Saturday, March 21, 2015


Be back soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Honor Court

M has moved up from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. He is growing so fast. It seems like yesterday he was crawling through the kitchen and using the dishwasher door to pull himself up to stand. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Travel hockey is officially over for this Season. The team had their party to celebrate the end of the season. One of the moms gave me a disc full of pictures (she has one of those big powerful cameras, I have a phone with a camera) her pictures come out so much better than mine. In fact, mine were so bad, I just stopped even trying to take a picture.

Here are a few from the past season:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Matthew is a Character

Last year, Matthew was selected to be photographed for a children's book. The book has been published. Here is a link that shows the making of the book. 

Now. I need to go order a copy of the book!!!

Hans and Frans

Have I mentioned my penchant for naming inanimate objects? My car is Miss Daisy, the RAV4 is John Harvard, the new refrigerator is Hans and Franz.

  Big. Bulky. Gray. 
Hans and Franz

Did I Forget?


I think I forgot to mention my joy in life had a mishap at School last week. I was on my way out the door to Bible Study when I took a quick look at my phone. I had missed a call...from the School...from the Assistant Principal. The voice mail went something like this "Hello, this is the School's Assistant Principal. Would you please call me as soon as possible? Matthew had an accident during PE. He is okay...but he needs to see a doctor." Yep, I didn't make it to Bible Study that day. I made a little detour by the ER instead.

I love this Little Guy but this is trip number 3 to the ER for stitches or staples. I think we can stop now.

Closer and Closer

Closer and closer...we are creeping along to almost being finished with the house and moving in may finally is all very surreal to me. I can't quite wrap my mind around actually moving in and making the house our home. M is all ready to start packing his room...I am not ready to live among the boxes yet...and I think all the delays has made me a bit like Pavlov's dog.but instead of salivating, my mind doesn't accept we are really going to move in and live there...with a kitchen that has appliances that work correctly and no mold around the windows, not worrying about the kids disturbing the neighbors, or listening to the constant slamming of doors (life in the apartment).

Passing Inspection