Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chicago Pics

Our team photographer posted pics today from our Chicago trip. It is a big day for my blog...two posts!

Here are some pictures from our weekend in Chicago


Matthew's team participated in a 5K for conditioning and team building...unfortunately, only a small number of teammates showed up. BUT we all had a great time. It was a beautiful morning, it finally feels like Fall.

The pictures were spectacular but while uploading them something weird started happening...the colors started fading, it was was like layers of color were being pulled off each picture. I wasn't fast enough to stop the upload...I am sad the colors faded...I love Fall, the colors are brilliant and the light from the sun is spectacular...just not on these pictures.

Matthew beat his team, including his coach

Matt Seikel, Matthew's coach

Matthew performed a Search and Rescue Operation to find his missing teammates

The Finishers

Matthew won a door prize and I am using the ingredients for tonight's dinner

Everyone helped themselves to some pizza

Race Results, M was in the top 40...not bad for someone who doesn't run

Friday, October 21, 2016

Proud Moment

Nothing makes a parent prouder than a positive note from a teacher.Matthew is on the Rocket Team and his design was chosen by the rest of the team to use for competition. He is thrilled. Parents are proud but even better...the teacher wrote this..

 The text conversation loaded backwards so read from the bottom up...

I also had an email from a parent telling me how much her family loved having M over to their house. I was proud. Her words were "I always thought he was a great kid, now I know." Her oldest son, thought Matthew was great and too smart to hang out with the rest of the boys...see bottom post for the crew he was talking about. 

And not to forget H, she is the pied piper of little kids at the Ice Rink and continues to rack up birthday invitations to all the birthday parties...and can usually be found if you look for the circle of little people. She has her own entourage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boys will be Boys

M fell asleep first...hence, the marker on his face...and he is getting smarter by the sip according to United States Military Academy mom who teases Greg relentlessly about being a "Zoomie" (United States Air Force Academy)

The Three Stooges (Matthew, Matthew, and Logan)

Fedoras are multi-purpose

Matthew, Matthew, and Tyler in Lincoln Park

Tyler, Matthew, and Matthew trying to find themselves in The Bean

Matthew, Tyler, and Matthew in The Blackhawks Store

Why is Shakespeare in Lincoln Park?

The Boys on a Train (Being a book lover, I had to make a play on the title The Girl on the Train) The boys could have ridden this all day and would have been perfectly happy

Back home...Birthday Party for fellow hockey buddy (See first picture)

Newly Added Pictures

Our "Team Photographer" added more pictures to our shared website. I downloaded these...they might be mind is a sieve and I can't remember if I already posted these or if they are really new to the site...who knows. But. I liked them.   So, again, borrowed jerseys (our real jerseys should arrive this week) and Matthew is number 6 in white.

Hannah started her house hockey league with an all boy team last night. She was super nervous. Her nerves were for nothing. She got the hardest worker award (a sticker for helmet) and the coach told the boys if they want to know how to skate backwards, go talk to Hannah. Oh! And Hannah plans to have a galaxy of stickers on her helmet by the end of the season.