Thursday, June 15, 2017


It's catch up day! I am enjoying a nice day home. I have done some laundry, grocery shopping, made dinner for a friend who just had a baby, and uploaded photos to the computer. I am feeling a little better about all the chores I have left undone to be at the Rink. I made the Hockey Beast do some weeding and sweep the garage. (When he complained, I reminded him I could have 4 gardeners for all the money we spend on his hockey...he went and weeded).

Yesterday, my workout group decided to go to Pints and Pixels for lunch. I took the kids knowing they would love it and inside laughed hysterically when M grumbled and asked how long we would be there...I had to drag them out. I guess the 80s Time Machine was not quite as painful as he anticipated. (I watched a Van Halen video in the background while chit chatting with the girls...I forgot how big the hair was back then!)

 A few pics from yesterday

The Row of Pinballs filled with the Offspring of the Workout Moms

Denise's favorite game from the 80s Galaga or something like that...I didn't play a lot of video least nothing that I can remember. Denise actually stalked the game until it was open

My uber cool offspring

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