Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, How I LOVE YouTube

Sitting at home today with my sore throat and sore ears, feeling lethargic, I decided to get some exercise and surf...the web. I found MY Concert, my beloved U2 on YouTube. I even found my favorite part, the mix of Amazing Grace, my beloved hymn mixed with the song I sang whenever I drove around Boston, where the streets have no name...It's the simple things in life that makes me happy. Almost makes the sore throat worth it...Almost.

Hymns to the Silence

I was looking at Van Morrison lyrics , I'm a visual person, I have to see the lyrics because listening...well, sometimes I hear them Madonna when she sings "let the choir sing" for years I heard 'Epikwanzee.' It was only hearing my daughter sing that I finally understood the words and gosh, it made sense and it was in context but that's another story)

I digress, as usual...I found he sang "Be thou my vision." So I searched for it, couldn't find it to listen to but found this...the CD has the same name...can't afford the CD because $50 for someone's used CD seems a bit extravagent but close your eyes and listen to Hymns of the Silence.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I thought I had a senior moment and did something wrong with my phone (I couldn't find it when I went to retrieve it) and then I turned iCloud off on my phone and it suddenly appeared. So here it is, from last January, how H spent some of her birthday money (Build a Bear was our other stop to blow her stash of cash. Huh, I rhymed, who knew?)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Mini Vacay Pics

A few pictures from our trip out of town...I have to be quick since the kids will be home in a few minutes and then we are off to the doctor's office to get a Lyme Disease test for Mr. M.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Tick

Last week, H told me M's mole was bleeding after the shower hit it...Mole? What mole? M showed me his back and yep, there was this red mole that came out of nowhere. I decided I would take him in and have it looked at since that thing came out of nowhere. Sunday night, H tells me his back is bleeding from the mole and it won't stop. He comes downstairs and blood is just pouring out of it. Husband puts son on his lap and applies pressure to mole...bleeding won't stop. Gauze is taped to mole. Lots of gauze. The next morning, I call doctor's office and am told the doctor is gone for the week and she is the only one who can cut off a mole. I ask if he can be seen anyway by a Nurse Practitioner because of they way it was bleeding. In we go, NP looks at mole...sees a leg, and lo and behold she thinks it's a tick. She asks the nurse to look, nurse isn't sure so another Practitioner is called and she is pretty sure that's a tick. A tick it was. We go back on Tuesday for a Lyme Disease test. I am pretty sure that Team B and B (Blonde and Blonder) won't be playing in the Woods by our house anymore and telling me they are going to the playground. I think they were both grossed out. That was the tick bleeding from engorgement (I guess technically, it was Matthew's blood since the tick stole Matthew's blood...that was a tremendous amount of can something so small hold so much blood??? Ewwwww)


Spring Break...time for rest and relaxation. Husband arranges mini Vacay and we are on our way. H has a fever. I am sure this will pass in 24 hours like M's did last weekend. Thursday night, H has a fever of 103.8 and still has it Friday morning...Husband finds a walk in clinic for us to go spend a few hours in...after all what's a vacation without seeing the local doctor? After donating a little blood, a nasal swab to the local lab technicians, we find out our little darlin' has A+flu and a sinus infection. After H gets a shot in the butt, it is time to visit the nearest CVS. This CVS doesn't have enough cough medicine so another CVS must be found but not before we get a deck of cards, drawing paper, crayons, more kleenex, more ibuprofen, 7UP and a few other sundry items...CVS no. 2 can't fill it since insurance won't pay again but we can come back tomorrow and pick it up as a refill. Saturday morning, new plan for the day, a driving tour of the USS Alabama, the local garden with the Azalea festival (it has a name but I have already forgotten it) but first a stop at CVS no. 2 for H's drugs. We hit the drive thru, pick up the prescription and begin to drive away...oh dear...they only gave us enough for one day and not ten days...back to CVS. Fearless Dad conquers prescription glitch and we are off on our way.

Now let me tell you my impressions of Mobile. It's a delightful little place and I highly recommend it but it does confuse my blonde brain of it make you feel like you are in New Orleans (like the wrought iron and dripping Spanish moss) and then you see the antebellum architecture and remember you are in Alabama.

We found the BEST barbecue place on our way to drive past the azaleas...ah geez, blonde cells have taken over and I can't remember the name. I am going to have to go google it and insert later...same with the name of the Gardens we drove by for a peek at the azaleas...Our GPS pulled another screwy and took us miles out of our way only to bring us back to where we started (I need to write a blog on that alone) and I had a great laugh at turning onto "Half Mile Road" and being told to go four miles. Doesn't statement alone just make you scratch your head? While driving the four miles on Half Mile Road, we stumbled on a little aviation place built on a closed landfill. I do believe the people there have taken expensive hobby to a new level. (Husband was very envious) I will add a picture or two of these remote controlled airplanes. Oh, and I had to use my iPhone for pics since again the blonde, mom or old brain cells took over and I left my camera at home.

After finding the Garden, I hop out to take a picture of the wrought iron, azaleas, and dripping Spanish moss and I discover the Harley riders we were following are speaking German. I found this hysterical. Yep, I don't get out much. My day is getting better and better.

On we drive to the USS Alabama. It is just beautiful and it was surrounded by fog...I had to take a picture...I am not sure how it will come out but as soon as I took it, the fog cleared. We didn't go on the ship due to our little sick one. So we decided to take a Ferry from Dauphin Island to the Gulf Coast. We had the best luck, we didn't have to wait in line, we pulled right on the ferry, we got the next to last spot and we were in the row that got to pull out first. The kids had a blast since the seagulls fly right up to the ferry...I'm thinking they have been food by many a ferry rider so have no fear of flying in our faces. I just feared the stuff that comes after they digest the food landing on my head.

I love the rentals they have here. The colors of the rentals reminded me of ice cream colors. It was like driving through Baskin Robins and seeing all the 31 flavors of color. The trip reminds me of Baskin Robins and the 31 flavors of Mobile...Old South, New South, Louisiana, Florida...the people are a hoot. We had lunch across from a group of senior citizens yesterday and they were all dressed in their St. Patrick's Day accessories...earrings, necklaces, corsages, socks...I should have got the hint right there and then that Mobile takes St. Patrick's Day seriously. Sadly, I think my family was the only people in the area not wearing green today. I'll have to google pictures of the floats we saw on the side of the road waiting for the Parade. They had a Mardi Gras feel to them but they were definitely St.Patrick's Day floats. The last float had a port-a-potty wrapped in green...not sure if it was usable or not...another head scratcher...okay, gonna end this blog for now...and I will tweak it when I get home and add some photos for clarification.

PS It was Dick Russell's Barbecue and not only did it have wood carved bear statues, airplane propeller fans but it had a pull that made train whistle sounds. It Bellingrath Gardens and I forgot we drove by Mobile International Speedway (that International word/aspect cracked me up and next to it was a Drag Raceway with racing taking place)