did it again. 

This year the theme for Ice is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Spectacular.  
I have always loved the poem so I really enjoyed the Ice Sculptures. 

I had a great birthday. I received tea sets from Roo and a good friend. Another friend sent an iced tea cup. Greg treated me to new bicycle in my favorite color. And the best hugs and kisses from my blessings.  I am abundantly blessed.  

Christmas Service

The family started a new tradition, Church Service and dinner in Birmingham, with dessert from The Cheesecake Factory. Our Church has 11 campuses so we went down to the Main Campus for a "looksie" and a peek at the new Chapel. We had such a great time. The Candlelight Service was so beautiful. We planned to attend the Christmas Eve Service here at home. H and I both caught a bug and we are so sad we missed it. Lauren gave us a few glimpses with her phone and I could see it was just as beautiful. Next year, H and me will skip the Apartment workout facilities and germs so we don't miss the beautiful Service.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Building on the house continues and each day I check on it, something new is going is such a delight. I will include some pictures so you can track the progress with me...there was only one big disappointment and that is the stone. The stone we picked out looks very different from the stone being put on our house. The Builder had us drive through the neighborhood to pick the brick, door, stone, and shingles. When I saw the stone on Saturday, I was taken aback. It appears smaller and is almost black, it looks like it has been through a fire. The Builder had the Stone Supplier come out yesterday and swears it is the same stone we selected. He said the other stone has weathered and that is the reason for the difference. The Builder offered to tear it out and change it but I don't even want to think what that would cost. Greg told them to go ahead and finish with the stone they started with. I am hoping once the landscaping is added it won't look our house went through a fire...I guess I can plant ivy to overtake the stone if it continues to bother me...Then I will really have the "Old World" effect the neighborhood was going for....

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Crazy Girls

Once again, H got her hands on my iPhone. I think there were 81 Selfies and a bazillion videos she took while she skated...I got dizzy just watching are some pictures of her and Amy her Bestie Skating pal...minus the dizzy videos.

House Update

The little worker bees have been busy this week. We have some trim, some brick, coffered ceiling, solar tubes for Hannah's room, and some doors hung....oh the joy! We met with the closet guy, Jim Jones, yesterday. We plan on skipping the wire shelves in the Master Bedroom, pantry, and guest bedroom (it will be where I put my paper, scissors, and glue that I play with!) It may just be a dream since our closet allowance doesn't even cover wire shelves in all the closets...we will see. We have busted the lighting, plumbing, and carpet...stayed in budget for tile, floors, and cabinetry...My happy pantry door was a tad more than a regular door but soooooo worth the happy it will bring me. I am still kicking myself that I didn't think to move the fireplace to a different wall to avoid putting the TV in front of the window...sigh. Oh well, I am going to just have to suck it up as live and learn. Mr. Stricklin (our builder) has given us a March 9 completion date.

Slo-Mo and other assorted Things

M had some hockey games last weekend and H got her hands on my is always fun seeing the world through her eyes via my iPhone.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Hockey Weekend

Hockey, hockey, and some more hockey. Last weekend we spent all of our time at the Rink for Ava's One Wish and this weekend, it was four hockey games. The boys lost 1 and won 3. Pretty impressive since our team of 10 year old boys played 12 year old boys and boy, what a difference in size two years make. Wow. The smaller guys on the team were scrappy and not intimidated in the least, by the size difference. I missed the Sunday games because I was serving at Church but I understand M was tough and impressive. That's my boy! We have a few practices this week and over Christmas Break and then January will be lots and lots of hockey. Hopefully, I will get some pictures for you of my little intimidator.

Monday, December 8, 2014

School Performance Videos

The Show did two school performances in addition to the matinee and evening performances. I shot a little video with my phone. Recording and pictures were not allowed during the other performances...the Director was a little more than testy with parents who tried to photograph even warm ups at any performance other than the School Shows...a little ridiculous given the amount of money this cost for us parents...


video video video

Dress Rehearsal Videos



Sunday, December 7, 2014


The Kids performed in their Ice Skating Shows this weekend, I took some video and a few pictures. I did not take as many as I would like BUT I do have a friend who took a few pictures to add to my meager amount.

There is some video from last week's dress rehearsal. Pictures and recording are NOT allowed and this year they wouldn't even let the parents watch without a ticket. In the past, when we weren't helping the skaters with changes, we were allowed to watch from below the stands. Not this year, they posted bouncers at all entry points. I was a bit put out since we have spent sooo much money on this event. However, the Kids had a blast and that is really all that matters.

Here is some poorly shot video,  some funny videos from H taken today at the Cast Party, and a selfie or 2 that Hannah took with the professional skater, Wesley Campbell, that came in to perform in the Shows.

Here are the's late so I will put the video on tomorrow!