Thursday, August 10, 2017


Poof! Gone. I had a post here but it disappeared. I was looking at my blog and there was this big empty space. No words. No photos. Nada.

Guess I am going to have to make something up and pretend it was here all the time. What is new in our lives? The kids are back to school, excited about the solar eclipse on Monday...really excited about the solar eclipse since school is letting out early so they are not liable for any retina damage for wayward students or defective glasses. The bad news is the weather forecast is cloudy. We are praying for the clouds to hold off. We will have 97% visual for the eclipse here. 100% in Nashville, which could explain the shortage of hotel rooms this weekend. Matthew has practice all weekend and I didn't want to drive back and forth. My travel agent (the spouse) always does the booking and neglected to get a room for this...yesterday, was a scramble. The rest of the story, you don't want to know.

Okay, the space is filled and kids need to get out the door for school. Have a great day!

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