Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's JUNE??? Already?

The Summer is flying by and it is halfway through June. I haven't accomplished much EXCEPT a lot of driving...Matthew has been to Nashville for a Camp, some hockey, and a defense clinic. I drove Hannah to Atlanta yesterday for her Envision NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forum) for Medicine thingy.

I have driven Matthew to the local rink, Hannah to her internship, Matthew to Nashville of Friday, Atlanta and back yesterday, and Nashville again today. I should have a chauffeur's license and cap for this...or at least be registered for Uber for this. If a I had envisioned my life at 56, I don't think it would look like would have me sipping wine at a Tuscan winery...or walking the streets of Paris. Honestly? I wouldn't change a thing, I guess I will wait a few more years and accomplish this dream...and take a few more naps in the meantime.

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