Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Today was like every other Wednesday, get the kids off to school, come home get ready for Bible Study, make a cup of tea to drink while driving to Bible Study...went to grab my stuff and head out the door and discovered a missed call...from Matthew's School...from the Assistant Principal...Matthew had an accident at PE, he was with the nurse, he'll be fine, but ummm, he needs to see a doctor. Wednesday took a detour from the usual Wednesdays...

I collected Matthew from the Nurse, headed to the ER since our Family Practice doesn't handle staples. (I called the doctor on my way to collect the patient. Am I one cool collected mom or what? Yeah, that's just cuz I hadn't seen any blood...yet.)

Fortunately, there wasn't a soul in the Waiting Area so we were in and out in a few hours. It would have been less but the NP put a get to numb Matthew's injury for 30 minutes before she stapled the wound.

This is M's third time at the ER for a head wound...I told him he is averaging 3 1/2 years between head wounds, it's okay to make this the last trip for stitches/staples.

Monday, March 2, 2015

School Snowman Contest

Matthew's Elementary School held a Snowman Contest when School was canceled (my children are duds and did not participate) but it's a cute little slideshow:

And here are a few more pictures that G took of the kids on their Snow Day.

H gets M with a Snow Ball...His face is priceless...although it does look like he has his hands in his pants..

 This kid LOVES to Shovel

Busy Busy Busy

CrAzY weekend. Last week's crazy weather brought one CraZy weekend for this family (and other families, I'm sure). Our marriage conference that was supposed to take place on the 20th and 21st was moved to this weekend but the kids had BIG activities going on. H had a competition in Birmingham (enter Big Sister to the Rescue riding her little Honda Civic) and M had his playoff weekend to wind up the Travel Hockey Season (enter Matthew's good friend's Mom to the rescue riding her husband's snazzy Jeep). 

I'm so proud of Roo, she served at our marriage conference on Friday night until 11:30 and had Hannah out our front door by 6:30 the following morning. She sent me videos to show me H skating and brought me home a lovely tea towel set from Williams and Sonoma. (see photo) I do believe our house will have a bunny theme running through it. Greg calls the pictures of my great great grandparents "the Rabbits" since they had 9 kids. I have the most adorable set of tea towels now...and there is this bunny door knocker at Anthropologie I have my eye on...if the kids ever stop growing...H needed a new coat (found one on sale) and new shoes (found her Uggs on sale at Dillards) and new underwear...M informed this morning he needs new tennis shoes...and I know he is going to need some Summer clothes...and H needs some dresses (I saw cute ones at Target) yeah, the bunny door knocker is probably going to have to wait awhile...Back to Roo, so the Best Big Sister in the World took H shopping for the undergarments and fed her lunch at Flip Burger and then stuck around for M's evening hockey game even though she had school work to complete. Sunday, Lauren served at Church and went in to work to set up for Orientation today. So proud...

Hannah's Competition went well, I have no idea how she placed because there was drama with the scoring that I won't go into but let's just suffice it to say this, I was not happy to read on FB about the scoring change and not receive a call from the Coach in charge that day. H is just a happy skater and loves to compete and doesn't take it serious but when I am paying someone to Coach her, I expect to be communicated with...end of rant. 

Matthew's team has been playing up meaning his 9-10 year old team (Squirts) has been playing 11-12 year olds (Pee Wees) and his team placed second in the league. I am not sure the improvement in their play was due to a change in Coach, Chris Luongo played NHL And coached at UAH. Or, if the boys finally connected all the dots due to growing up...or a combination of both. But, they were awesome! I do know I have to develop a thicker skin to be a successful hockey mom. Hockey Parents can be awful and I found myself screaming at the other team's goalie when he used his goalie stick to whack one of our players across his back as he skated by...and of course, the official didn't see it. Roo told me to leave the Trash Talk to her since it just isn't my style. Deal. 

So here are some pictures, I couldn't upload the videos of H since the files were to big...I'll have to see if the Computer genius can get the videos off my phone and onto a DVD. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Snow?

The weather has been crazy the past few weeks. Who knew the South has Winter? Tuesday night, I received a text schools were canceled on Wednesday. We waited all day for the big snow...waiting, waiting, waiting....

Right about 2:30 a few flakes began to fall...I still was unimpressed and joked about there was no school and they could have called a 1/2 day with early dismissal. By 3:15 the roads were messy and it would have made it difficult for the buses to get the kids home. Then the snow fell...and fell....and fell...Yep, we got snow....

Hannah making her snow angel

Matthew couldn't wait to grab the snow shovel and start clearing the sidewalk to make his igloo. Have you noticed I never ventured further than the Apartment's balcony? 

Almost Done

This week brought the completion of our closet and pantry, the refrigerator was delivered, the kitchen sink plumbing corrected (hot and cold were backwards) and the outside lamp was installed. The painting is ALMOST done.

My favorite model went with me to the house and posed for my pictures (my other favorite model stayed locked up in her room with her Kindle).

Liberty Legacy

This week Greg was honored by the 5th grade classes at Matthew's school as a Legacy Hero. The 5th Grade classes raised the funds to pay for the mini Statue of Liberty awarded to each recipient and Matthew used $37 of his own money for the fund. (A huge step for M since he usually uses his allowance on Pokemon cards) The classes made a challenge with each other and Dr. McQueen (Matthew's favorite teacher and seen below) will now have to dress as an LSU cheerleader for two days.

Matthew was required to lobby his fellow students for their votes after presenting why his dad should be a Liberty Legacy hero. I was so proud of my little guy, he had to stand up and introduce his dad and explain why he found him to be a Liberty Legacy. (His little voice quivered while he spoke, this Mama felt her heart pulling.)

I'll be honest, I didn't know it was such a big deal. I was going to wear my gym clothes so I could workout as soon as the program was done. I got the Evil Eye from the boys so I dressed normally. Imagine my surprise when I found the Mayor and his lovely wife at the event. I should have worn a dress...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dixie Snow Globe

Weather has been crazy all week...below zero wind chills has delayed school all week. Friday, school was canceled. Finally, some snow...not much before turning to ice. The kids and I stayed home and Greg was stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours trying to get home after an early release from work. He tried a short cut and watched as stopped cars slid sideways off the road.  He finally made it home. We stayed in and had some one made soup for dinner. A quiet day for all of us. Sometimes, God just gives you time to rest. I loved it. I had some tea and a really good book with a nice view of my Southern Snow Globe.