Monday, August 1, 2011

Hell on Skates

Lego Man

The boy loves to build...he has always loved his Legos but the Lego exhibition at Kennedy Space Center threw some fuel on the fire. I was orderd to buy a Shuttle Lego kit ASAP. M hounded me for days when I would get it, I ordered from Amazon after one of the hounding moments...mistake. He bugged me relentlessly about what day it would arrive...It arrived, he immediately whisked it away to his room and emerged one hour later with his shuttle. Unbelievable. All by himself, no help from anyone (Dad was at work and I can't put two square Legos together let alone a Shuttle...just in case you don't believe me)


And again, forgot the camera, used the phone, and will ask for a digital recorder for Christmas/birthday...

After the big splash at the can stop watching...they don't do anything and my New Year's Resolution will be to learn how to edit the recordings :-D

Hockey Camp

Last week, M had hockey camp...forgot the camera...used the phone. I won't be getting any mom of the year awards real soon. I real mom would have a state of the art recording devise...and not forget to bring it...Oh! Watch no. 10, he has the all white socks, that's my star!