Friday, June 30, 2017

One Girl and Thirteen-ish Boys

H was asked to play the U14 Bantam Travel Team because they need someone who can skate...enter the ex-figure skater. When asked, H gave a vehement "No." When I was asked if she could help with tryouts, I said yes since the Coach is a friend and we help out friends. Boy, did I get an earful from that girl because I didn't ask first...In fact, I gave them both of my hockey players to use as fillers. H ended up having fun and changed her mind about playing. Special permission was needed for her to play since is she is 15 and not the normal 13-14. Permission granted. The "boy" in her life wanted to be the one to tell her she made the team so he made her a video. I really hope this loads because it is the sweetest thing and will make your heart so happy. It won't matter if the team loses every single game, this video will make the whole season worthwhile. (And just so you know, every time I throw Hannah into something she doesn't want to do, she has fun! I know my girl!)

Okay, so the video was too big to attach BUT the link works! Click above!

The Peru Crew

I love the faces on these young people...hard work, good attitudes, 3 days with no water, and willing to do it all again for LOVE. Hope for the future.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


There is nothing sweeter than when your kids get along. M is helping H update her bedroom furniture. I wish I had the video H Snapchatted...Hysterical!

This is when Matthew got home from Robotics Camp, I may have to frame it

Practice Video

Jr Preds First Skate of the Summer. Take 1.





Matthew had his first practice with his new team. One of his teammate's parents built an ice rink in their barn for him and his brother to practice in....I tried to imagine what it would look like, my imagination fell far short of the reality. I felt a little like Cinderella entering the ball...but still wearing the dress the birds and mice made...they even own their Zamboni....Wow!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Boys are Away...

and the Girls will play. H and I have enjoyed a quiet week at home with no boys. We watched Beauty and the Beast with popcorn (well, that was interrupted but that is a whole other story). We watched Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief and revisited The Parthenon in Nashville, we met my friend for dinner, took H to the dentist, for a blood draw for Lyme disease, she has been taking Driver's Education, and so on.

Today is a rainy day, thank you, Tropical Storm Cindy. I have more stuff to do around the house...a lot of shredding so I can find the dining room table Greg has hidden. I don't know what it is about engineer's and their organized piles of paper. Perhaps another post?

Hannah will be getting a little facial today and we will stop by Lowe's to get the necessities to paint her bedroom needs to be updated. (It was Lauren's furniture from the 90s so yep, time to bring it into the 21st Century).

Oh, and still waiting for the Lyme Disease results, not really worried about it...found it early enough, I think. (it was attached to her scalp and she found it while putting her hair in a ponytail...we were on an ice cream run when she said "What's this bump?' AAAAggghhh! I have seen that before on Matthew. I put Greg in charge of getting that thing out of her and then he let it crawl on his hand...I do not understand men. That thing is vile!)

Roo in Peru

Roo went on her second mission trip and this time it was out of the country. I did my usual stealing of Social Media photos to document her trip and I am in the process of trying to figure out how to swipe a video off her FB page.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


It's catch up day! I am enjoying a nice day home. I have done some laundry, grocery shopping, made dinner for a friend who just had a baby, and uploaded photos to the computer. I am feeling a little better about all the chores I have left undone to be at the Rink. I made the Hockey Beast do some weeding and sweep the garage. (When he complained, I reminded him I could have 4 gardeners for all the money we spend on his hockey...he went and weeded).

Yesterday, my workout group decided to go to Pints and Pixels for lunch. I took the kids knowing they would love it and inside laughed hysterically when M grumbled and asked how long we would be there...I had to drag them out. I guess the 80s Time Machine was not quite as painful as he anticipated. (I watched a Van Halen video in the background while chit chatting with the girls...I forgot how big the hair was back then!)

 A few pics from yesterday

The Row of Pinballs filled with the Offspring of the Workout Moms

Denise's favorite game from the 80s Galaga or something like that...I didn't play a lot of video least nothing that I can remember. Denise actually stalked the game until it was open

My uber cool offspring

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Huge Lady

Promises...gotta keep 'em with your children. It's not like you actually have a choice because they will wear you down with their nagging. For instance, visiting The Parthenon at Centennial. The first time we walked over to it from the ice rink, H wanted to go inside. I wanted to stay outside and listen to the docent. She was so interesting and had lots of interesting information to share. M had a game and I promised H we would go when we were back for a week in June. It is June, we were there, and the nagging started. Monday was pouring rain so she was a little accommodating with waiting until Tuesday. Tuesday came...time to fulfill the promise. My children are tenacious if nothing. The day was beautiful, it was time to walk across the street and enter The Parthenon.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Korn Camp

We finished off our two weeks in Nashville with Korn Camp (Mitch Korn is the goalie coach for the Washington Capitols and previously, the Nashville Predators).

Hannah went to the Parthenon and she was very happy...we took another hockey sister with us. The girls were adorable. Centennial Park is so beautiful. The weather was gorgeous so it was a really nice afternoon.

Matthew had fun at Camp and won the Leadership cap. The cap cannot be purchased, it must be earned. I am kind of proud of him!







Thursday, June 1, 2017

He's In!

Tryouts for AAA Jr Preds U13 hockey team began on Tuesday night...3 Round Trips to Nashville, OH BOY!!! First night, after the first session, the coach asked to see M...He is on the team! We already have the paperwork in hand. He just has to sign on the dotted line. I need to get a picture of him for this post. Exciting stuff. Tomorrow...More Nashville for a TPH Tournament.