Friday, March 17, 2017

2016-17 Team White

Matthew was able to get permission to play up and help out Hannah's team this past season. It made for some great memories.  The kids had wonderful coaches. Coach Sawyer didn't yell, Coach Ortiz played for the Havoc, and Coach Trimble saw Hannah understood the game so was able to impart his hockey wisdom to her.

My favorite memory is Matthew assisting Hannah for a goal but watching the two of them on the same line was pretty amazing also. All in all, this was my favorite hockey since Matthew started 6 years ago.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break

Spring Break is here and we are slugs. Matthew has a cold, it is really cold outside (little snowflakes have been floating down the last few days), and we have been sitting by the fire. It is a nice break...pajamas until noon...I have read a is delightful.

We ramp back up on Friday with hockey in Nashville. But this break is nice...I had ideas of working in the yard, scrubbing baseboards, etc. Those plans went out the window when I couldn't open the windows due to the frigid air that comes tearing through when just a door is opened. I am reminded of all the big plans I had as a kid growing up in CA....hours of laying in the sun...turned into huddled up in a blanket...the weather always turned cold during Spring Break...and so it still does.

I will make a cup of tea...cuddle with my kids and savor the lack of plans for the day.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


I am not sure where the time day it is January, the next it is March...that being said, I cannot remember much of what we have been up to...I do have pictures...some I stole from the kids' snapchats to me...I am going to post and hopefully, I will have some time to actually write something this weekend...


Friday, February 24, 2017


I have not had a great week. I have not had fun parenting this week. But I love my children. I don't like people who call out people and drama on Facebook.  However, I had an issue and decided to deal with it head might as well know about it too.

I don't like confrontation. I will go a thousand miles out of my way to avoid it...but when it comes to your kid, you have to take the plunge. I try to follow God's Word when it comes to our kids, I take Hebrews 12:6-11 to heart. Matthew lost his Captain C this week. He was given a chance to get it back last night, he made a bad choice and will probably never get it back. I fully support his coach taking it away. He did it because he cares about my son's character. Matthew will be a better man because of it.
I also try to keep a humble spirit, I am not always successful but I try. I do not posts how many goals Matthew made at each game. They are team goals. Did I ever reward him for making goals/assists/skating with puck? Yes, he used to be afraid to do these things. He no longer needs these encouragements. Did I post he was captain of the team. No. My daughter did and tagged me. I teach my children "Show me your friends, I'll show you your future." I have to apply this to myself.
To the parents who have taken pleasure in his discipline I ask you to unfriend me. To the parents I know by name who have done this...I did the unfriending last night.


Monday, February 20, 2017


Vrooom's time to teach Miss Hannah to drive. Today. Lesson number's easier to let you experience this through my phone recording than try to describe it...beyond words. Just beyond words.





February is flying past me, my mind has still not caught up to Christmas, the new year, or even Valentine's Day, and now it is President's Day.

We had a busy weekend, Hannah had an All Star Tournament in Evansville, IN and Matthew had a Travel Tournament in Columbus, OH. I am thankful for texting and Snapchat, I was able to keep up with what was going on in Columbus while keeping Greg informed with what was happening in Evansville...little things like Hannah's first penalty...and the teammate with a crush on Hannah which sat outside our door until midnight while I kept her safely tucked inside the room. Greg compared it to when our cat is on the screened in porch and the tomcat sits in the garden looking so forlorn and howling...

She looks a bit proud of herself, don'cha think?

That's my girl!  

Matthew's weekend was a mixed bag of emotions. His team is winning but unfortunately, he lacked humility and will be suffering the consequences of is behavior. It is entirely possible that a few tears rolled out of my eyes when I was texting his coach and a few out of Matthew's eyes when all is said and done. I had a noticed a lack of humility on his part and was trying to teach him how important to be a good steward of the gifts God has placed in us. I was not successful. I believe his coach will be. I am very thankful for his coach caring enough to discipline him. It is very hard to watch your child suffer the consequences of his behavior but I am very thankful to have a coach that cares enough to discipline him and for that, I am very grateful.

On the bright side, I stole some screenshots of Matthew's Snaps to me and they're cute. Boys are adorable.

Yep, they had an outdoor game...their own version of the Outdoor Classic

Lauren served at a Marriage Conference that our church hosts every February. Our church does things well and provided photo opportunities...Lauren took advantage of the photo spot for a picture which she titled "Oh, Hubby, Where art thou?"


Hannah and I spent the weekend eating, starting on Friday, we began eating at Taco Mama before taking our eating on the road to Evansville...I forgot to take pictures at Starbucks,  Five Guys, Turoni's, and PFChangs...and I did manage a picture of my three favorite travel items...tea bags, yeti cup, and my tea kettle. 

Who would like a pint of "Slapshot Ale?"

And that was our weekend, we also had Valentine's Day and I served at our first Motion (our church has a youth service the second Wednesday each month). I think I had as much fun as the kids...I was praying for 300 to come...God sent 816 students. It was amazing.





And on top of everything else...Matthew had a birthday....