Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Summer has come, Summer is almost terms of school terms of heat? Yikes! I'm not a heat and humidity lover, I think it comes from growing up in the desert...nice and dry, cool nights, no flesh eating blood sucking bugs.

Next week, the kids are off to Motion. I am envious. There is nothing like watching 16,000 teenagers with a passion for God. It is beautiful.

The following week, Matthew has a hockey camp in Iowa. We will get to see some family, he will get to play some hockey. The one glitch to the plan is the kids will miss the first day of school. I never dreamed school would start on the 7th of August when I signed him up for Camp. Both kids hate the idea of missing the first day of school. We may end up leaving Camp a day early to be back by the 7th. It's a long drive and we went to squeeze as much family/hockey into the few days as possible.

Hannah has developed a soccer interest...I think it has more to do with a boy that plays hockey and the soccer ball "was really pretty." More about "Rotter" later. But we like the boy, he is good for her.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I had big plans for an uneventful week...things were switched up and the kids ended up in hockey camp. So, my week at home is at my second home the rink...

I got my head wrapped around not being home and then Hannah was not up to going today soooo...I got to stay home. How wonderful...How marvelous...How absolutely magnificent.

H has a friend over. He helped her finish painting her furniture, they kicked a soccer ball, and now he is being subjected to her favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast. What a trooper!

M is on his way home with a friend from hockey camp, dinner is ready and waiting. It's the simple things in eating at home that can just make a day seem really special, when absolutely nothing newsworthy or social media posting has taken place.

Friday, June 30, 2017

One Girl and Thirteen-ish Boys

H was asked to play the U14 Bantam Travel Team because they need someone who can skate...enter the ex-figure skater. When asked, H gave a vehement "No." When I was asked if she could help with tryouts, I said yes since the Coach is a friend and we help out friends. Boy, did I get an earful from that girl because I didn't ask first...In fact, I gave them both of my hockey players to use as fillers. H ended up having fun and changed her mind about playing. Special permission was needed for her to play since is she is 15 and not the normal 13-14. Permission granted. The "boy" in her life wanted to be the one to tell her she made the team so he made her a video. I really hope this loads because it is the sweetest thing and will make your heart so happy. It won't matter if the team loses every single game, this video will make the whole season worthwhile. (And just so you know, every time I throw Hannah into something she doesn't want to do, she has fun! I know my girl!)

Okay, so the video was too big to attach BUT the link works! Click above!

The Peru Crew

I love the faces on these young people...hard work, good attitudes, 3 days with no water, and willing to do it all again for LOVE. Hope for the future.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


There is nothing sweeter than when your kids get along. M is helping H update her bedroom furniture. I wish I had the video H Snapchatted...Hysterical!

This is when Matthew got home from Robotics Camp, I may have to frame it

Practice Video

Jr Preds First Skate of the Summer. Take 1.





Matthew had his first practice with his new team. One of his teammate's parents built an ice rink in their barn for him and his brother to practice in....I tried to imagine what it would look like, my imagination fell far short of the reality. I felt a little like Cinderella entering the ball...but still wearing the dress the birds and mice made...they even own their Zamboni....Wow!