Sunday, June 28, 2015


Zzzzz...M woke me up at 3 am. from a deep slumber, he had a bad dream and needed a hug and an arm to lay his head on...I, however, never returned to sleep. I gave up after 2 hours, got up for a quiet cup of tea, let out the cat and listened to the birds telling the neighborhood to rise and shine.

H is off to Aviation Challenge today...I think she is going to have a great week with her friend Amy crawling through the woods, capturing airplanes, and flying simulators. I am just hoping she stays out of the poison ivy and the mosquitoes do not find her tasty.

M is battling cellulitis, we think it is a gift from Boy Scout Camp...not sure, he is on antibiotics and wearing flip flops. I think we are entering the Season of bumps, bruises, and cuts that boys are known for and make my knees buckle. He was helping the Rink's Hockey Class, took a spill and smashed his finger between his helmet and ice...the cut is right on the nerve so the anti-bacterial ointment for the cellulitis is also going on his finger. Apparently, bacteria laughs at Neosporin according to our nurse practitioner so she gave us the big gun ointment...with a refill...for all future scrapes and cuts.

Time for one more cup of tea before getting ready to serve at Church. Have I ever mentioned I am not a morning person? I may get up early but I really don't like leaving the house before 9. I move like a sloth in the a.m. Today, I need to leave by 7:45 since it was necessary to switch Services for serving to get H to Camp on time. I will probably have wet hair and mismatched clothes at Church. I am already planning my nap.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

This Week

Greetings, this week is another busy time for the children...oh, how H would cringe if she read that I said "children" she is a "Teenager!" Oops, taking off on one of my many rabbit trails...the kids have been doing a skating cycle this week which translates into "keeping them busy skating in a cool environment while the South is several steps beyond sultry." They both had some lessons and are helping with classes.Monday, started off a little crazy. I had an email saying M's Chess Camp was this week so I moved his skating cycle to next week, dropped H off at the Rink (on the other side of town) and brought M back for his Camp. It turned out the girl had the date wrong and it is actually in July, so I begged the Rink to let M finish this week's cycle and make up on Monday for the missed the class.

Saturday, we have oodles of yard work to to accomplish, the Bermuda grass has taken over the gardens...along with other weeds.

Sunday, H is off to Aviation Challenge for a week with her friend, Amy...this is one of those times when I wish I could be a fly on the wall...Hannah crawling through mud would provide many giggles for those of us that know she doesn't go anywhere without her makeup these days. Hannah and Amy were originally scheduled for Space Camp but after one of the Crew Trainers helping with Lauren's move nicknamed Hannah "Whiskers" and lauded AC over Space Camp, the girls switched. At this time, I'd like to thank Roo for working at Space Camp so we could use her discount for Hannah's Camp experience.

Time for me to taxi the kids across town for skating. Here is a link for some more pictures of Matthew's Scout Camp, the first page of pictures I posted but there are some new ones on the remaining pages. Looking at the pictures resembles the "Where's Waldo?" game...except it is "Where's Matthew?" Hint: look for the really blonde hair popping up over someone else's head.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Still Busy

M is off at Police Camp this week, H helped with Figure Skating Camp as a Teacher's Assistant, M helped the Basic Skills Hockey Class as a helper (he is too young to be a TA and earn ice time credit but I figure God gave him his love for hockey so he can share it with others Pro Bono), throw in a few skating lessons, and you pretty much have our week covered. Tomorrow, H has a Hip Hop Workshop and she starts a sort of skating camp on Monday (those new skates arrived just in time for her serious skating hours) and M has Chess Camp on Monday.

I'm trying to think of something witty to write but my brain is a fuzz. Perhaps, I should have more tea and kick the brain cells up a notch....I have 4 boxes left to unpack, some grocery shopping to do...

Whatever happened to the lazy days of Summer?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Home, at Last

M returned home (to my joy) and immediately put his face in his Kindle. Yep, after a week with no electronics, he did his best to make up for it. I cannot fault him though, I found him watching The Longest Day. A proud moment for me, he shares my love for the history of our American Military and the courage of those who participated in D-Day. He continued watching even when the Stanley Cup Final started. He only looked up when I was yelling at the TV when the goalie left the crease leaving the net wide open...(Bishop did not return to the crease following my very loud instructions, I don't know how he couldn't hear me, I certainly yelled loud enough.)

Back to M, he earned 3 merit badges and just needs to put together a First Aid kit to complete his fourth merit badge, he learned CPR while at Camp, so the Kit will be the easy part.

The mosquitoes loved Matthew as you can see from his legs (which were also a bit scraped.) I am thankful he didn't do a face plant on cement like one of the other kids. I am so thankful to have him home relatively safe...he, however, wants to know when the next Campout takes place...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friday at Camp

Mr. M returns home from Camp today, yay! We received more pictures from the Scout Master, however, M is not in any of the pictures. I think M takes after me and has had enough of mosquitoes, humidity, smelly boys, etc. and has checked himself in at the Hampton Inn for a cool room and comfortable bed. Or, they have lost him...I am going with the former...

Hello from Camp Sequyah. It's Friday!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superhero Day! Our guys dressed up like their favorite superhero.

The scouts finished their classes today. This afternoon was the water carnival, but it was in between rain showers.  Our guys opted to play cards and stay dry.

Tonight was the closing campfire and awards ceremony. We were awarded the Commissioner's Spirit Award, and we placed third in the shooting competition. And, for 5 times in 5 trips to Sequoyah, we won the Amazing Gateway award. Good job guys!

Tomorrow we pack, load and checkout.  Our plan is to be on the road by 9:00 -- should be home by noon.

That's all from Sequoyah,

Friday, June 12, 2015


Today's pics and email show that M has not been misplaced or eaten by a bear, PHEW! Here is today's letter and pics from yesterday:

Hello from Camp Sequoyah.

Another busy day here!  We started the day with our boys doing the flag raising ceremony. Troop 351 showed how it's done!

There's a staff member who's been here for 17 years -- Olin "Big O" Sheets. Today was his birthday -- he's 95. They presented him with a proclamation from Sen. Jeff Sessions and Gov. Bentley.

After lunch we did the mile swim. Four boys completed the mile swim -- Boone Ramsey, Patrick Bonner, John Bateman, and Jake Gaertner. Congrats, guys!

After supper we had dessert night in camp. The boys learned how to hand-crank ice cream -- chocolate and vanilla ice cream with pound cake. Yum!

Tonight's pictures are:
This morning's flag ceremony, First Aid class doing CPR practice, Big O, and Thursday at supper.

More later --

I am so excited because TOMORROW, my little boy comes home...I've missed him...lots!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is He Lost?

I received the Camp update and pictures this morning...but none of the pictures had Matthew in them...not even the group picture...which makes this Mother's mind go to places like "Is he caught in quicksand? Did a bear eat him?" I will try not to panic...Anyway, here is the update from Camp Sequoyah.

Hello from Camp Sequoyah. Another full day here!

It was wet and steamy this morning after last night's rain. We had more distant thunder today, but no rain.

Today was favorite sports team day. The guys hit "hump day" in stride. Merit badge classes are still going well.

This afternoon was the shooting competition -- archery, rifle and shotgun. We did well -- about in the middle of all the Troops here.

Tonight was the OA Campfire. Candidates called out: Kyle Cruzen, Jake Gaertner, Riley McCurry, and Matthew See. Congratulations!

Pictures tonight are from various shooting range activities. Enjoy!

Quote for the day: 
Me: Put your uniforms away in a safe and clean place.
Rylan: We don't have one of those....

More later,