Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Boys are Away...

and the Girls will play. H and I have enjoyed a quiet week at home with no boys. We watched Beauty and the Beast with popcorn (well, that was interrupted but that is a whole other story). We watched Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief and revisited The Parthenon in Nashville, we met my friend for dinner, took H to the dentist, for a blood draw for Lyme disease, she has been taking Driver's Education, and so on.

Today is a rainy day, thank you, Tropical Storm Cindy. I have more stuff to do around the house...a lot of shredding so I can find the dining room table Greg has hidden. I don't know what it is about engineer's and their organized piles of paper. Perhaps another post?

Hannah will be getting a little facial today and we will stop by Lowe's to get the necessities to paint her bedroom needs to be updated. (It was Lauren's furniture from the 90s so yep, time to bring it into the 21st Century).

Oh, and still waiting for the Lyme Disease results, not really worried about it...found it early enough, I think. (it was attached to her scalp and she found it while putting her hair in a ponytail...we were on an ice cream run when she said "What's this bump?' AAAAggghhh! I have seen that before on Matthew. I put Greg in charge of getting that thing out of her and then he let it crawl on his hand...I do not understand men. That thing is vile!)

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