Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Excursion

My darling daughter took the little Darlings to a WWII ship that is temporarily visiting Decatur. The ship participated in landing troops on Normandy during the D-Day Invasion. M was delighted!

I am so blessed that Roo took this trip with the kids for me. The ship is only here until the 9th and I am in a boot for 2 more weeks. There was some complaints about the heat but I think they all left with a deep respect for the men that serve our country...especially those that serve on a ship.


I have been clomping around in my boot all over the Tennessee Valley searching for all the things to make my house a quiet least visually, probably not in sound with my two blonde bombers. It is coming along and I thought I would share my selections so you can see what we are doing. (Although not much has been happening with the house, the Builder has been waiting for the trusses he ordered for 2 weeks now, the delay was not mentioned when he ordered them. Our builder is not happy, so I don't have to worry about it, he is perturbed and that is what I am paying him for...I was just hoping to get in the house before tornado season...I would really like to be out of our second floor apartment when that arrives...

Badge of Honor

Greg has been keeping a pictorial account of building our house on his iPad...I was looking for a picture of the kitchen for our cabinet person and found these...What a delight! I immediately texted them to myself so I could share them on here and order some prints.

I had to ask M what was we going on and he said he earned his Webelo badge. The pictures were taken some time in the last year.

I don't normally use the iPad, the kids and Greg are always using it...I felt like I found a treasure with these.

Matthew is busy selling popcorn for the Scouts right now. The kid is an amazing salesman. He has sold quite a bit and has been challenged by our apartment and new neighborhood not allowing door to door sales...we took him to our old neighborhood and 5 Scouts had already made their way through the Subdivision. Matthew had the same problem last year in our neighborhood, some of the Scouts started selling before the Friday given to begin sells. My salesman still sold the third highest amount for his den. He has a sold a bit more this year so I think he will be a top seller again. Our only challenge will be figuring out how to get the popcorn money Greg sold while Greg is in NM for the month. Those sells will earn M a VIP badge...and the popcorn money is due on Thursday. Hmmm....

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Greg turns 52

The Girl's made Greg his favorite carrot cake for his birthday. Yummy, frosting made from scratch...The house smelled divine, H used the decorating tip, the cake was beautiful but H wouldn't actually eat the cake since it had carrots in it. Couldn't even tempt her with the pineapple, "Pineapple doesn't belong in a cake." I think I will bake a pineapple upside down cake for her birthday. (I will say though, H devoured the roasted heirloom carrots the girls made for his birthday dinner.)

M took candle detail. I guess he wanted Greg to feel young again.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Miss H

H had a party at our esteemed little art gallery in the our tiny downtown. Isn't this a great picture?

Also, this week, I remembered to have the kids practice their handwriting (public schools in this District are no longer teaching handwriting...I am appalled.) Anyway, I had the kids write a joke along with practicing their signatures....I cracked up at Hannah's joke.

House Update

It's been a busy week. M had surgery, H had strep, and the builders started framing the house. I've clomped all over the City looking at faucets, light fixtures, tile, carpet, and paint. Tuesday, I have to call and make an appointment to meet with the cabinet maker...and so it goes. Here is my little builder's photos of the house for this past week.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ballet Class

video video video

I put up the videos not knowing what they were...what a delight...Hannah when she was little!!!!

Hannah still loves to dance, she just hated recitals. It is why we switched to figure give her something to do while her brother played hockey. Sweet memories.