Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Trip of the Season

Olive Branch, MS. Such a cool name and a cute little rink to go with it...except the Rink has the name Memphis on it...I was a little disappointed to not actually be in Memphis, TN. I did get some good barbecue though so I can't complain. The boys have been playing against the Pee Wees this Season. Pee Wees are 11 and 12 year old players, the Squirts are 9 and 10 year old players. Our boys were about half the size of the Pee Wee boys. They did really well against the older boys (no one has told our tiny players they're small apparently) and won about half their games and they made the older boys really work hard for their wins. It was a great experience for our boys.  However, older boys don't like losing against younger boys so they were really really rough on our kids. This is hard for me to watch but it didn't bother the boys at all. They pushed back literally and figuratively when needed. It is so funny hearing the obnoxious parents yelling at the Ref for not calling a penalty on our kids when they were just fine with their kids pushing around kids half their size. I love watching Matthew play but I really hate the behavior of some parents. They can be extremely obnoxious and it pains me to watch. We should be setting examples for our kids on sportsman like behavior. It is not happening. Poor sportsmanship seems to be the lesson the kids are getting from the parents. I think I need to start watching with my ear buds in and over in a corner by myself so when the brawling starts, I can just slip out the back. The boys have a few more games in our area and then there will be 3 on 3 play, clinics, and never ends.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Almost 13

13! Wow! Has it been 13 years since Miss Hannah made her early arrival and loudly announced her entrance into the world? We had an early celebration at Maggiano's on Sunday since Greg is gone this week.

Tomorrow Miss Hannah will be 13. She has all the makings of a full fledged teenager...cell phone, makeup, sunglasses, attitude and loves sparkle...


Defensemen do not get a lot of opportunities to score so this was more than exciting for Matthew to take the puck and BOOM, Score!

Right before dropping off to sleep that night, M told me how shocking and sweet it felt to score that goal. (He was in the penalty box when the other team scored so he felt a bit redeemed for giving the Bandits a Power Play. He was also thrilled the other Matthew on the team also scored. The two Matthews were the only 2 who scored any goals. Little M was happy.)

Matthew's coach this year is Chris Luongo. He was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings and played with the Ottawa Senators and New York Islanders as a defenseman. The team has really improved over the last few months under his coaching. I missed most of the Fall travel so this past weekend was my first travel weekend since September (Hannah was feeling a bit neglected so I stayed home with her and took her to lessons and rehearsals for the Winter Program.) It was quite exciting to see how much the team had improved.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yeah....That was a penalty.

One of the Travel Hockey Dad's has a Go Pro Camera or something like's a little camera he attaches to the glass around the Rink. He said it can do all sorts of neat things if he ever figures it out. I digress...As you saw in the earlier post, last Saturday's game was rather intense...I think M had 3 penalties and here is one of them (follow the link.) M is on the right, he picks up the stick he dropped when and skates to his position for defending the goal...yeah, that was a penalty...perhaps he was a tad miffed for getting knocked down and losing his stick, not sure. On the bright side, the Guy didn't score. One of his teammates' brother announced  "Matthew is going to play in the NHL and he is going to take everyone out. He is the Enforcer!" And one of the Mom's announced on Sunday morning that the Sin Bin was going to be renamed the Matthew Bice Penalty Box. Happily, his last game had ZERO penalties. Phew!

Oh! My little defenseman  scored a goal this weekend. He was thrilled.

By the way, when he sent the email to me, the subject was "Mean Matthew" and this is hysterical because off the ice, Matthew is the gentlest soul. I often wonder if someone has taken over his body when I watch him play. I think "Who is that?"

You can find more videos of M's games on YouTube, here is the link for one and you can find more in the sidebar:

Winter Sky

I walked out to the car to pick M up from school and I was just struck by the beauty of the sky. I wanted to take a picture but I couldn't get a shot without cars and billboards. I decided to paint a word picture to describe the awe of what I was seeing:

God has painted the Winter sky  orange, yellow, dark steel and gray  behind the silhouette of unadorned trees. 

The sky made me feel the awe of God's power and creation. It's truly captivating. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

MLK Hockey Tournament

Two games down and two to go...last night was a was a bit tougher.  1-2-3-4. That is 4 on the bench...including mine. 

Friday, January 16, 2015


Divergent , Insurgent, and some other ---ergent books are Miss Hannah's favorite books to read. Miss H can talk about this series, characters (especially Four), the music for hours. My eyes tend to glaze over and roll to the back of my head. I tend towards the Classics and Military History. 

Yesterday, a friend of ours was visiting from out of town and I wanted Hannah to come with us to meet him for dinner. She wasn't interested.  I had to use my powers of persuasion "Don't you want to have dinner with an Astronaut?" Pathetic, I know. 

M had hockey last night so as soon as he was suited up and on the ice, we headed over to meet Rex.  Miss H discovered that Rex had seen Divergent (while on a plane) and Miss H was off and running.  She won the "Too Cool for School"  award today at school for discussing Divergent with an Astronaut. I think she is glad she went.