Saturday, February 26, 2011

Men and Women or Boys and Girls, in this Case and what happens when you're Seven

The other night while the kids were getting ready for bed, I heard a conversation that was so funny, I had to make it my FB status. I am cheating and doing the copy/paste thing:

"Hannah is telling Matthew what a "bad boy" is, that girls like boys that are "mama's boys" because they're caring AND she is giving him the percentage of his bad boy to mama boy."

There was much more to this conversation, H told M that he is a Mama's Boy but that was okay since girls like Mama's Boys. (Really? I always liked the "Bad Boy." I must be a fluke)

Oh, and before going up to get ready for bed, I told M several times to go up and get his shower (he was horizontal in front of the TV) and when I threatened him with grounding from all things electronic his reply was "Mom, I'm 7 now, it takes me longer to get up." Yep, that is my kids.

Famous American Day

The kids' school had their Annual Famous American Wax Museum. They absolutely loved preparing for it...MJ picked Chuck Yeager and Cuddles (H) chose George Washington. Boy, am I hoping my new phone recorded this because I forgot the camera. Cross your fingers :-) Well, the finger crossing didn't work. How about some pictures?