Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Christmas Present

This past Christmas, I got the adrenaline junkie a stock car ride at Talledega. Not great video, what do you expect when using a camera for recording? Now I know why people had those 2 1/2 foot lens cameras that I scoffed at when we arrived. I thought they took this just a little too seriously. Once again, I got to eat humble pie. And should you ever decide to give someone the Dale Jarrett experience, spring for the drive and not the ride. Drivers and corporate groups get priority over piddly little riders. I scheduled the 10 am experience and the ride occurred at 2:50 pm. It was a gorgeous day and the kids were well behaved but for this observer the bloom went off the rose about 1 pm. The adrenaline junkie never lost his cool, which paid off...two extra laps at 170 mph. Oh, and an invite to come by the shop at the Sprint Cup race in May...wonder if they'll give him a cap...or just a hello.

The Technological Blonde

I wrote in my previous post about my head banging with technology. I didn't even begin to cover my frustration level with computers and codes. I decided to change my blog background and not liking the background that ShabbyChic blogs now look like, I went to a different site and this is when the frustration level went to heights unknown. This site implemented codes on the blog in a completely different way...Strike one, I had to find the new place to put the code, make sure the template was set correctly, copy and past the code and keep referring to the directions, now this sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, the thing about codes is this, if one thing is off, nothing works...I had an empty blog background because the spacing was off. Strike three. Back to the directions I go...and there I was, going to the help, reading what their code says on the example because I didn't save the template before pasting and I have now a messed up template code...I got it fixed, thought it looked funny so I would try the two column style and back into the quicksand I you can see, I finally got it fixed after screaming at two kids and one husband (the husband decided the chair needed fixing so I would be more comfortable, do you have to fix it now? AND while I am still in it? Didn't I just scream to leave it alone and give me five minutes....who is that woman in the chair screaming like a fish wife? Oh wait, that's me...) I hope you like this blog background, because I don't think I will be changing it...EVER. I'm out.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.

I really goofed on this second longer and you would have heard the engines starting...I was so worried about the battery dying that I compromised the fun of the kids getting to say those four famous words. Dang it. Perhaps, one day, I'll get a real recorder and watching the time and worrying about the battery will be a thing of the past...don't hold your breath given my tech deficiencies, ineptness, frustration and just general blonde attitude towards anything that requires a minimum degree of coolness/hipness.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Just a few more....

Aviation Challenge

H and her fourth grade class spent the week at Aviation Challenge. Aviation Challenge is the sister to Space Camp. It is a realistic military aviation camp. H had graduation today. As a proud mom, I had to buy the $30 DVD and also as a proud mom, I had to look at it as soon as I got home. On a positive note, I found pictures of H, on a not so positive note, 75% of the pictures are blurry. :-( Here are a few that you can actually tell it is H. (Oh, and she ended up with two call names, Blue Buckeye and Junior Jitters...the latter given as soon as it was discovered she was Jitters' little sister...oldest daughter being an employee of Space Camp/Aviation Challenge)