Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Stick

My kids love to go to our local hockey games...they like Chuck a Puck. Pay $5, get 6 rubbery pucks and hurl them for the target in the center of the ice and the person with the closest puck wins a prize. Last Saturday night, we went to the UAH Chargers game, got the pucks and the kids waited anxiously for the break between periods. Towards the end of the second period, Greg saw a co-worker who has a son that just started playing hockey in the "Learn to Play" program and took Matthew to meet him. They were busy talking and it was Chuck a Puck only get 30 seconds to throw the pucks. I was screaming at M to get his attention and he could not hear me...Finally, at about 5 seconds left, M scurried through the people to throw his 3 pucks, his last puck was thrown right when the buzzer went off. He started screaming he won, Greg said he won, and you could not find one happier boy if you tried. Then the judge went out to the center to call the winners names...four names were called and I began to panic that the judge picked another winner since M wrote his name on the puck and he has a kind of chicken scratch thing going right now. Finally, the judge said "And the grand prize winner is..." Yep, he won. He got the autographed goalie stick. You wanna talk about chicken scratch? You should try and read the names on that stick...I can only make out the players' numbers.

One of the boys on M's hockey team is a coach for UAH and he is going to ask him to autograph it also...he used to play professional hockey for the Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadians and Chicago Blackhawks..M is so so so happy.

It was so sweet all the people around us were cheering him and patting him on the back.

Oh, the best part of the game for me was sitting with M...he explained the game and strategy to me for all the heart was so full. I love that boy!!!

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!!

Ugh, I just went through 500 photos on a disc one of the parents gave me (and I have one more disc to go...) Here are the three best I found of Matthew...I think there were 50 pictures out of the 500 but most were his back or his leg...I am so glad he has gold tape on his stick, it makes it easy to find him when playing AND in the pictures!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013


Hello, just doing a blog check. My friend is having problems with her blog so I am seeing if mine is working...seems to be...

Picture of Matthew eating his snowman pop tart. Pop tarts have gotten so fancy!