Monday, July 28, 2014

My Doorframe

One of the things the kids loved doing was having themselves measured. They proudly stood in the doorway of the pantry while they were measured. If the whim to measured happened, they would measure of things I will miss is this "Growth Chart." I decided to take a picture and then realized...we didn't date the measurements and we didn't have any height markings! AGGGGGHHHH. So now, I have a picture...with a few dates...but no idea what the height was...typical double blonde move...I'm including the husband in the blonde move because he didn't think of it either and he is the detail oriented I'm big picture oriented. I will have to start a new tradition as soon as the house is built and hopefully, the kids have a few more inches in them...

The Porch

I snapped this picture on our last day at the house. I will miss this porch. Every morning before school I would go out and wave goodbye to the kids while their bus drove by our house. I will miss sitting on the porch and handing out candy on Halloween...putting the snowflake lights up for Christmas...planting pretty pots for the porch....I will miss taking a picture of the kids by the porch and watching them get bigger and bigger each year. I will miss watching the dogwood by the window bloom and willing my Japanese Maple to grow taller after a deep freeze caused us to cut the damaged top off...I will miss my phlox popping up and the irises with their sweet smell...I will especially miss the scent of my gardenias...I tried planting scented flowers by the front and the back porch. The back porch had the best scent with the lilies and David Austen Munstead Wood roses...Roo keeps telling me I can have more at our new house but I have to confess the heat and humidity of Summer has sapped most of my gardening joy...Perhaps a smaller lot will rejuvenate my joy...I do know there will be a hydrangea or two, a few azaleas, at least one gardenia, a dogwood, OH, and my Yoshino Cherry tree and Redbud Tree must be repeated... but at this point, they will be planted by the landscaping company subcontracted by the Builder.

I digress,  I will miss this porch, it has provided some sweet memories and has been good to us. Very very good.

Decisions Decisions Decisions

We are still waiting on the Architectural Review Board to approve our house plans for our new home but we have been busy choosing colors and looking for ideas. 

The kids loved the game room in a model home...sorry kids, we don't have a bonus room on our new house. Once the Builder said it would add $40,000 to the cost of building, we moved right along to picking the roof shingles. M loved this room but wants a hockey theme so I took a picture and am putting hockey themed items in my head. I loved the little desk set for H. She is going to have a huge room with a little cubbie by the window which will be perfect for a desk. One option is to put Matthew downstairs and skip the guest room so the kids could have a game room...however, I'm not real big on removing a bed to escape to when the Big Guy takes all the covers...

On the bright side, my builder thinks he can get me a door like this for my pantry for about the same price as a normal door. Color me happy...or a really serene color of blue.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Twitter Star

I found this on Twitter today. It has Matthew and Michael in it from Hockey School last week! Matthew is in a few shots but you have to be quick. The easiest one to find is the absolute last shot of the clip. His mouthpiece is half black and half yellow for the Bruins...and he is trying to fight the camera. That's my boy.

12 More Days

12 more days until school starts...sigh...I am praying for a double portion of patience, wisdom, and discernment. I love my little darlin's but their bickering and quarreling is about to do me in...I'm too old for this...there is a reason most people have their children young. Energy. Pure and simple. My tank of energy is almost empty.

Time to get ready for the day. We need to go pick up H's school schedule, they both have a skating lesson, and I need to work out. I keep telling myself if I exercise I will have more energy. I haven't seen any proof of this theory yet. I keep hoping my thyroid medicine will kick in and I will be a buzzing bee of energy. Alas, no.

I will shower, pray for my double portion....and pray some more. Love my blondies but I cannot seem to get them to understand it is easier to be nice. Maybe today will be the day it sinks in...

My Little Darlin's at the Atlanta Aquarium.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Skates

H got her new skates today. Her feet are growing and as you go to higher levels, you need a different blade. Who knew? It is longer and has more picks at the toe. I am probably not using the right terminology. I have a lot to learn about figure skating. (You should have seen me trying to register the kids for the upcoming competition. I think smoke came out of my ears.) H put them on immediately and used them to learn her routine for her upcoming competition. H picked the music, I was skeptical but I think it is going to be if her new skate dress would get here...



Matthew received an autographed puck for working so hard at Camp this past week. It is signed by the Preadators' Captain. I have no idea who that is nor can I decipher the signature...I guess I could Google the information but what fun would that be?

Matthew collapsed (NOT literally) after a drill. He is really resting but I thought it hysterical he did it under the Mellow Mushroom sign that reads "Mellow is a state of mind." I took a picture of Mellow Matthew.