Monday, December 15, 2014

Hockey Weekend

Hockey, hockey, and some more hockey. Last weekend we spent all of our time at the Rink for Ava's One Wish and this weekend, it was four hockey games. The boys lost 1 and won 3. Pretty impressive since our team of 10 year old boys played 12 year old boys and boy, what a difference in size two years make. Wow. The smaller guys on the team were scrappy and not intimidated in the least, by the size difference. I missed the Sunday games because I was serving at Church but I understand M was tough and impressive. That's my boy! We have a few practices this week and over Christmas Break and then January will be lots and lots of hockey. Hopefully, I will get some pictures for you of my little intimidator.

Monday, December 8, 2014

School Performance Videos

The Show did two school performances in addition to the matinee and evening performances. I shot a little video with my phone. Recording and pictures were not allowed during the other performances...the Director was a little more than testy with parents who tried to photograph even warm ups at any performance other than the School Shows...a little ridiculous given the amount of money this cost for us parents...


video video video

Dress Rehearsal Videos



Sunday, December 7, 2014


The Kids performed in their Ice Skating Shows this weekend, I took some video and a few pictures. I did not take as many as I would like BUT I do have a friend who took a few pictures to add to my meager amount.

There is some video from last week's dress rehearsal. Pictures and recording are NOT allowed and this year they wouldn't even let the parents watch without a ticket. In the past, when we weren't helping the skaters with changes, we were allowed to watch from below the stands. Not this year, they posted bouncers at all entry points. I was a bit put out since we have spent sooo much money on this event. However, the Kids had a blast and that is really all that matters.

Here is some poorly shot video,  some funny videos from H taken today at the Cast Party, and a selfie or 2 that Hannah took with the professional skater, Wesley Campbell, that came in to perform in the Shows.

Here are the's late so I will put the video on tomorrow!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our First 5K

Last Saturday our church sponsored a 5K to raise awareness and funds for A21. A21 is to abolish injustice in the 21st Century. One of the things A21 does is help victims of human trafficking. Atlanta's Airport is a hub for human trafficking.

Roo and I planned on doing this a few weeks ago. The walk was in Birmingha so it required us to leave at 5:30 a.m.  While I was waiting on Roo, Matthew woke up and came out to the car and wanted to go with us. I hadn't given him a lot of information about the 5K so after he hopped in the car, he looks around and says "Wait, where are we going?" He jumped in the car without realizing we were going to Birmingham. It was hysterical. 

The walk filled us with giddy endorphins and we took silly selfies. Once M realized there were prizes, he took off running and left us in the dust. 

After the 5K, we filled our hungry tummies with pancakes and omelettes at The Original Pancake House. A quick trip to Macy's and Whole Foods, then we headed home.

I included a picture of the morning sky that I asked M to take while driving down to Birmingham. Isn't it pretty?

Friday, November 28, 2014

Too Busy

I mentioned in the previous post, we have been too busy. It's the crazy time of the year where hockey and figure skating take over our lives. This year's figure skating program has really been consuming. The School decided to make their own program instead of performing The Nutcracker much to our dismay...I love The Nutcracker, Hannah was finally a high enough level to be a Snowflake, and of course, Matthew was looking forward to being a Soldier. Many of the days that we had free on our calendar have been penciled in with last minute added rehearsals. I hate that. I like people sticking to my schedule. I was not happy about being told my kids have to rehearse all of Thanksgiving Weekend when they were supposed to have it off. This also eats into my budget for Christmas. We have to pay for the ice time, the choreography, the costumes, and buy tickets. AND volunteer. Plus, the money I was supposed to recover after buying last year's Nutcracker Costumes has gone up in smoke since they aren't performing the program. Is my attitude sound a bit sour? I have decided, next year, we take the money we poured into skating the Christmas Program (which is not Christmas, at all) and take a vacation.

Matthew's hockey is a bit busier than anticipated, meaning we have to divide and conquer. Greg and Matthew go to the travel games, I stay with Hannah for her skating rehearsals on Saturday. Matthew's rehearsals were on Sunday...making for a very long day. He would have to go after getting back from his travel weekend.

As you see from the picture above, we have a cat...the cat and I have an odd relationship. I try to stay away from her since I am allergic...that just draws her attention. My allergies have stepped it up a few notches in this temporary apartment. My eyes are paying the price. The family (minus M who says the cat doesn't like him anyway) were set against giving the cat a new home. I am taking shots, on the other side of town, and doing Physical Therapy for my recently broken foot...which caused the ankle I strained a few years ago to act up...Yep, double therapy. And this, my friends, is why you didn't get a Thanksgiving Card, or seen many blog posts. I just can't keep up. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving Weekend. I am very thankful for all I have even if my post doesn't sound like it. I am very very blessed.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Hannah was inducted to the Beta Society last week...or the week before....everything is a blur. Greg and I are attempting to throttle back on our social isn't going that well. All I remember about this night is Greg was in IA and I had to rearrange the Kids' skating lessons so we could make the Ceremony for Hannah. The re-arranging of schedules ate up the two nights we would have had. free. 

Back to the Star of the Show. Doesn't H look thrilled while she waits for the other students to be called up for their certificate? Now, here is the highlight of this post besides bragging about my smart beautiful daughter. Note the third note the young man in the green shirt and tie. Meet Hannah's Crush. She said he is sweet. It has been a long crush. She is a dedicated little soul. I love my Sweet Hannah.